Dementia Awareness Week from England to the Borders #Pledges

Dementia Awareness Week beginning 18th May 2015 in England saw our Tommy Whitelaw travel to Bart’s, Huntington, Stafford, Blackpool and then on the Borders on 26th May 2105.

Massive thank you from all the team to everyone who helped arrange that week, its the people behind the scenes that also make a difference.

Here are some photos and pledges from that week that need no introduction and tell the story of their own #DAW2015

Look out for the pledge trees at Huntington, pledge wall and filmed staff pledges from Blackpool Hospital if you are are passing through.



I pledge to be an ambassador for people who have dementia, like Joan and their cares to help and support them with compassion – Fiona McGuire

To continue to support families and carers with compassion.

As frontline staff in out-patients, we aim to be more aware and make a difference.

I pledge I will try my best to increase awareness, teach and advise people the person-centred approach and encourage people to have empathy and understanding.  I will try to remind people that behind every person with dementia, that are really is a special person with unique qualities – Zak Patel

My pledge is to liaise as hospice and mental health care workers who have talked today to begin a conversation between our organisations – Penny Graysmith

Take time to listen to peoples stories and never forget why I went into the caring profession – Kayleigh

My pledge is to treat people with dementia with respect and dignity. Get to know them more and show them kindness – Rebecca Marfo

I pledge to take more time and listen more – Natasha Astbury

I promise to take more time to listen to the person with dementia and also take time to listen to their family and try and help with their needs to the best of my ability – Julie Harvey

I pledge to get to know each patient as an individual to help the care I give them be customised to that person. Be patient, understanding and full of love.  Treat them with love like family – Robin Brighton

I pledge to care for my grandma.  I pledge to continue my training as a holistic therapist and realise my ambition/dream to create a community based company to provide holistic therapies for elderly frail people, people with dementia and their carers – Louise Eagle

I pledge to be the voices to hear when you need it and the ear when you would like to talk.  I want to make a difference to people’s lives and help people see the best in everyday of their lives – Samantha-Leigh Preston

I pledge to listen, really listen and to understand.  To value the role of the carer and continue to raise their profile at all opportunities.  To be kind and promote the dignity of people with dementia – Helena Tranter


Huntingdon Huntingdon1

Huntingdon2 Huntingdon3

CASS pledge to continue to support carers and listen and be kind.

My pledge is to make myself visible and to provide my time with anyone who needs me.  I really would like to make a difference by giving help, support and time to listen then acting in any way I can to best suit the individual – Phil Helm

My pledge is to provide a supporting hand on your shoulder, help you feel less scared and make it feel better.  To put the “Me” into dementia care in the organisation I work in – Simone Anderston

I pledge to see the person behind the patient and keep the love story going for that person and the people close to that person – Suzanna Parker

My pledge is to always make time to listen – Michelle Baker

I will treat each individual with care and compassion.  I will offer a listening an empathic ear, a warm response and I will ask how I can help.  And for my gran, I will always sing songs with you and take you out for fish and chips! – Paula Fitzsimon

As a nurse my pledge is to see past the “dementia” stereotype listening and to patient’s stories and seeing them as people with individual needs – Jane Sanderson

I pledge to always remember the person and the family behind the illness – Paula Ellam

I pledge to remember the person behind the patient and take the time to hear their story and then give them the care I would want if they were my mum or dad – Tracy Burrell

I pledge to treat patients with respect and dignity at all times and spend time to listen to their story – Dawn Anderson

I pledge to always remember the person who they were and the families caring for them – Janet Purdie

I will do everything in my power to make life easier for patients and their cares with dementia (and my friends and neighbours).  Above all I will take the time to listen – Lisa

I pledge to see the person, not the condition to see the lives, not the results of the dementia.

I pledge I will be the voice for them from the bottom of my heart.

I pledge to leave my contact details with the people and their carers, so that if they need a contact person if things fall apart I can try and help – Claire Dow

I pledge to listen to the life stories of the person with dementia and their families, and show interest in them a person.


Blackpool10 Blackpool9

Blackpool8 Blackpool7

Blackpool6 Blackpool5

Blackpool4 Blackpool3

Blackpool2 Blackpool1

Blackpool 11

I pledge to try my best to understand, have empathy, be welcoming, helping and caring – always – Sobia Butt

I pledge to spend a few minutes listening to that “love story”.  Even in the emergency department – Christine Kerr

Do forget me not.  Find out about who my patient is, when they fell in love.  Where was their 1st date.  Everything important and I will do this myself not delegate – Deborah Forrest

My pledge is to get to know the person and to really listen to what they need and want – Philippa

My pledge is to wipe your tear away and listen – Linda Mulholland

My pledge is to take time to listen and understand individuals.

My pledge is to ask people questions, listen carefully and act on information – Rebecca Aynsley

My pledge is to positively impact on the lives of every person I meet by giving something as small as a smile – Tom Baker

My pledge is to share the passion of making dementia care everyone’s business – Christine Proudfoot

My pledge is to have as many positive interactions as possible in my day to day work and outside – Lesley Elliot

I pledge I will always listen and try to include all cares connected, who are important – Mary Bishop

My pledge is to keep trying to make a difference in my role as a healthcare worker in Mellern Lodge – Brian Patterson

My pledge is to put myself always in others shoes always be grateful to all people – Staff Nurse

I pledge to really listen to people and their family/carers to understand their story – Annabelle Clark




You to can make your pledge by emailing this Dementia Awareness Week in #Scotland #DAW2015


Thank you, Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


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