Day 3 UWS Tour, Hamilton

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So who is looking to read some mid week pledges?

Last week saw Tommy, myself and Kerry take to University of the West, Hamilton campus.  Tommy shared his story with 200 students over two sessions.  There was not a dry eye in the house, in listening to Tommy`s caring experience.  He also told the students of the National Conversation work, 5 must do areas and the Charter of Rights.

What a great day with Kerry receiving 80 new members of the ALLIANCE.  The stand went down a treat with everyone loving the information we had to share with them.

Special thanks to Angela Quigley @Quigley03Angela and Di Douglas for looking after us on the day and helping coordinate the sessions.

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Here is the wonderful 146 pledges we received and looking forward to looking at the 112 response’s to the National Conversation question.

Thank you

Laura 🙂

To make anyone with dementia that I care for feel listened to and aware that I will do all I can to support them – Rachel McDowall

I pledge to listen and care and go the extra mile to help support families or individuals with dementia – Ruth Stanley

As a student nurse I promise to use appropriate documentation to the required standard in order to help people live well with dementia – Pamela Miller

To take time to listen and be supportive and help the person/carer to get as much info about other support available – Danielle Young

I will try and understand the trials and tribulations of dementia suffers and carers to be able to provide the best person centred care possible while ensuring their dignity and personal preference aren’t compromised – Darren Newbiggin

Is to share the information that I have with carers and people diagnosed with dementia – Susan Omira

Every person who I encounter with dementia or family or carers, I will give 100% in ensuring they will be well looked after and given the best support they need to allow that person with dementia the best life they are entitle to – Bronwyn Murray

I pledge to always see the person and not the label of dementia, to take a genuine interest in the person and hear their story – Catherine Allan

To be more open minded when helping someone with dementia – Diane Rock

To take my time to get to know my patients, not just their illness. I want to ensure their wishes are kept and dignity in not compromised

As a student nurse, I pledge to improve dementia care by helping and providing support to individuals with dementia and their families enabling them to have a better quality of life – Nicola warren

To make a change and inform families and carers of the help and service out there

To listen and be there for people who may need me and be the best that I can with all people who come into my life – Michaela Kane

To listen and do everything I can to help improve the care and kindness that is given to anyone living with dementia and their family – Caitlin Kiley

I pledge to make effort and take time to learn more about the personal life’s of those who come into my care and have genuine interest in what is important to each individual – Olivia Hill

Is to treat each patient on an individual basis, and provide people with knowledge and understanding to the best of my ability

To provide the best quality of care and support to patients and family members, reassure people who I come in contact with that they know I care, they know my care is genuine treating everyone with the respect I want my relations to have, and myself would like to be treated to try and make a difference in care – Nicola Condron

To ensure I treat everyone I meet with dignity and respect, be patient and listen to ensure good communication, provide compassion and highest quality of care I possibly can. Have a better relationship with patients to be the best nurse! – Blaine Andrew

I pledge to always care for people with dementia and make sure I take the carers perspective into account – Katie Gordon

I pledge that I become a caring and understanding nurse and that I will always take time to speak to patients and their carers no matter how busy I am – Caitlin Law

To listen to carers, patients that their family and take in what they have to say. Listen to their side of the story and do my best to support them in every way I can – Jade Heard

To be an advocate and listen to people living with dementia and their families and friends – Suzanne Blaney

I promise to help and support individuals who are experiencing dementia and the families who are also affected by the heart breaking disease. I’ll treat them as individuals and will know them as a person rather than defining them by their illness – Amy Craig

I pledge to always treat patients for the person they are not the illness they have! – Darren Brown

To look are each patient, person living with dementia as a whole person and an individual, to think that have a life before they become ill and to consider what they and their carer’s are going through – Shelby Cameron

I pledge to treat people as individuals and mot as “dementia suffers”. I will treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve – Diane Russell

I remember that an individual with dementia is still a human and deserves respect and to be treated with dignity – Danielle Anderson

Is to ensure no one if forgotten about neglected or feel lonely. Every individual has the support they require and are given all information needed for their care and ensure they understand everything.

To go the extra mile when caring for patients with dementia, their families and carers. I never fully considered what Tommy spoke so passionately about, but will carry this with me for the rest of my life – Paul Thomas

To educate carers, not just nurses who care for people with dementia on dementia

I pledge to be kind, helpful, loving and respectful to the people I care and do my best to help them live the best life they possibly can – Oghenetega Kivie

To be the voice for those who are losing theirs – Meghan MacFarlane

To treat every people living with dementia as an individual and ensure I prove the best care I possible can – Nadia Nazim

I pledge to accept my role in humanity and embrace it. I promise to openly accept and care for others regardless of race, religion or circumstances. Show kindness and respect to all I come into contact with and support others in any way I can – Leanne O’Neill

To when able to provide the best person centred care that I would with for my own family and to treat everyone like a family member using the skills and tools I have to my best ability – Megan McGlynn

To make a difference to someone’s life – Ceri Whamond

Is as a student nurse and health care assistance is to educate myself on dementia and to take the time to talk to families and patient getting to know them and support them – Nicola Marshall

As a student nurse, a father, a son to do my upmost, best of my ability to help, support, listen, to be there for anyone loving with dementia and their carers or family – Robert Neil

To use my knowledge of nursing and human rights, to protect and provide information to patients and carers. To ensure my caring and compassion makes a difference to people’s lives – Valerie Mitchell

To continue doing my best to learn and understand dementia and related forms of dementia. To develop the skills required to help patients and families – Justine Pretorius

To understand that people may require help to find the services that will help and support them to find out what they feel and things that matter to the client and families, carers – Kaley McLellan

To have a better understanding in who needs help and what services are there to help. I will make a difference by trying to notice who needs help and getting the services provided and be there beside carers needing the help – Claire McGibbon

To become more knowledgeable about dementia to allow me to provide better care and support for the patient and their families/carers – Debbie Sinnett

I pledge to ensure that over the full course of my career, I will always put the person before the diagnosis – James Matthews

Is to always remember there is a person behind the dementia. To treat them equally with dignity and respect. Always be there when they need me – Abbie Sloan

Is to as a student nurse and healthcare assistant to further my education of dementia. To support families and people living with dementia, I would live to make a change – Francesca Martin

I aim to treat every single person with dignity and care. I am to get to know all people in my care, including their like/dislikes and finding out about their past life – Amy McFarlane

I will use the name of the person I care for. I will ask for their consent, listen compassionately and respect the person’s dignity – Bethea Shilliday

I pledge to be patient, understanding and supportive to individuals living with dementia and people affected by their illness. I pledge to see them as a person, and not an illness – Rachel O’Brien

To make sure I listen to my patient and their families. Fulfil my promise. Encourage families that they are doing a good job when looking after their ill member of family – Julie Lindsay

To be aware – aware of the people who need help, support and information, to be aware how to help or make myself aware. Be aware of who each individual is, were and how they got there. To do my best to make a difference, to take the time – Audrey Brannan

To look beyond the condition, to listen and hear more than just the symptoms and too care and get to know the individual – Lorna Dickson

Is to be the most caring nurse I can be I will put myself into their shoes and take my time to listen to their needs – Pamela Jenkins

Is to recognise the individual – not their condition. To take the time to get to know them and what matters to them – hopefully making a difference – Claire Laurie

To make a difference to at least one person’s life, get to know them, and lean about their life – Natalie Irvine

Is to make a difference in one person’s life, do something that makes someone say “Kirsty was a great nurse” – Kirsty Lawrie

To continue throughout my career to be an ear to listen, a word of hope, an arm of reassurance, ad a nurse who sees the person and not the disease – Amy Harrison

To be as empathetic, understanding and as helpful and caring as I can be to people living with dementia including families friends and acquaintances – Lisa Duffy

To assist people the best that I can do even if it is “small talk” – Lisa Diciacca

That throughout life I will treat people with respect, dignity and compassion and during my career I shall see the person not just a patient – Shannen Marie Duffy

To take time and make extra efforts to speak to carers and see how they are feeling and coping with their ever changing situation. To help make sure they are always feeling supported – Nicola Benson

I pledge to be the person you meet today, that makes a difference, makes you feel valued and listens to and acts on the little things that matter to you. Also I pledge to take forward my knowledge to others – Karen Black

I pledge to inform myself in order to be prepared to help and guide families through their dementia journey – Sean Dalziel

I pledge to treat people as an individual no matter what their condition. Also to take the time to get to know them and always be kind and compassionate – Amanda Carnie

I pledge to take the time to get to know the person and their story. I want to understand who they are, what they like and how they want to be cared for – Laura Clark

I pledge to show kindness and compassion and see the person, not the condition. Look out for not just the person with dementia but their carer/family too.

I pledge to inform and direct anyone who needs my help in regards to dementia.

I pledge to always listen to people’s thoughts and feelings and to do everything I can to help them find happiness and well-being – Paula Tweedie

I pledge to always listen to those in need of my assistance and always treat them as an individual – Sophie Thomas

I pledge to do my best and assist people with dementia with the dignity and respect they should have – Demi O`Donohue

I pledge to provide the effective care to my patients and promote patient centred care – Deborah McLeod

My pledge is to treat every single person I meet with the dignity and respect they deserve and always keep in mind of their human rights – Megan Mills

My pledge is to be a good listener to my patients and work together with them to fulfil their wishes whilst in my care. To build a trusting relationship.

To always see someone as a person and not a condition – Mark McEwan

My pledges it to be the best nurse that I can – Caitlin Walters

My pledge is to do my bet to care for people in need of my help throughout my nursing career – Amy Thomson

I pledge to use the information I have learned and put it into practice as a student nurse and future nurse to hopefully change the lives of the patients I care for – Kirsty Sinclair

I pledge to listen to peoples stories and help them and share with them what I have learned – Rachel Sinclair

I pledge to listen to my patients, their family and their cares. Making sure they eel valued and supported. Only making promises that I can keep and do my best to care for people as individuals – Shona Henderson

I pledge to always take time to talk and listen about fears, like, dislikes and memories to keep the love story going – Karen Alston

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be, to change someone’s life and give them the care they deserve. I will be understanding to those with dementia and their family – Hayley Jameson

My pledge is to protect and provide the best care possible and be the best person I can and make a difference, be kind and be what a nurse should be – Lisa Lammie

I pledge to do the little things that make a big difference to people receiving care and support – Mary Love

My pledge is to listen to cares and reflect on their experience. Take an opportunity to share with friends and colleagues and find the best way to make a difference – Straton

I pledge to listen to patients and their cares.

I pledge to do the best I can – Martin Armstrong

My pledge is to always have compassion and care for anyone in my career. I pledge to always take time and go the extra mile – Rachel Stevenson

My pledge is to value the life of those I care for. To support the families and facilitate their development in caring/supporting their own – Megan Johnston

As a student nurse is to do the best I possibly can for people living with dementia and their families and carers to live a comfortable and dignified life and for them to feel supported – Francesca McCaffery

I pledge to get to know the patients I care for by talking about their life and finding out the little things that matter to them – Shannon Reid

I pledge to listen to my patients and give them comfort and support they need.  To be able to help them understand their diagnosis and make them have a happy outcome – Kirsten Swanson

To ensure every person is valued and that their identity is upheld and respected and that the life they led is not forgotten.  To do my best to ensure no one is referred to or treated as “the wee lady/man with dementia” – Kara Murray

To be there for people when they need it whether it’s listening, a shoulder to cry on or for support and to show I care.  To love others no matter what – Hannah Street

My pledge is to be the best nurse I can be in wherever I work and will have a happy career and future if I can make a difference to just one person/family – Kirsten Trainors

To support and care for individuals with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness at all times.  Treat people the way I would love to be treated – Shelby Main

I pledge to act as an advocate for any person I come across with dementia – Kathleen L. MacLean

To make a difference in someone’s life.  To show that people with dementia are still a person and they have their own stories.  To support people with dementia and their families and carers.

To support people with dementia and their families and carers.  To help inform people about dementia and to make a change in someone’s life.  To help lift some of the burden of fear.

To always be kind and mindful towards everyone.  To always remember everyone has a story that is worth listening to – Ashleigh Rooney

To give the best possible support, care and advice to everyone with dementia (and any other condition) and their families and carers as I can – Deborah Wilson

I pledge to make the voice of people with dementia and their family heard and to join the race to find a cure to the disease – Tayo Ailingbala

To advocate for those I meet living with dementia.  I will support and empower them and their carers to prevent them feeling alone and more vulnerable.  I will ensure I find out about them as an individual and make them feel comfortable.  To make a difference – Collette McLeod

Ensure no carer or patient feels alone and ensure I do all I can to get them the help and support they need providing them with the guidance on what to do and where to look for help.  I hope to be that nurse which will make the difference to people/carers/patients – Carly McGilp

My pledge is to make a difference to people with dementia to be empowered in making their own choices, giving them time to talk to me, knowing that someone is listening to me.

My pledge is to continue my learning as a student nurse so I can be best placed to help people, their families and carers living with dementia – Mhairiker Walker

To view and treat every individual as who they are not just “the patient in bed 4 with dementia”.  Also take time to know individuals. – Michelle Stark

To continue to work with my heart on my sleeve, ensuring that all individuals are treated as individuals and not just “him/her with dementia” – Hannah Watson

As a student nurse I will aim to ensure that I always provide care and compassion for those living with dementia along with their carers and families – Chloe Macknamara

I pledge to make a difference by getting to know each other person, and being kind to them and their families – Megan Galligan

I pledge to always make people important and cared for. I also pledge to make sure families of patients are made to feel important too.

I pledge to treat patients in my care with the respect, dignity and compassion that I would like my own relative/friend to be treated. To listen, understand and comfort these vulnerable people.

I pledge to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated with kindness, caring, support and understanding.

I pledge to help, support and listen to others in need – Annmarie Kelly

I pledge to provide the care and support that every individual needs and deserves.

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and help make a person’s life better on a daily basis. Take the time to get to know people living with dementia and their families – Lorna Cavanagh

I pledge to listen and get to know people as individuals, their values and history. To also support their family and listen to them, and to do the best I can to prevent them feeling lonely – Stacey Barrett

I pledge to take time to get to know the patient as an individual and comfort them when they feel vulnerable or anxious in any way – Jemma Cowan

I pledge to treat everyone how I would like to be treated or my relatives to be treated. Make all individuals I care for feel valued – Lorna Burns

I pledge to always remember why I came into nursing – to make a difference. To look at the bigger picture and recognise what’s important to the individual and their families. Get to know about them and their life.

My pledge is to gain more knowledge of the different types of dementia so that u can incorporate it into my practice and give patients the highest standard of care and support – Laura Budden

I promise to always treat patients with dignity and respect while valuing the people they are and what they were. I must always do everything that I can to make that person feel better and remember to support families and cares – Liza Gallacher

I pledge once I qualify as a nurse I hope to care for my patients with my best ability and show the love and compassion when they are most vulnerable – Megan Rose Gaffney

I always want to make a difference to someone’s life no matter their age, gender, face or background. To always take the time to listen – Jill Buckley

I pledge to always show kindness and understanding to patients, family and cares. I will get to know what make the person and not define a patient by their illness/condition – Lisa Inglis

I pledge to always be a compassionate, kind student and registered nurse, always treating my patients with respect and dignity and how I would like my own family members cared like – Louise Hawkins

I pledge to always be kind and compassionate and treat people living with dementia, their cares and families with dignity and respect I will always try to be helpful and provide advice and support – Kirsty Dunsmuir

I pledge to treat every patient, relative and care the way that I would want myself and my family to be treated with care, compassion, dignity and the respect they deserve – Karen Hughes

I pledge to treat everyone with the love and compassion that they deserve. I will ensure that I am understanding and make every individual feel worthy and happy whilst under my care. I will always take an interest in people’s lives – Molly Hotchkiss

I pledge to try and be the voice for those without. I will do my best to and those in need and try to improve their quality of life.

I pledge I will really listen to people/patients and understand their needs and help where I can I will get to know patients and their families to try and prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness – Fiona McDowall

To always look at the individual holistically and support them all in aspects of the individual’s journey. I will show compassion when delivering care. My ears will always be open to listen and my shoulder will always be free to cry on. I will see the person and their story not the disease – Imogen Docherty

I pledge to be the nurse that makes a positive difference to someone’s life by showing kindness, compassion and respect. By taking time to listen to any worries. To be a shoulder to cry on most importantly to see the person, not the disease/condition – Coleen Barkey

I pledge to be able to make a difference to at least one person’s life. To give people the care and time that they deserve – Lucie Davis

I pledge to take the time to hear people’s stories. Learn about their lives. Always treat people with care and compassion – Laura Dee

I pledge to encourage those suffering with dementia to live their life to the fullest. Fulfilling daily activities to which they may enjoy or remember and importantly have patience – Chloe Gray

My pledge is to get to know and understand the service users and families that I would be working with. Try and make the families and service users as comfortable as possible – Jessica Hutt

I pledge to ensure I provide care which ensures the dignity of the person is upheld. I aim to provide support in all areas for the person at the centre as well as their carers, families and friends to the best of my ability – Colleen Cook

I pledge to be there. Let people know they matter and that they are cared about. I want to bring light to someone’s dark – Rachel Conley

I pledge to spend more time getting to know a person individual story and life – Chloe Freeman

I want to always be understanding, empathetic and open in my personal and social life with anyone who may need help even if it’s just friendship – Kristofer Craig

My pledge is to find dementia support groups within my area to volunteer my services to support cares to offer assistance in whatever way I can.

My pledge is to be the best person I can be to help and support others, always treating them with respect and as an individual. Remembering everyone goes through their own battle at some point even if they don’t look or show it – Emily Brown

I pledge to ensure that I get to know the patient/service user to make their time in my care is as east /enjoyable from them – Cara Halliday


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