East Ren make pledges to make a difference



Tuesday this week seen two talks at East Renfrewshire CHCP, to District Nurses and Nursing Students, who are there on placement and then to the students who are on placement at the health centre, from our very own Tommy Whitelaw.

Massive thanks to Fiona Ralph and Stella Welsh for the invite and arraigning the day and East Renfrew did not disappoint by making fantastic pledges.

If you would like to make a pledge to make a difference then you can by emailing the team at dementiacarervoices@alliance-scotland.org.uk

My pledge is to find out peoples love story and talk to them about it – Stella Welsh

I pledge to listen to the small things. To support my team of nurses to educate and facilitate the best care possible for patients and families – Fiona Ralph

My pledge is to continue to listen, care and support carers, patients and families – Janeanne

My pledge is to be part of the love story of every patient I care for – Tracy McVey

I pledge to be the nurse my patient and family needs time to be – Claire Mackinson

I pledge to make a positive difference to those I care for and those around me. The best care I can give – Michelle Carr

My pledge is to engage all carers of staff in prioritising compassionate care to people with dementia – Karen

My pledge is to remember Tommy Whitelaw`s story in my workplace or home.

My pledge is to try harder to be the caring person that dementia sufferers deserve – Una

My pledge is to be a caring nurse, give time and dignity they deserve. Make a difference to their day – Cheryl McMahon

I pledge to care for the individual not just a patient – Rachel Docherty

I pledge to understand and get to know patients, families and cares that will enable me to support them in the best possible way – Beth McCutcheon

I pledge to ask “what can I do for you to make your life better” then do what had been asked – Malissa Rutherford

Thanks from the DCV team 🙂




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