Day 2 of UWS Tour, Ayr


Hi everyone,

Last week saw the team back in sunny Ayr on Friday 18th September, were Tommy shared his caring experience, the project and the new pledge cards with Student Nurses of University of the West of Scotland Ayr Campus.

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Big thanks to our good friend Janice McAlister for inviting us and presenting with Tommy on the day.  Janice has been an excellent supporter of our work and we could not thank her enough.


We got a staggering amount of pledges taking us over the 5,000 mark.  What an incredible achievement and thanks to each and every one of you who have made a pledge.

Take a look at the pledges, they will make you smile 🙂

To see the person first, treat them with care, dignity and respect, and to do what I can, big or small, to try and brighten their day – Regan Marsh

I pledge to be a thoughtful, kind caring nurse.  To find out my patients love stories and care for each person uniquely – Aylie Walker

My pledge is to ensure that I go out of my way and always make time to learn the story of my patient, and to search ways to give them the best care that I am capable and that they deserve.  I pledge to make a difference – Fallone Hollywood

To remember the person with dementia and not the condition, to take the time they need and to remember they are people with lives and experiences and treat them as such – Julie Pessall

To speak up for those who can’t and make a difference every day.  Always make time to understand everyone’s individual journey – Rebecca Rose

My pledge is to be a selfless and compassionate nurse and to do everything I can to provide person-centred care, paying particular attention to their lives and stories and not their condition – Natasha Munro

I pledge, access to services becomes common knowledge so people living with dementia can easily and simply access support before crisis – Leanne O’Brian

I pledge to treat people with dementia with the respect and dignity they deserve taking into account the individuals thoughts and feelings – Alistar Park

I pledge to make a difference to the lives of others, to be a good nurse, by surrounding patients with love, kindness, compassion and a voice – Lisa Oliphant

I pledge every day to see the person and not just an illness.  Also I endeavour every day to help their families and carers too – Sarah Smith

To be kind, caring and compassionate to each and every patient/service users I look after during my career.  To treat each person as an individual and value their worth.  To help each patient I look after as much as I can.

I pledge to be caring, compassionate and understanding to each and every patient I care for.  To try and make a difference – Lois Mawson

To listen to family members to give personal centred care to all patients that I look after.  To be the best nurse I can be – Brenda Foskin

My pledge Tommy is to remember your story, your lovely wee mum in her wedding dress and the kindness that came across when you spoke to us about your mum – Anne Wilkie

To put forward to my management as a care at home assistant for North Ayrshire council to make dementia training and awareness mandatory as it is lacking in primary care at home.  Will ask for Tommy to be guest speaker.

My pledge is to have the time, patience and empathy when dealing with each patient.  To be/work to the best of my abilities.

To be the best nurse and to care for every individual I look after.

I pledge to take the time to understand each individuals needs and act accordingly to improve their lives as much as my knowledge and ability can.

I pledge to take time, to speak and listen to individuals to help improve the service they are provided – Ashley Gaffney

To go above and beyond what is expected of me for every patient, to treat everyone the way I’d like my family members to be treated and to never walk past someone in need – Phoebe McDowall

I will not let anyone feel alone – Heather McCulloch

I pledge to always deliver the best quality care and ensure that it is person-centred.  I will always make the effort to get to know the person, their family and carers.

I pledge to make a difference!  Even if it’s just one person’s life it is one more than before – Gemma Laverty

I pledge to always take the time to listen to people’s stories no matter how busy I may be and to make the small things count – Elisha McNeish

I promise to treat every patient as if they are part of my family.  I promise to go out of my way to support patients and their family/carers.  I promise to make a difference – Kimberley Andrew

To be the best nurse that I can be – Megan Fleming

I pledge to listen to families and carers and do everything I can to make a difference to those in need – Rebecca McCormack

My pledge is not to define patients by their illness but to learn their name and story. I want to make a difference – Joanne Banks

A phrase that has stuck with me since I heard it and it has shaped the way I live ever since: “These things I do so that others may live. Simply do your best; that is how it works” – Alex Johnston

I pledge to strive towards providing the best possible care to patients and cares effected by dementia, I will continue to treat all patients as I would my own family regardless of their cognitive ability – Samantha Boyd

My pledge is to carry on making a difference to patients and their families. To make them feel heard and looked after – Phoebe Jones-Williams

I promise as a student nurse to always make time to see the person beyond the illness – Ashley Cunningham

My pledge is to make sure that none ever feels alone, that as long as my career lasts I make the time to listen and talk to individuals so that they never feel isolated and scared – Lucinda Barr

I pledge to treat every patient I care for like I would want my grandparents, parents, children to be cared for – Hayley Critchley

I pledge to see you every day as you. To ask about you and your life. You be there for your family for whatever you need from me even if it is just a hello – Suzanne Hainey

My pledge is too always try and make a difference. Remind myself each day it’s not a job it is people’s lives – Lauren Cameron

My pledge is to help everyone I can, to always take time to listen and never let anyone down.

I pledge I am going to make sure that I stop and take time to listen and find out about peoples lives. And make more of an effort with my own family J – Sherrene Kelly

I promise to listen, to the carer, I will find out all I can to ensure I can look after the patient with all the dignity and respect they deserve. I will be the patient and carer voice and will never stop caring – Nichola Duffy

I pledge to always provide the best care to everyone I look after and to always treat everyone as an individual – Ashley Freeburn

My pledge is to always get to know the person and there live, interests, and to ensure that I always ensure the best for everyone – Sarah Jane Quinn

I pledge to listen, never be “To” busy, be aware of the patients and families hope and fears. Always return to patient and their families when you promise to do so – Sharon Alexander

I pledge to look at the person as a whole rather than let the illness define them – Shaini Carlyle

I pledge to be understanding and accepting of each individual I care for and to provide them with the best person-centred care I can – Siobhan Bell

I pledge to always have time and listen to my patients and care for their families and to remember everything you said today – Shannon Claire Ireland

I pledge to try my best to make a difference to someone’s life, no matter how small and to treat them as the person they are, not by the illness they have – Kayleigh Johnston

I pledge to always be kind, to be the nurse who makes a difference, providing the best care I can to those with dementia and their family – Lisa Johnstone

I pledge to always be caring and show kindness – try to make a difference and help the best I can to all patient I care for – Bebhinn McCann

I pledge to always ensure I have the correct skills and values to work with individuals with dementia and to always show kindness when dealing with individuals and cares affected by dementia – Meghan McCall

My pledge is to always take time to listen to both service users and their family members about any worries they have so I can help them appropriately – Barbara Teyhan

I pledge to always take the time to learn about each individual who comes into my care, also focusing on supporting their cares; families giving them all the support they require to fulfil a happier life – Charlene Cunningham

I pledge to make a difference to my patients, and their families. I want to be the nurse that they remember and would be glad to see again.

I pledge to always provide the highest level of care for patients and their families to try and improve the quality of life for those affected by dementia. And to try and learn as much about them as possible – Gregar Woodhead

I pledge to increase my knowledge and skills with regard to dementia with the aim of making a difference to one person’s life and hopefully many more – Mhairi–Anne Murphy

I pledge to listen to my patients and cares and to get to know them as best I can to care for them in a way that will make a difference – Lauren Rennie

I pledge to take time with individuals to get to know them and work at their pace – Nikki Fullarton

I pledge to treat everyone I care for not only with dementia as if they are family- Aaron Watt

I pledge to listen to anyone who comes into my care. And try and make more carers aware of the help available for them – Eilish McNee

I achieve to be a nurse that when someone comes to me and asks for help, I can reply and say OK, Hi I am Allana how can I help you? – Allana Tonner

I pledge to always see the person not the diagnosis and to take time to learn about their history and to take the same time with the family members – Donna Philips

I promise to listen and do EVERYTHING I can do as a nurse and as a person to make sure that no one with dementia or their families and the people who care for them, feel alone I will always show you that I care – Diane Mathieson

I pledge to do my best when caring for anyone that comes my way – Michelle Paterson

My pledge is to always look beyond the diagnosis of dementia to see the person for who they are and what they have achieved. Value cares and their commitment – Laura Houston

I pledge to always care, be compassionate and treat every individual as my mum would or gran would be cared for from myself. Treat them as one of my family delivering every help and support available – Paula Carey

I pledge to make a positive impact to anyone I have the privilege of working with. To have them remember me for good reason and not bad – Lisa Smith

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be – Shauna Ralph

I pledge to give time to everyone and listen to them and their stories. Be there for them when they feel alone, give them hope and try make their life that little bit easier.

I pledge to always remember to take time to get to know patients and their families and to make a difference to their lives, and do whatever I can to help them.

I pledge to always try my very best to make a positive difference to the lives of those living with dementia and their family and carers – Jodi Halbert

My pledge is to show kindness, care and compassion to each and every individual that I come across, not just in my education or my work life but in my everyday life.

As a student nurse, I pledges to always listen, be patient, be understanding and caring towards people with dementia. I will do all I can to make a difference. I will continue to do this when I become a staff nurse – Katy Chan

I pledge to be a kind and compassionate nurse. I hope that I will be able to support individuals in the way myself and my family have been supported in coping with dementia.

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be. To be compassionate, caring and to listen to my patients needs whether they are medically emotional or otherwise. Make a difference – Emilie Meeton

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be to always be compassionate and kind, take the time to sit down with patients as I always do as the little things mean a lot – Lauren Field

I pledge to do the upmost to help raise awareness and challenge them I feel need to be educated on dementia whether that is in my work – Dementia Unit or in placement.

I pledge to take time to listen and try to do my best to understand and mostly just be kind and caring – Sarah Guleray

My pledge is to care for the person and not the condition. To always treat patients with kindness, dignity and compassion. To treat patients the same way I would like any member of my family to be cared for – Aileen Cairns

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and to provide the best care for those who have trusted me to care for them. To take the extra time to talk and listen to everyone who I care for and show care, kindness and respect to each individual – Gemma Moore

I pledge to always look after and care for a person, not an illness. I will take the time to get to know who they were and the wonderful life they have lived – Gemma Withers

I pledge to treat every individual I come across in the same way I would treat any of my family, I promise to make time to listen to peoples stories and always make time to treat them in the best way I can – Tammy Green

My pledge is to continue to treat others as I would expect to be treated. See everyone as an individual, see the person, accept, support and work with their story.

I pledge to be the best I can and help people.

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be.

I pledge to always ask how individuals feel, ensure their voices and feelings are heard to ensure proper, appropriate care is received. Support is a vital part of caring – Karen Dunlop

My pledge is to make a positive difference to people’s lives that I come into contact with by asking what matters to the people I want to help and ensuring their voices are heard – Lisa MacKie

I promise to not only look after a service use but also their families. Always show kindness and love and show them they matter – Annalise Wilson

I pledge to spend the time getting to know the person before their dementia diagnosis and seeing them as that person – Kelly Lynch

I pledge to never be too busy. Always listen and do whatever I can to make peoples life happier and better.

I pledge to try and make a difference in people’s lives. Take time to listen and understand their needs and not treat everybody as the same person only because they have the same condition.

I pledge that no matter where I am in my nursing career to make a difference in the life of people with dementia; no matter what time and resources I have. I will become a dementia champion – Stephanie Auld

I pledge to listen to each person’s story and give an understanding to their situation. Never to walk away without doing my time and best to help.

I pledge to treat those with dementia and their cares as a name person and story. To go that extra mile when not obliged to, supportive words, smile, hug. To make sure people know they should never have to feel alone. I am always there. To never become disillusioned and forget why I wanted to be a nurse in the beginning – Laura Allison

I pledge to always be the best nurse I can be, treated all patients as individuals and when working with people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, find out their personal life story and love story – Laura Crichton

My pledge is to treat and care for each individual with kindness, compassion and a respect for who they are now and who they have been when healthy and well – Vanessa Laird



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