Day 1 of UWS Tour, Paisley

CPHI_GxWUAALq5eThursday 17th September saw Tommy Whitelaw visit University of the West of Scotland as part of a 4 day tour around all university campuses.  The first one took place in Paisley, were 86 students made a pledge, to make a difference.

This was also the showcase of our new pledge card with a new question relating to the Scottish Governament National Conversation.  The ALLIANCE have partnered up with them to hear people`s views about health and social care through `Creating a Healthier Scotland: What matters to you?` conversation`.

Untitled 1

We asked the students: In relation to Health and Social Care – What matters to you? What keeps you well?

The response was phenomenal along with the amount of pledges.

Massive thanks to Lindy and Dougie of the Paisley Campus  for inviting the team to speak to the students about the caring experience of Tommy, the project and campaign.



You to can still add your pledge to the pledge wall or your thoughts on the National Conversation question, by emailing the team at

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

My pledge is to give my best every day at my job as a nurse. Doing this I hope to help and encourage individuals through their life. I hope to be able to offer guidance that could change or make a family’s life easier.

I pledge to listen and comfort the patients in caring for. I pledge to take the loneliness and anxiety away. I pledge to make a difference to someone’s life and their families for the better – Lynn Campbell

I pledge to always be kind, considerate and patients when working with somebody living with dementia. To always make them feel valued and important – Brooke Maxwell

My pledge is to ask patients about their life or something they are interested in. Encourage patients to chat, don’t just do task robotically – Laura McGreeney

My pledge is to always see the PERSON, not the illness – Amy Blair

My pledge is to continue to develop my skills and knowledge through training in order to give the best possible holistic care – Suzanne Hair

I pledge to listen to everyone that I care for and their relatives and ensure they receive the best care and support possible. I will learn from their stories and ensure that they know how important they are. I pledge to make a difference – Tiffany Graham

I pledge to never define anyone by their illness. Always be supportive and treat everyone with dignity, respect and kindness.

I pledge to treat everybody including those with dementia as an individuals with their own unique life story and perspective – Claire

I pledge to learn more about dementia and the impact it has on sufferers and their families, to do my very best at uni so one day I can be that nurse who helps someone feel less lonely and isolated – Debbie McEwan

I pledge to treat everyone with kindness, try to get to know them, spend quality time getting to know what makes them who they are. Always help to keep their dignity, help people feel good about themselves – Juliana

My pledge is to always care for people the same way I would expect my own family to be cared for – Lisa Stewart

My pledge is to treat everyone as their own individual person and not see them as their condition. Take time to go that extra mile to make their day happier – Heather Rickman

I pledge to ensure every patient I speak to knows that they are important and they are not alone. That their carers know of how good a job they are doing and that I have so much admiration for what they are doing – Amy Murray

I pledge that I will never willingly allow someone to lose their identity and be known as just “someone with dementia” I will listen to carers and use what they say to further my skills and knowledge – Shanniece McNeil

My pledge is to be caring, honest, truthful, compassionate, kind, understanding and most importantly being a good communicator in every aspect especially listening.

I pledge to help people with dementia and their cares, not to feel alone, let them know they are important and that they matter – Monica Farmer

My pledge is to do my best in giving care to the people that need help and help them get through it with lots of help and support – Lydia Daniel

I pledge to ensure I know the patient and not the diagnosis. Find out about patients history and ensure I can support patients and family/cares to the best of my abilities.

I pledge to always listen to patient, ensuring they are comfortable with the care they receive maintain dignity and allow patients to have an input in their care – Carly Hart

I pledge to always work with kindness, care and compassion. To stand up for these who cannot do so for themselves. To always put myself in their shoes and be treated how I would want to – Shelley Barron

I decided to join nursing as naturally I am very caring, understanding person and enjoy meeting different people with different backgrounds. I also want to make a difference in the health care centre.

I pledge to use the skills I learn to ensure all care given is fair and empathetic that I treat people with dignity and respect and to see a person not an illness – Kelsey McElroy

I pledge to make sure I listen to patients and give them help they need. God thank you for showing me that there are many people who are suffering and need my help.

My pledge is to always have patience and listen to patients and their family/cares, help them in whichever way is possible – Sandi Bern

I pledge to help family members deal with the struggles of caring for someone with dementia, to help them remember why they love each other, to help them feel less scared – Katie Harkins

My pledge is to always see the person behind the illness and to maintain their dignity at all times. I will help, listen and support their families deal with the changes to their loved ones to the best of my ability – Susan Rae

I pledge to always look past dementia and look at the person behind the disease, their life and everything they have been through.

I promise to do whatever I can to be the best nurse I can be. Always treating people with kindness, respect and as an individual – Jill McLaren

I will give people living with dementia as much time as they need to explain things to me and communicate with me – Nina Kacprzak

During my career, no matter where it is, I promise to always act with the upmost care, compassion and empathy to those under my care I will do everything in my power to always help – John Stephen McGinness

I pledge to take time to listen, to people who need my help and kindness. I have the potential to change people’s lives and their experiences – Nicola Middleton

I pledge to continually see the person and their individual’s needs and wants so they are not defined by the cognitive impairment they may have – Mark

I pledge to never walk past someone in need and to help people to the best that I possibly can – Kyle McLaren

I pledge to see someone as an individual and not just as “someone with dementia”. To treat them as a person and learn their personal story to help them get through their day – Laura Robertson

I pledge to endeavour to understand individual’s stories – Seonaid Gallagher

I pledge to take time to learn about the person before they had dementia. Make sure the cares are being listened to – Pauline Wyllie

I pledge to look after and care for every patient I have as a student nurse and always make sure they feel safe and know someone cares about them – Cara Goodwin

To always listen to patients and recognise them for who they are and not by the conditions/disease that they have.

To ensure my patients suffering from dementia and their carers and families never feel alone, to be patient and understanding and learn from those families – Gemma Ann McCahill

My pledge is to listen, help and try understand the different circumstances people find themselves in – Stephanie Clark

I pledge to do my upmost to ensure any individuals and families in my care never feel alone, that they know I am there! – Pamela McCallum

I pledge to never walk past.

To make a difference by giving the best care that I can give and giving support to everyone in my care that may need it – Ashley Stobie

I pledge to make time!  Letting people know they are important by listening and supporting them and their carers and families – Fiona Ryden

I pledge to care, to treat, to maintain your dignity and respect, keep you safe.  Most of all be there! And listen – Erin Doyle

I pledge to take time to listen to individuals and their carers – Gillian Kearney

My pledge is to always treat people with empathy and compassion and try to truly understand their story and I will strive to make a difference – Stephen Watt

To always find out who you were before dementia and who you are now and always act with kindness – Student nurse McAllister

To always take time and listen; try to understand/want to make a difference – Amanda Johnston

I pledge to get to know my patients as a person with a life story and to provide the best care possible relevant to that story – Siobhan Caldwell

I pledge to treat everyone with kindness. To always make time for anyone who needs it, event for a chat. To never walk past someone who needs helps to always listen, Give hugs when needed and even when not – Aileen Keith

I pledge to listen and support all the people I will meet on my path – Ewa Slominska

I pledge to not only use my knowledge and skills but to be the nurse who will make a difference in people`s life and give them the best of me no matter their condition or situation – Christine Okito

I pledge to make that difference between being a good nurse to being that “life” changing nurse. By always showing compassion and kindness and taking that extra time to offer support and compassion to family and cares in times of crisis.

I pledge to work as best as I can to care for my patients as a person and not just their illness – AJ Weir

I pledge to treat everyone living with dementia with respect and dignity and make their lives as good and as normal as it was – Heather McLellan

I will never define someone by their dementia, I will always remember they have a unique, beautiful story and at one point in their life they were loved and respectful for who they truly are – Nicola MacKinnon

I pledge to not let the condition define the patient and always remember that there is a human being behind the illness – Abbey Newman

My pledge is to do my best to protect dementia sufferer’s dignity and never to forget who the person actually is. To strive to make a difference and do that little bit extra. Try to make people smile again – Dianne Nicol

I pledge to continue to ensure all of our patients receive the best care. To support all and their families/friends during their time of need. To continue to get to know their stories and to look at/visualise the photos outside their rooms – to see the person – Emily McGinty

I pledge to be a nurse who make a difference and to be there for those in my care, my company and my life – Denise Coyle

I pledge to be a conscientious, patient, kind nurse who tries her hardest to do the best by her patients and their families – Shauna Borthwick

I pledge to always give help to those that ask or need it – Shalena McCarron

I pledge to always try and instil trust, happiness and hope in everyone I meet. To remember that I can always change the future.

I am going to be the nurse who provides a positive outlook on the future and gets to know each patient through their whole life and not just their story now. We are all individual and have our own story – Joanna Miller

I pledge to make a difference to people’s lives. To be that nurse that people remember when they were vulnerable and think of me as kind. To go above and beyond not just my job. Nursing is not just a job – Melissa Campbell

My pledge is to see the person and the life they had and look beyond the illness – Kellyann McKinnon

I pledge to love, care, take time and be thankful of the time I spend with people I care for and love. To be the best I can be – Ewan Grant

I will always treat the people I care for with dignity and respect. I will always remember that there is more to them than meets the eye and I will support their loved ones in any ways I can – Karin Bryce

I pledge to always be caring, kind and compassionate and never let my bad days influence my professional care – Lynn Simpson

I pledge to show help and support to those in need. To be able to listen to what make people are saying and to be able to make a difference for them – Kirsty Ward

I pledge to listen, help and support individuals to the best of my ability and use the knowledge to improve my practice and services – Lynn Findlay

I pledge to never let anyone feel alone and vulnerable. To always offer support, to be a friendly face, a shoulder to cry on or the person who simply listens. To see sufferers for who they are. An individual, a person or someone’s loved one – Jade Gallagher

I pledge to always take the time to listen to patients and cares, try my best to help them in any way I can. To always respect dignity and talk new cares through fundamental nursing care – Kirsty Murray

I pledge to make sure no one that I meet feels alone or scared about their illness and know that I will always find the time to listen even if for 5 minutes about their life, worries or concerns – Donna Patton

I pledge to treat individuals and their families with dignity and respect and support them in whatever way I can. Dementia is close to my heart and who it affects – Claire Ferguson

I pledge to ensure that I can put policies and my knowledge into practice. To ensure that I treat every patient/client as a person in their own right. Not to treat people by their condition.

I pledge to tell as many people as possible about the ALLIANCE and dementia. Ask the people I tell to tell at least 1 person each spread the word. I hope they sign the pledge I will ask people/families their life stories – Amy Munro

I pledge to listen to carers of patients, help them to make the person they are caring for and their families and carers to understand and cope with their own conditions and offer all the support which is available and possible – Nicole Tannahill

My pledge is to take time to listen to a patient and their needs and make a difference in their lives, the smallest thing can make a huge difference to someone – Kelly

I will make sure that no person is “that wee woman with dementia” that person has a name, a husband, wife, daughter, son and grandparent – Emma Michie

I pledge to each patient or carer that I come into contact with will be treated like an individual and I will ensure that not one of them ever feels alone or isolated – Carol Millar

I pledge to try/do my best by patients and cares at all times. Taking the time to find out about them as individuals and treat them as the person they are or were and not an illness – Lauren Connelly

I will strive to do my upmost to make a difference to treat each and every person I meet or care for. I will use my heart and soul as If these people were my own. In every little way – Lisa Reid

I pledge to always remember that everyone has their own personal story and to always see the person and not the disease – Kayrn McCormick

I pledge to care, listen, understand and take courses to give me a better understanding #dementiafriend #healthcaresupportworker – Janine



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