University of Bedfordshire pledge to DCV #ICare Conference

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Happy Monday Everyone,

This week is looking to be very busy for everyone here at the ALLIANCE, with the NHS and ALLIANCE conference taking place.

But first we have the pledges from University of Bedfordshire that were made on Monday 15th June.

Massive thanks to Marcia Ongunji, Senior Lecturer in  Midwifery/Professional Values and Dignity Lead for the invite to speak at the I Care Conference. It was a massive privilege for Tommy to share his story and spread the word about the campaign and the university did not disappoint with making pledges to make a difference.



I pledge to never stop taking the time to explain and discuss with anyone in my care – Hannah King

My pledge is to be more personal and remember “insignificant” details about patients’ lives and remember – Tabitha Blake

My pledge is to give time and dedication to each and every single person that needs my time – Shelley Ward

My pledge is to never just “read the notes” to always ask someone’s story.  To never rush, regardless of how busy I am – Emma Wallis

My pledge is to get to know my patient’s, learn something about who they are – Angela

My pledge to be an advocate for my patient’s when I qualify – Chipo

I pledge to make a difference to the care that I deliver to my patients.

I pledge to ensure everyone in my care is treated with and help respect and dignity and receives the care and help they need to the end – Katherine Fergusson

I pledge to make a difference every second I practice unconditionally – Donna Morehen

My pledge is to always take the time to listen and care – Jessica Smith  

I pledge to remember you and your story, to listen, be compassionate and give people my time – Hannah Mannes   

I pledge to make the experience of patients one they remember for good to support and listen and give advice to make a difference – Agnes Brown

I pledge to always take the time to listen and to treat everyone on an individual basis – Faye Davies

My pledge is to treat everyone as an individual and to take time to listen – Elizabeth Payne    

My pledge is to treat everyone with dignity and compassion that they deserve – Sharon Graham          

My pledge is to make everyone I care for feel listened to and give them the time they deserve – Deanna    

My pledge is to always take the time to listen and care for someone as they deserve – Nina Lee    

I pledge to be compassionate, empathic and respectful to my client and to care for them – Gladys Adjerhore                                                                                                                          

I pledge to always endeavour to find out more about the individual I am caring for – Emily

I pledge to continue to see the person and their story as what defines them, rather than the illness, and to treat each individual and their family in the way I would want my family to be cared for – Margaret-Rose

IMG_8023 IMG_8019 IMG_8016 IMG_7884 Tommy Whitelaw (Screenshot_2) Tommy Whitelaw (Screenshot_1)

Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂
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