#EGA Cohort 1:1 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme, pledge to make a difference

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Big thanks to Shevaun Mullender for inviting Tommy to speak at Sustainable Leadership – Using Networks to Grow Cohort  1.1 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme NHS Leadership Academy final event in Cambridge last week.

Tommy has had the great privilege to speak for Shevaun before as part of a tour of Essex, a few months back.  You can read more about that day and the inspiring pledges received HERE             

Thank you Shevaun and all who came along for a wonderful inspiring day.  Roy Lilly was also speaking at the event and has given us all much to think about.  Tommy was honoured to take questions with Roy and judge the pewter competition.


A wonderful day with kind people and our NHS leaders.

Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

I pledge to think about people in my community and neighbourhood who are lonely and think how I can be a good neighbour – Louise Connolly

I pledge to create an environment as work so my teams have time to care and can do what they do best, caring for patients – Louise Connolly

I pledge to INNOVATE – Praveen Ande

I pledge to ensure dementia care is part of hospice care in Birmingham – Catherine Weir

I pledge I will never walk by.

I pledge to challenge the way things have always been done when they don’t work for the patient – Jo Collinson

I pledge to make sure the clinicians in the project I am leading have dementia training – Amanda Rawlings

I pledge to always think of the patient and person, not the illness – James Atkinson

I pledge to support my auntie more as my uncle has dementia – Amanda Rawlings

I pledge to work to make a difference to people in Sunderland – Penny Davison

I pledge when designing and leading dementia services I will start with the person and work backwords – Emily

I pledge to treat people as individuals and give them the time they deserve – James Reed

I pledge to ensure all staff are given the skills to look after our dementia patient’s better – Jan Bloomfield

I pledge to help people few humane and to not feel alone and isolated.

I pledge to keep Tommy`s story at the front of my mind every day and in every decision – Robert Ferris-Rogers

I pledge to spend more time listening to family members and carers.

I pledge to truly listen to my patients and their cares to hear their story and how I can help them – Helen Burland

I pledge to make sure that I personally get at least 5 people to become dementia friends – Julie Fryatt

I pledge I will never stop being a kind person – Fiona Daly

I pledge to keep in more regular contact with my dad and family near him and see him more often – Deborah Davidson

I pledge to listen more to others concerns and doing something/anything.

Our pledge: Bristol CCG has commissioned a “Dementia wellbeing service” for people who have dementia their families and carers – Sarah Whittle

I pledge that every day I help a family have a food day – Jennie Deeks

I pledge to see the person not the condition. Recognise who they were and still who they are – Jackie Robinson

My pledge is to be kinder to all I meet – Tracey Gray

I will continue to care for those o work with so that they can care for people that use our services – Graham Carr

I pledge to never walk pass the standard I wouldn’t accept – Jane Martin

I pledge to ensure to take the time to ask the right questions so that the message sent is the one received – Hillary Bowing

I pledge to be kind and mindful with all my interactions – Shevaun Mullender

I pledge to write and tell students more about dementia – Roy Lilley

I pledge to understand my patients love story and encourage my staff to do the same – Dan Spooner

I pledge I am going to be brave and challenge our programmes, particularly the carers programme to listen to the carers and work with them to improve their lives – Kathryn Cooper

I pledge to simply listen – Neil MacKnight

I pledge to raise awareness and identify, advertise dementia support in our local area for patients and cares attending – Suzanne Hawksworth


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