From Glasgow to Fife #makingadifference


Happy Friday Everyone,

As its nearly the weekend, here are some fabulous pledges to brighten up your day from NHS Fife.  Tuesday 8th September saw Tommy taking part in the NHS Fife OT Mental Health Development Day.  Speaking to all OT Mental Health staff, who are grasping that every interaction with someone, taking the opportunity to make a difference.


Big thanks to Lynne Dorman, Head of Occupational Therapy at NHS Fife for inviting Dementia Carer Voices.   Thank you to all who attended the talk, for the kind messages in person and on social media and for the wonderful pledges to help make that big difference to someone’s life.

Here are the pledges below and a few that we have received via email and twitter recently:

My pledge is to value the person and care for who they are and enable them to take their next step of their journey – Gael Lindsay

My pledge is to always see the person, the whole story and listen to what is desired/important not only what is perceived as being needed – Katherine Hodgkinson

My pledge is to help the friends and people I meet to keep going in caring for loved ones – Babs Shaw

I pledge with kindness every day to see an incredible person in every patient.

I pledge to listen, care and show kindness to my patients and their cares and empower them to know their rights and seek the appropriate support from the right sources – Gail Hogg

I pledge to continue to ensure I prioritise the time to speak and listen to cares and offer support – Ashleigh Payne

I pledge to make my friends (who is caring for her mum) aware of your blog – Angela Howard

I pledge I will support anyone I can with kindness and respect – Kayleigh Brady

I pledge to continue to invest patience and time to support those who need longer to accept the changes in their lives – Jacqui Chung

I pledge to promote awareness of dementia the younger generation – Carol Prattis

My pledge would be to support my wife more as she has a mother who has moderate/severe dementia.

My pledge to see the person and do my best for and with them – Brenda Walker

I pledge to create space and listen to the stories that people want to share with me – Norma Clark

I pledge to always see people and to do my best to actively listen to everyone I speak to – Katy Omond

I pledge to take time to listen to what is being said and also what is not being said – Margaret Normand

My pledge is to continue to value the people I encounter and to encourage others to do the same. To see past the condition and see the whole person at all times – Jacci Muir

I pledge to be the best nurse I can individually but also ensure as a ward manager my team of 35 also do. Ensure the 6c`s of care are for every patient and every patient with dementia – Nicola McCord

I will read thoroughly the Durham Alzheimer’s Disease Newsletter when it drops through the post, and respond to at least one person calling out for help e.g. regular phone calls to someone who is lonely. (My dad suffered from Alzheimer’s until his death, and guiltily I confess that I sometimes forget about other people who are suffering now, because I have been through my worst nightmare) – Ian Frame

My pledge to enter the person`s world, travel with them and ensure we find the meaningful stance together.

I have arranged for a dementia champion to come and talk with the congregation at my local Church.  We will promote it in the community and we hope that others will also come along – Jayne Biddiscombe


Thank you Team DCV 🙂


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