What`s been happening so far in photos…

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone is well today 🙂

It has been a busy time for Dementia Carer Voices of late and as it continues this week with Tommy and Irene attending the Alzheimer’s Europe Conference in Slovenia. It looks set to be another busy few days.

Last week Tommy was interviewed by Mairi McTaggart from SSSC for them to use the interview at their upcoming Promoting Excellence Leadership event on 3rd Sep 2015.  Mairi has contacted me for some photos to use as a slide montage to go along with the audio recording of the interview.

On looking back at some of the photos this morning just reminded me of the great work the team and the ALLIACNE are doing, so to say I found some “crackers” is an understatement.

So this got me to thinking about sharing some of them with you all as a sort of the story so far…

I hope you enjoy and thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

Laura 🙂


C9971E6B-E084-45CA-986A-EF109BA99BA8 P1020451

Pic © Sandy Young 07970 268 944 Age Scotland Awards at the Scottish Parliament W: www.scottishphotographer.com E: sj.young@virgin.net T: 07970 268 944

_DSC4196 copy

IMG_0201  _DSC4193 copy _D4A5534 _D4A5492

_TGM9484 photo photo 4 image (1)


IMG_5891 IMG_5940 IMG_5955 IMG_5990 IMG_6020

IMG_6145 IMG_6164 IMG_6173 photo

IMG_0503 photo photo 13 photo 14 IMG_0441

Final day 4 talks Robert Gordon university nursing students IMG_0995 photo 10 photo 12

pledges 6

photo (1) photo 2 photo 8 photo 9 photo 25 photo

The Alliance Annual Conference 2013

The Alliance Annual Conference 2013

The Alliance Annual Conference 2013

image 3 image 4 IMG_0016 IMG_0197 IMG_0250 IMG_0810

photo irene speaking

New Team Photo Aug 2015



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