A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation: Dementia Technology and Services


A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation: Dementia Technology and Services

Wednesday, 14th October 2015 (Morning and Afternoon Sessions Available)

Venue: Citizen M, Glasgow

The Scottish Ecosystem, formed by Digital Health & Care Institute, The Alliance, Joint Improvement Team, eHealth, NHS, NHS24 and SCTT, are delighted to invite you to attend A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation: Dementia Technology and Services, aimed at leaders from industry, academia and health and social care in Scotland.


Why dementia?

The number of people who are diagnosed with dementia is steadily increasing – from 815,827 people in 2013 living with dementia in the UK to an expected 1,000,000 people with dementia by 2025 (Alzheimer’s Society, 2013) – meaning careful planning and preparation for the future is vital to ensure the correct care and support is provided in future years.

Our model of care for people with dementia and their carers has not significantly changed for many years, and with an increasing need for improvement in this area, the Digital Health & Care Institute & The Scottish Ecosystem is committed to providing the opportunities required to help better the technology and services available to those living with dementia and those who care for them.

Event Aims:

  • We are looking to:
  • Contribute to improvements in dementia technology and services in Scotland
  • Explore business opportunities with others to deliver these improvements
  • Improve the understanding of dementia and the daily challenges that are faced
  • Improve the understanding of the position of carers of people with dementia – whether it be nurses or family members themselves
  • Showcase technologies and services already available within dementia care and identify possible opportunities
  • Provide a networking opportunity


This event is aimed to help the understanding of both living with dementia and living with someone with dementia, and how new technologies and services can be utilised to better the care we can provide, as well as break-out sessions to generate new ideas. Click here to view the full event programme and workshop sessions (URL https://dhi-scotland.com/events/94)

Register to attend

Please note that numbers for this event are limited. If you are interested in attending email comms@dhi-scotland.com to reserve your place today

For further information and how to register please visit https://dhi-scotland.com/events/94



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