Poetry Week: Day 3 “Carers”

Poetry week continues here on the Dementia Carer Voices blog with a poem from Glenn Merrilees. Glenn is a mental health campaigner who frequently writes poems inspired by his experiences and the experiences of others. Today’s poem was inspired by Tommy and Joan’s journey, and is incredibly moving.

Many thanks to Glenn for both writing and sharing this, it’s a privilege to share this with you all today.


My door was always open
But no-one came to see
The battle we were fighting
My poor mum and me.

There had been a diagnosis
Dementia was It’s name
A ton weight dropped upon me
Fate had changed the game.

I thought, perhaps I’d manage
And it would be okay
But everything was turned around
Worsening each day.

The Lady who adored me
Would slowly drift away
Routines like hearts were broken
Snowdrops never stay.

There’s a lack of understanding
Friends excuses vague
A lack of education
This is NOT the plague.

We need some understanding
Education is the key
How many other carers
Have climbed that hill like me.

The little things mean everything
This illness is no game
My mum was just a patient
They never asked her name.

Left to fight the battle
We faced it on our own
Look further than the illness
My mother’s name was Joan.

We had to climb the mountain
As we had no other choice
It’s time they started listening
Us carers have a voice.

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