Sunshine House Wigan & National Bereavement Conference make their pledges

Last week Tommy was back to speak at Sunshine House, Wigan.  You can read the pledges from our previous visit HERE  . He then headed off to speak at the National Bereavement Conference in Bolton Wanderers Football Ground.

It was a busy two days and it is with great thanks to all for the great kindness and more inspiring pledges.

Special thank you to Barbara Nettleson and the team from Sunshine House in Wigan and Doctor Dawn Chaplin, Head Nurse Patient Experience/Clinical Dean for Nursing Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Dementia Carer Voices over the two days.  Dawn was the founder of the Joan Whitelaw Reminiscence Room at the trust along Wendy Lewis-Cordwell Director Bereavement Care Services Cumbria, so it was great for the team to be back.


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You can read the pledges from both events below:

My pledge is to talk to everyone about dementia and do a radio show – Shakil Salam

I pledge to listen, listen, listen and more important – HEAR! – Debbie Smith

I pledge to refer to each deceased patient by name when speaking to their family. Remember everyone has a love story – Jo Charlton

I pledge to refer people to dementia support groups if needed – Be caring LISTEN! – Karin Figliolini

I pledge to take the time to get to know a bit more about people’s lives – Karen Brown

I pledge to listen, love and care for everybody in the way I would like to be listened to, loved and cared for – Jackie Hool

My pledge is to listen and understand, and to share people’s love story.

My pledge is that I always take time to listen to clients love stories – Fiona Singleton

My pledge is to cherish every day. Be a good mum like Joan Whitelaw.

I pledge not to take my job for granted, remember everyone can make a difference – Sue Neilson

My pledge is to make a difference with the small things that are important to people and share Tommy`s blog – Kathryn Anthon

My pledge is to encourage dementia awareness with other people – Karen Chisnall

I pledge I will ensure I promote better communication, stronger understanding and more a human approach to social care – Tom Coulton

I pledge to look at ways to utilise council officers to offer support/advice to carers – Lee Scully

I pledge to continue to provide the highest quality of care and support for service users and families – Cheryl Bishop

My pledge is to set up a dementia care/meeting place in the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh – Trevor Barton

I pledge to find out everybody’s story and who they are and make them unique. Hear and listen to them.

I pledge to continue finding out about the person I’m with by gathering information about what makes them laugh or cry and their hopes and fears and work with them to make a change that’s positive – Sofiena Akhtar

I pledge to raise awareness of the help and services to cares and to promote in my area – Terry Daly

I pledge to share Tommy`s story/message with my team – Sue Neilson

My pledge is to carry on raising awareness of dementia everywhere I go and try to improve the lives of those living with this awful disease – Derek Fisher

Thanks Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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