Canterbury make their pledges…

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Happy Friday Everyone,

Thank you to Matt Gordon, MH Degree and Niall McLaughlin, Professional Lead for Mental Health Department of Health, Well-Being & Family Canterbury Christ Church University for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to speak to Canterbury Students this week.

Here are the amazing pledges from the students to brighten up your Friday afternoon.
Have a lovely weekend everyone from Team #DCV 🙂

My pledge is to listen to whoever it is I may be caring for and ask simple questions like whether they want a cup of tea – Hayley Widdett

I pledge to continue to developing nursing skills in being interested in the person.

I pledge to always remember the person behind the illness – Kelly Byrne

I pledge to try and understand and know any patient/client/person I came across in my career to treat them as an individual and hear their story – Aime McEntee

My pledge is to always get to know the person behind the dementia, never forget, never give up or lose patience – Donna Tickner

I pledge to help raise money for research into dementia by doing memory walks to help improve people’s lives – Alana

My pledge is to not to become frustrated when caring for people with dementia. They are somebody`s mum/dad and if it was my mum/dad, I would want them to be treated with dignity and respect as they didn’t choose to get dementia. They should be remembered for who they are and happy memories and not the person who had dementia – Katherine Norris

I pledge to ask “Are you ok?” with a genuine listening ear and to see the person and family as people; not the dementia that is impacting their life – Acey Davies

My pledge is to view every patient I see as an individual with a life story – Rachel

I pledge I will never leave someone feeling worse when I leave their side – Adam Mapp

I pledge to treat and care for people, not conditions, to talk – Sian Stanley

I pledge to continue to care and protect each individual I meet and care for along my journey – Elizabeth Lane

I pledge if all I have is time, I’ll give it to you – Sally

I pledge to listen and always care – Mary Smith

I pledge to listen and try to make a difference – Natasha White

I pledge to educate others about your journey to spread the message – Lauren

I pledge when caring for my patients with dementia to never forget the person they were and the life they`ve had.


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