Nutrition by Lynne Stevenson

Looking for some information on Nutrition, for a loved one you are caring for or even and just as important yourself? then have a look at some of the useful resources provided to us by Lynne Stevenson External Affairs – Scotland, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.  The team met the lovely Lynne at the NHS Conference “On the Couch” session in June this year and she has kindly sent us some useful information to share with you all today.  You can follow Lynne on Twitter at @lynnekstevenson


Tommy and Lynne after NHS session


Nutricia are in partnership with Carers UK/Carers Scotland, and share a vision to improve the lives of carers and those whom they care for.  We know that carers are concerned about the nutrition of their loved ones, and that they often view their own health needs as less of a priority.  We have developed resources to empower carers to look after their own nutritional needs, as well as those of their loved ones.  Below is a short article, which explains our partnership with Carers UK/Scotland, and will signpost you to our resources.
Nutrition is important for your health and well-being but how can you find out more?

Nutricia and Carers UK have worked together to produce a range of informative resources for carers on looking after the health and nutrition of themselves and the person they care for.

  • The importance of eating well for carers
  • The role of good nutrition
  • Eating well and dementia
  • Eating well and cancer (new from April 2015)
  • Eating well and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (new June 2015)

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