DCV first stop of the week, South Tyneside District General Hospital



Dementia Carer Voices would like to thank Dr Bob Brown, Executive Director of Nursing, Lorraine Talbot, Chief Executive and all the trust for inviting us to present at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.

The team at the Hospital will be working with staff on the pledges they collected from the day.  We are looking forward to coming back for more events in the near future.

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Bob has shared some information with us on the work they do at the trust:


South Tyneside Foundation Trust is a national leader on the development of integrated care services, being both a Pioneer and Vanguard site and one of our service development schemes is the current building of an 80-bed facility in the grounds of the hospital. This Integrated Care Hub was commissioned to the Trust by South Tyneside Council and will provide a range of residential, nursing, respite and day services for older people and their carers and when it opens next summer will be one of the best purpose built centres providing one-stop services for people with dementia in the country. The Hub service model will be a partnership between local Trusts, South Tyneside Council and South Tyneside Age UK

In recent months the Trust has been celebrating achieving ‘Dementia Friend’s’ status with over 80% of our workforce having watched the Barbara’s Story films and as a result raising awareness and confidence in caring for older people with dementia.

A number of our Wards and community teams have undertaken advanced training in dementia care, one worthy of special mention is Ward 19 for Older People, the ward you visited Tommy. Last summer Ward 19 was awarded the Royal College of Psychiatry Quality Mark for Elderly Friendly Hospital Wards. Requiring 2 years of continuous assessment, the Quality Mark process aims to support wards to focus on delivery of good-quality, essential care for older people by:

  • Engaging patients, ward staff, hospital management and governors in assessing the quality of care provided
  • Providing training to ward staff in Person, Interaction and Environment observations of care
  • Producing a detailed local report that identifies areas of achievement and areas for improvement, enabling targeted action planning
  • Encouraging ward team reflection on their ability to provide elder-friendly care with the training and resources available to them
  • Awarding and recognising the achievement of elder-friendly wards
  • Encouraging focus on a continuous improvement through iterative data collection.


You can follow Bob and the trust on Twitter at @bobjbrown @STFTrust

If you would like Tommy to share his caring experience at one of your events then please contact Laura at dementiacarervoices@alliance-Scotland.org.uk

As always thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support.  If you would like to #jointhemovement then email your pledge to the team and we will proudly display it on our pledge wall.

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂



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