NHS Grampian AHPs add pledges to make a difference


Tommy was back in Aberdeen last week and had the great privilege to speak to NHS Grampian AHPs at the Physiotherapist Conference, about caring for his mum, our the Dementia Carer Voice project and Make a Difference Campaign.

There was a fantastic turnout at the event and a wonderful day.  It was great to meet with some students again from RGU who we met a couple of years back at one of our talks, who have now qualified and are practising AHPs.

Thank you to Maureen G Ryles for the kind invite and all who attended and fellow speakers; Susan Carr Hilary-Anne Thomson, Anne Paul, Cat Cameron, Jude Scott and  Fiona Johnston, who are doing great work across the region.


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices.

I pledge always to treat those I care for with respect and value them as the individuals they are – Nicola Preston

I pledge to listen to people no matter how busy we are – Hilary

I pledge to undertake a more holistic approach in the future and remember and appreciate the involvement of the cares with the stress that they are under also – Stuart MacDonald

I pledge to listen to patients and carers and do all that I can to make them feel valued and recognised and to minimise the isolation they feel – Ruth Roadnight

My pledge is to learn more, do more and listen more – Eunice Masson

I pledge to see every patients as a person and not just their condition. I will consider their personal circumstances in my care and treatment plan – Ellie Florence

I pledge to treat every patient and family member how I would treat my mum, dad brother and family – Katie Rough

I pledge to take the time to speak to patients about them as a person and find out a little more about them in order to build up a better working relationship – Karla Christie

My pledge is to take the time to get to know patients and their life before meeting them to get a better understanding for who they are – Katherine Charleton

My pledge is to always treat the person in front of me and not just the condition they may have – Kim Clarke

I pledge to never be too busy. To be kind to someone who needs it – Anne Wallace

I pledge to be the mindful of the impact that my contact with my patients and carers has in particular on how I make them feel.

I will listen to my patients more and take more time to consider their personal needs,

To continue doing what u can to raise the voice of cares and PWD. To help to improve care standards so PWD and cares can live a better life. Inclusion NOT exclusion – Jeanette

I pledge to take time to listen and make a difference – Georgia Wood

I pledge to listen to every patient’s needs and values to ensure I can deliver patient-centred care – Catherine Webber

I pledge to find out about the lives of patients with dementia e.g. likes/dislikes, past occupation – Lisa Sinclair

I pledge to make each patient feel included in their treatment choices and that their opinions are taken on board – Vicky Young

I pledge I will enable AHPs in Grampian to have the skills to support people with dementia and I pledge I will make a difference by helping support my local community to be dementia friendly – Susan Carr

I pledge to make a positive difference to patients/families at every contact/opportunity I have – Jackie Burnett

I pledge to educate and enable students to understand and practice true person centred care; small things make a difference – Donna

I pledge to make sure I read the “this is me” document for all patients with dementia on my ward – Amanda Bergh

I pledge to take time to listen to every patient and make sure they feel valued – Lisa MacDonald





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