Huddersfield Uni Students Pledge to Make a Difference


It is with great pleasure to thank Rachel McDonald, Clare Hardman, Hanna Williamson-Sparks, Dr Berenice Golding, Fiona Trotter and Professor Janet Hargreaves for inviting Tommy to speak about The Dementia Carer Voices “Make a Difference” campaign and project at the ‘Rethink Mental Illness Conference` Huddersfield University on 5th of October.

It was a great privilege to part of this student led event.  Thank you for the kindness and personal pledges to make a difference.


I pledge to ensure I do everything to ensure the wellbeing and dignity of people no matter what – Justin Reynolds

I pledge to be the kind of nurse my grandad needed – Mathilde Macintosh – King

I pledge to not get caught up in the bad practices and `cultures` when I become a nurse – Richard Humphrey

I pledge not to be sad, for god sends hope in the darkest moments. The heaviest rain comes from the darkest clouds…. – Hasina Khan

I pledge I am capable of more – Calum Greenall

I pledge to always treat patients/clients as people, not their diagnosis – Abbie Stanford

I pledge to look at schemes that look to befriends elderly people who may be lonely – Glynn Riches

I pledge to listen to every individual and find out about them – Emily Sutcliffe

I pledge to be “that” nurse that someone remembers and makes a difference – Jayde Crowther

I pledge to retain the drive and enthusiasm I have as a student through my career as a qualified nurse and always strive to make a difference in the lives of everyone I meet – Joanne Lee

I pledge to be the professional that never knocked on my mum`s door.

I pledge to make sure Kirklees community organisations keep involving service users and cares in planning and decision making – Emily Tidball

My pledge is to be there for someone, even if they don’t think they need me to be – Kelly Dawson

I pledge to always listen and include and try always to understand. I will always wrap in kindness – Katy Morris

I pledge to be an active listener and do my best to bring a positive impact to all my patients.

I pledge to always see everyone’s individual worth.

I pledge to always care and do my best to help people – Katy Setterington

I pledge to listen. To learn. To be in the moment when they need it. To see the person, not the condition – Hanna Williamson-Sparks

I pledge to listen, not just to words but to non-verbal communication – Claire Hardman

My pledge is to tell me about yourself, so I can give you the best of my care – Jo Watkinson


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