Adorable Keepsakes from Susan Paterson

Todays guest post comes from Susan Paterson, who has started her own business making hand and feet castings, capturing the casts of people with their loved ones.  Tommy met Susan when he was speaking at Abbotsford Nursing Home in Ardrossan on 7th May.  Here is Susan`s story….

I have been sitting here trying my best to capture the heart of Adorable Keepsakes on paper. I think to sum it up in one sentence, Adorable Keepsakes is a dynamic business with a social purpose, it’s a business with a conscience. I have always has a desire since I was young to bring change to my community and further afield. Things don’t need to stay the same, all it takes is for people, just like Tommy, to believe they can make a difference – no matter how large or small, and just do it!!

One thing I am passionate about is capturing the stories behind the castings. I have the privilege of meeting some amazing people. Some who have weathered life’s storms and come out fighting. Some who are unseen heroes, sowing love and kindness on a daily basis and making a huge difference in the lives of people. I get so inspired and encouraged as I listen to the different journeys. This is why (with their permission) I want to write their stories. To inspire and encourage people, that we all can make a difference to those around us, no matter how small. So look out for my Blog starting the 1st July.

I have added a short story from a recent hand casting session where I cast my Mum and my Gran’s hands (85yrs old). Its actually something that is close to my heart and to raise awareness of what an incredible job Carers do for loved ones and the community at large. They really do play a vital role and deserve recognition. At Adorable Keepsakes we want to invest back to Carers. My heart is to give the Carer and cared for something to treasure, a memory that speaks more than any photograph. I know first hand the struggles of a Carer and that some are unaware of the support available to them. I want to be a listening ear, offering encouragement and hope, pointing them in the direction of help and support. Profits made by Adorable Keepsakes will allow for Carers to receive a discounted price for a hand casting and also to help fund well needed services.


If you would like to know more about what we are doing please email me at I would love to connect with you. Also if you would like to find out more about the castings and how to book, then connect with us by email, Facebook- Adorable Keepsakes-Hand and Feet Casting or twitter @adorablekeeps

Short story from a Carer

I have heard it said so many times, that life is but a “blink of an eye”. When I stop and think of this, I know it to be very true. For it feels like only yesterday that my dear mum was brushing my hair, making my dinners, giving of her time, and even going without so that I always had. The selfless love of a mother.

And now I find myself in a place where our roles have reversed. It is no longer her taking care of me, but me taking care of her. It’s now my role to brush her hair, to wash her down, to make her meals, to get up through the night when she needs my help.

Is the role of a carer easy?… Absolutely not! And anyone in that position will know full well the struggles and battles that are involved on every level. But in the midst of it all, however long this season lasts, I count it a privilege to give back as much love and support as I can, to a woman who gave me all that she had to give in the prime of her life. Even in the difficult days our bond grows deeper and stronger.

Having our hands cast together was a very special day and one we will treasure. It was a break from the routine, and a time out to remember that we are first and foremost mother and daughter, before patient and carer.

Our cast will have prominent place in the house, because for me, when I look at them it causes me to remember all the years my dear mother was fit, healthy and full of life. It’s more than just hands, it’s a symbol of two people who weathered the storms of life together and came out loving till the end.

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