A heartfelt thank you to University of Central Lancashire



Happy Monday Everyone,

Tommy was very honoured to speak along with Roz Hargreaves (Mental Health Nurse formerly of the University) to 400 Pre-Reg Nursing Students.

Last year around this time, Roz  gave a dementia friends presentation along with using some of our films invited Tommy to come along in person to speak about making a difference and our Dementia Carer Voices project.

We are truly inspired by the kindness and messages from our future Nurse`s from UCLAN and we know you will be too after reading the inspiring 124 pledges below.

Thank you Roz, UCLAN and to the incredible people we met last week.  You can follow Roz and the University on Twitter at @rozih @UCLanMH

Here is a few words from Roz and what the day meant to her:

On the 10th September I went in to do a dementia friends session at Uclan (University of Central Lancashire) to talk to the new students about dementia and to help be more aware of how people who have been diagnosed with dementia live.

For the last 3 intake of students I have done this session with showing video of Tommy Whitelaw and the barriers that he had to face when caring for his mum Joan. But this time I was honoured to have Tommy there himself speaking for the heart about his story.

The room got emotional and by the end of the talk Tommy received a standing ovation.

From me I would like to Thank Tommy for being able to attend and to the students for making their pledges below.

Roz Hargreaves

Alumni Student

Dementia Friend Champion.


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices  🙂

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I pledge to treat all patients with care and compassion. I will also promise to be the best NURSE possible – Danielle

I pledge to make a real difference to the lives of others – putting them at the centre of my care whilst maintaining dignity and respect – Naomi

I wish to care for people as best I can, showing the love they deserve…always treating them as individuals – Agata

I aspire to be not only a nurse but a smile, a hand, a hug and hopefully your hope lots of love – Natalie

I promise to care for people and treat them with the love, respect and dignity required – Amanda Howard

I pledge to promote compassionate care with dignity and respect – Debbie

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and promise to make the service users I meet smile and feel comfortable around me – Keelie-Jo

I promise to be one of the good nurses – Marlene

I will be a caring, supportive and understanding nurse – Samantha Mayor

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and learn the love stories of every person I come into contact with – Jodie Townley

I will walk beside you through your journey – Olivia

My pledge as a nurse is to try and make a difference to a person`s life in a positive wat even if this it just to ask them how there day is and remind them that people do care. Thank you for reminding me today why I applied for the course, you are an inspirational person – Catherine

Having nurses involved in my son’s care that “made a difference” inspired me to become a children’s nurse – Kirstina

I want to show people I care and they are important and matter to me – Sophie

I promise to do my best to become the best nurse I can be. To become a support for my patients and families. To always be a hand to hold or a smiling face and to treat every individual as a person with a story – Sarah

I pledge to show compassion, respect and give them the care they deserve to every patient – Luna

I pledge to do the best I can for people I care for and be the nurse that goes beyond to make my patient’s smile – Faith

I pledge to help people like my grandad who had dementia when I am a mental health nurse – Amy

I promise to remember and respect the person before the dementia and to cherish evert aspect of their life, even if they can’t remember it themselves – Delilah

I pledge to make someone smile at least once a day – Nisha

I promise to understand when you don’t and to care when no one else will – Scott Wilson

I will be a mental health nurse, I will be the difference in someone`s life – Heather

I will be a children’s nurse and you have just opened my eyes to dementia THANK YOU I will make a difference – Hayley

I promise to hold your hand and provide comfort for whoever needs it just as I did for my granny with dementia – Joanne

For Joan Whitelaw and Tommy, I will try not only to touch lives but hearts too. To smile when it’s needed to be the figure of support and to always care.

My pledge is I will always take my time to provide you with the care and support – Amy John

I will do my best to help all the “Tommy`s” in the world! – Emma

I am aiming to be a nurse who not only touches the lives of patient’s but who also makes a difference to patients and families as a whole – Sophie

I pledge to educate myself on dementia and how actions I will undertake will make a difference to someone’s life – Andrea

I will be the hand on your shoulder – Joanne

I pledge to hold your hand, listen to your stories, help and guide you when needed and always remember you have a name – Kate

I will treat patients for the real person they are instead of the condition they have – Julie

As a student nurse, I pledge to for my very best for all my patients, to have a positive impact on their lives – Zoe

I want to be a nurse that helps as many people as I can and make everyone that I help and their friends and family proud. I want to make Tommy proud of who I am! – Molly

I pledge to be my best, be your shoulder to cry on, to be there for you and your family, I pledge to make a difference in society – Mollie

I pledge to listen to people, find out what they need, try my hardest to help and hopefully make people LAUGH!! Wherever I can. Obviously there are times where this isn’t appropriate, but laughter is love for me, our best memories are made from laughter. – Amy Teevan

I’m going to be the kind of nurse who will try my best to make sure that no one in my care will feel lonely, frightened or ignored. I will be their champion – Natalie

I pledge to be as good a nurse as the district nurse who came to help you that day. And to always remember that every person with dementia has a love story! – Joanne

I hope the little I do can brighten up someone’s day – Philip Howland

I pledge to be a caring and compassionate nurse. I will care for someone as a whole and understand when someone else can’t – Lauren Fleetwood

I promise to listen, support and act in the best interest of the people I care for and their families – Scott

I pledge to be the nurses who will not turn away anyone who needs help. I will always be the nurses the patient needs and wants – Leanne Morton

I’m going to listen and help in every way I can! – Dawn

I pledge to always take the time to see my patients as a person and not just another number and to take the time to listen and chat.

I witnessed care given to family members and saw how compassionate the staff were, and chose to follow in their footsteps – Katie

I pledge to always provide a shoulder for care users and staff to lean on, and to always listen, even when no one is talking – Helen Taylor

My pledge is to make you feel safe. Listen to you. Hold your hand through the good and the bad… I will be there for you. – Jenny

I’m a child student nurse and I think you’re amazing Tommy. When I care for a child and their families, I will always treat dementia with the understanding and respect it deserves – Sara Hirst

I am going to make a difference b providing the best care with my best ability, always having a mile on my face so that they feel comfortable and also happy – Kennedy

I will be the nurse to hold your hand and continue your love story – Kim

I vow to put a smile on every patient’s face. Your story has truly inspired me and will remain in my heart forever – Keterena

I want to help people to reach their full potential – Pinky

I want to be an oncology nurse. I may study midwifery in the future! (I want to bring new life into the world) – Laura

I pledge to treat all those with dementia as I would my own parents and the support I would wish to have. To treat the person, not the illness – Jason Goinden

I will treat people the way I would like to be treated and try my best for everyone when they need it the most – Dil Nawaz

I pledge no matter what I’ll be the best nurse I can be giving my time to get to know the individual’s life story – Matthew

I will be the person to hold your hand when things get hard – Ashleigh

I want to deliver best care to patients. I want to learn new clinical skills with UCLAN – Niki

As a nurse I will remember you are a person not just a patient – Hannah

I pledge to be the best nurse I can, and find out the little things about my patients that makes them the person they are – Maria

I pledge to try and hear what is important to the person – Samantha

I pledge as a student mental health nurse to always see a patient or a service user as an individual and to get to know them, their personality, their likes and dislikes and to hopefully make their journey as easy and supported as I possibly can – Jessica

I can/will make a difference – Tara Brown

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be to all people within my care – Juliet

I pledge to hold on to the lessons learnt by Tommy and Joan Whitelaw, learn from their experience and keep them at the heart of all I do on the future – Maya

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and take care of each patient with their individual stories in my heart as well as my mind – Jess

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and to make a difference to people’s lives and change their stories for the better – Melissa

I want to be the kind of nurse that would make Tommy proud! – Toni

I am studying mental health nursing. Thank you for your inspiring talk. You will motivate me to be the best I can be. Thank you – Lauren

I want to be a nurse who makes a difference by being caring and compassionate. By supporting service users and their families in their time of need. I want to be a nurse who is as inspirational as you. Thank you! – Alicia

I am training to be a mental health nurse to make a difference in people`s lives. You have made me more determined to qualify – Laura

I am determined to be a nurse and will deliver the care we all need, Thank you – Danielle

I am staring my first year training to be a children nurse despite your story being about the care of adults. Your talk has inspired me even further and reminded me why I want to be a nurse. You are truly amazing. Thank you – Cara

I want to be the kind of nurse who never says no and never turns anyone away, to always be there as a constant source of support – even if it’s to just lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on – Aatikah

My pledge is to be kind, caring and compassionate and to always put those who are vulnerable before myself. When a situation gets tough I will not give up, but push myself to be the best mental health nurse I can be. I pledge to be a great listener and not turn anyone away – Arifah

My pledge is to support all of our Dementia Friends and treat them with the respect they deserve – Catherine

My dream is to become a nurse and make a difference to people’s lives like Tommy and her wonderful mother – Danielle

I want to make a difference as an adult nurse – Samantha

I will give you the best care I can and support you to the best of my ability as helping others is what makes me happy – Anne-Marie

I pledge to be compassionate, care and to list to all the patients I meet in the future – Mollie

I will dedicate my career to the care of others in need. To be ‘that’ nurse that people remember and aspire to be – Amy

I will become the best adult nurse I can possibly be! – Jessica

I pledge to make Tommy proud and to be an exceptional nurse, to help others just like Tommy and his beautiful mum, Joan – Rebecca Taylor 

I pledge to always put myself in the other person’s shoes and show love, care and compassion – Lydia Whittle

I am going to be the nurse that makes a difference to each and every life I come across and, just like the nurses did for your mum, make families proud for me to be their nurse J – Emily

I pledge to be a kind and compassionate nurse who will treat every patient as a whole and not just the disease within the patient – Amy Sagar

I will not forgot this talk, Tommy. I pledge to remember that kindness can transform lives. I will always do all I can to be kind to others (nice to be reminded of what I value) – Laura

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and always offer a hand to hold to patients and their families. It’s not about the knowledge, paperwork, etc. It’s about the people! – Katie O’Brien

Your talk has inspire me to care for people to the best of my ability – Laura Bradley

I want to be a nurse because I want to bring a fresh face to nursing care, providing compassion, understanding, empathy and enthusiasm to every individual I come a ross J – Vicky Dennis

I pledge to be a compassionate and empathetic nurse – Tatiana

I am going to become an adult nurse and make a great difference to people’s lives by giving their families and patients the care they need and ensure they receive the best support and are respected – Jessica

I will make a difference within my career as a children’s nurse by giving children and their families support and constant reassurance. I will ensure I do everything in my power to get to know my patients and allow them to get to know me. I will bend over back-wards to try my best with everything I do and ensure my patients and their families receive the care, compassion and love they need – Molly

I pledge to be the best nurse I can all of the time – Louise

I pledge to love and show love to all my patients and to put my everything into helping patients feel safe – Corinna

I am going to make a difference, as an adult nurse, to all patients and their families in my care by always doing everything I can to ensure they receive the best possible care – Alice

I am going to be a nurse that care for everyone in the best possible way I can – Mia Harrison

I hope to become the name you remember when you’re at your most vulnerable… that reminds you of kindness, helpfulness and hope J – Bethan

I will treat everybody as a person first and a patient second – Debra

I pledge to keep your mother’s memory alive throughout my nursing career, through my practice and profession. Your story was truly inspiring – Nicole Edwards

I pledge to be a nurse that people are happy to see, to make them feel safe and for them to know I care – Roxanne

I pledge that I am going to make sure I take time to see the person, not the illness – Fiona Clegg

I pledge to hold your hand when you feel most scared – Jamie Stott

I promise to always treat people as an individual and to take time to listen to my patient and their carers no matter how busy I may be! – Kelly

I pledge to be the difference, make a difference and try to be inspirational to others – Lewis Clark

I pledge to be caring and compassionate, always delivering patient centred care – Collette Boult

As a nurse I will continue to treat each and every individual as a person. You are an inspiration! – Sharon Meadows

My aim is to do “care with compassion” – Jayanthi Vasudevan

My pledge is to treat each and every patient I encounter with care and compassion and with the dignity they deserve

I pledge to always be a friend to all my patients and always see patients with dementia as an individual with a name and a love story and not as someone with dementia – Emily

I promise to always introduce myself and smile – Stephanie

I promise to make all my patients and families smile – Sarah

I want to be a nurse to make vulnerable people feel protected and supported within any situation knowing that they’ll never be alone – Lucy

I pledge to always treat every person I meet as an individual and listen and learn from their ‘love story’ and hopefully become part of their love story, however brief that may be – Sophie

I am going to be that nurse that makes your time in hospital that little bit nicer – Gary

I promise to always introduce myself and to find out what makes you smile – Emma

I promise to walk at one side of you and be with you through your journey – Olivia

I will treat others with love, care, dignity and in a way that honours them – Serena

Tommy, I will be that nurse that helped both your mum Joan and yourself that day. You deeply touched my heart with your story and know there are others going through what you both did. The care and compassion that I have within will always be delivered to all I meet, every second of every minute of every hour, week, month and year of my career as a nurse, that I promise – Alex

After today`s speech by Tommy. I have been very inspired to ensure that all patients and families in my care receive all the love and support that I can provide to ensure they never feel alone at a time in need.

I promise to treat patients and families as I would expect me and mine to be treated – Kate

I will help people by walking at the side of them and enabling them to be the person they want to be and can be – Tyson

I will not only care, I will be a friend – Julia

I’m only at the start of my student nurse training, but I am determined that I WILL make a difference, and I hope that perhaps when I am qualified I get the opportunity to just that – Mark





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