Pledges of the week #CountyDurham #Online


Happy Monday Everyone,

Kicking of this week is pledges from Transforming Participation Forum in County Durham and a few online pledges that have been sent to us.  You can make your pledge to or DM @DementiaCarerVo

Massive thanks to Felicity Davies, Patient Experience Lead ,Nursing & Quality Directorate at NHS England for the kind invitation to speak at the Participation Forum for Cumbria and the North East, NHS England last week.

IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709

Lets brighten up this Monday morning by reading the inspirational pledges #makingadifference


My pledge to share the passion and pain that can be the experience of carers and how a little kindness goes such a long way – Chris Crone
I pledge to share your message and ensure people care – Tracey Stuchlik
I will listen to those who need to speak.  I will help others every day – David Frances
I pledge to raise awareness of `You can make a difference` campaign in my organisation – Deborah Cornell
I pledge to always take time to get to know the person – Julie McDonald
I pledge to improve how we care and support our cares in our organisation and community – Karen Harwood
I pledge to continue to listen, involve and support patients, service users and carers in the work I do – Julie Southern
My pledge towards The Making a Difference campaign is to ensure I give each individual with dementia the time they need, to show compassion towards them and to remember that each person has a history, a family and a story to tell. I pledge to make care personal and person-centred. As a Dementia Friends champion, I pledge to share knowledge of how individuals, and their carers, experience Dementia and encourage other people to become dementia friends. I pledge to help enhance the lives of those with Dementia through supporting them to maintain independence and choice, and through ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect – Katie Cope

Thanks Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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