Poetry Week Day 1: “Don’t you look well they cry”

This week, we will be sharing a new poem everyday, each of which powerfully illustrates what dementia and caring means to people and families all over. Today’s poem comes from the wonderful Chris Roberts, who has shared his story and experiences with us in the past and is a great friend of the project.

With great thanks to Chris for these powerful and moving words, it is a true privilege to share this poem today.

Don’t you look well, they cry !
Don’t you look great !
Well ! If you’d like to be me, let’s make a date !

I’ll give you one hour, and then you’ll see
The darkness that tries, to devour me

You’ll see what drowns, the person you knew,
And the bright hours I have left are only few

Now, the darkness surrounds me and threatens my past,
How long, can days such as these last !

Tears fall all around me, they flood my feelings, they soak my face,
Yesterday’s memories packed away in my case.

I scream quietly, my eyes they retreat .
Trying to remember yesterday is quite a feat !

But with a smile on my face,
I cover, my disgrace.

Tomorrow is another day

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One comment on “Poetry Week Day 1: “Don’t you look well they cry”
  1. […] Chris Roberts for today’s moving poem. This is the second poem from Chris this week, you can read his last one here. Thank you again to Chris, it’s an honour to share this with you all […]

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