Hertfordshire International Nurses Day Conference

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are well on this Monday afternoon.

It is with great pleasure that we display the amazing 76 pledges received from the International Nurses Day Conference on 14th May 2015.

Special thanks to Carolyn Fowler for arranging the day for Tommy to come down and speak at the conference.


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Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to send us your pledge, you can email it to dementiacarervoices@alliance-Scotland.org.uk and we will display it on our blog.

Why not take a read of the pledges made so far for some inspiration:

My pledge is to listen, really list and hear their stories – Carolyn Fowler

My pledge is to be patient, listen and understand as much as I can – Hannah Robinson

My pledge is to take time to listen and to “HEAR” what is being said.  To let them know I am there – Tanya Cotton

I pledge to leave my office based nursing role once a month to volunteer in a nursing home to sit and talk to residents, make tea, hold someone’s hand and reassure them – Geraldine Woods

My pledge is to, as Tommy said, wrap up everything I do with kindness – Helen

My pledge is to try and help allay fear and reassure.  Take time to listen to patients and families stories.  To give practical help to the best of my ability – Amanda Bushell

I pledge to take time to listen – I don’t work in a patient failing role but I am going to make time to visit a local care home and sit with and listen to residents when I can – Cath Slater

My pledge is to continue to provide excellent care.  Too uphold the nursing values and profession of which I am proud to be a part of, but also focus on offering every positive encounter with my colleagues – Sharon

My pledge is to reinforce the compassionate behaviours of all health professionals. Having a positive outlook will not only benefit the patients, but also staff well-being – Jodie Graham

My pledge is to make every contact count.  To support my team to provide excellent care together enabling patients to live to the best of their capability – Pauline

My pledge is to promote exceptional end of life care in my hospital, ensuring I can deliver compassionate care from my heart and support others in doing the same – Eunice

My pledge is to champion dementia improvements training and sharing ideas with all staff at Herts and Essex rehabilitation unit.  Be positive – Denise Peevor

My pledge is to take every opportunity to outwardly recognise and tell individuals when they demonstrate compassion in their nursing – Tracey Westley

My pledge is there are many capable, compassionate people who love to care but are limited in academics and are not being given the opportunity to participate in making a difference in people’s lives.  I would like to see more apprenticeships across the country to encourage there individuals to join forces and make the world a better place especially in an ear where people are living longer – Alice Maisiri

My pledge is to challenge colleagues who accept poor practice from others because “we know what they are like”.  We should not tolerate a dehumanised approach because they have a “poor bedside manner”. – Louise Jenkins

My pledge is to do my personal best to make my patients happy and say nurse “I feel a bit better” – Janet C

My pledge is to implement my enhanced leadership knowledge (post specialist community practitioner degree) with an aim to improve staff morale and retention – Tracey Andrews

My pledge is to be proud and inspire the team by empowering staff – Maxine

My pledge is to always remember compassion and have the courage to encourage it in others – Helen

My pledge is to recognise the care, commitment and compassion I see across all healthcare professions and aspire to practice with these values at all times – Sharran

I pledge that every contact/conversation I make with my patients or staff will be positive and should make a difference in overall care.

My pledge is to complete my nursing degree becoming a registered nurse delivering high quality care to all who require my assistance.  Treating people as individuals, actively involving ad encouraging patient empowerment in their care and treatment – Danielle Slevin

My pledge is to take encouragement and small thanks, from my day on the ward, neither than the negativity we get from the job (at times) – Nicky

My pledge is to help my patients through their toughest times – Bruna Felix

My pledge is to work together with the MDT at Hearts to ensure our rehab unit is a dementia friendly environment keeping the 6Cs at the heart of our projects – Andrea

I pledge to be compassionate and patient centred when considering individual funding requests.  I will ensure I listen to patient’s individual need and provide a compassionate response and a human face in a politically demanding role.  Ensure policy is about quality and evidence based care not just about saving money be the patient’s voice within the CCG – Geraldine Woods

My pledge is to ensure that service users with limited choice are empowered to take part in every aspect of the decision making process in my practice – Alexa

My pledge is to spend 5 minutes every day to talk to my patients in order to identify what their concerns and needs are – Enitan Fasoto

My pledge is to take time to listen and not pre-judge – Sue Wood

My pledge is inspired by the “My choice” video to be more proactive in listening to my patients and respecting their wishes and endeavour to support them in their decisions about their lives and care and try to solve their problems which act as a barrier – Amanda Bushell

My pledge is to inspire others to deliver consistently high quality care and improve on this through recognition and praise of their efforts – Jennifer

My pledge is to share good news stories, to “big up“ the nurse’s role and encourage my colleagues to do the same.  I will boost morale by pointing out and celebrating examples of compassionate care.  I hope this will have a positive impact on patient care.  #proudtonurse #makeadifference – Sarah O`Hare

My pledge is to celebrate students learning at every opportunity and tell them how proud I am more often – Wendy

My pledge is to celebrate the brilliance of the work my team undertake on a daily basis in supporting families with young children – Jane

My pledge is to work every single day with pride of being a nurse who has compassion, caring heart and courage to treat everyone fairly – Elen

My pledge is to increase adolescent involvement in decision making in a CAMHS inpatient service – Sophie

My pledge is to focus more on patient centred care – spending that extra 5 mins talking to patients despite other factors that may inhibit this. And fighting anything that inhibits this – Vicky Oliver

I will never forget that I am only a nurse because there are patient’s who need care – Mark Whiting

I pledge to encourage my nursing team to cherish every moment with our patients by actively listening to them and providing truly holistic care.  It is quality over quantity – Joanne Gray

My pledge is to fight for patient’s right to choose, where they are cared for and when they are cared for.  Why do patient`s have to leave their home if they require more than 4 carer visits a day? – Tanya Catton

My pledge is to always see the person not the label or condition and to care for them as I would want someone to care for a member of my family – Maria

My pledge is to continue to improve my skills and knowledge to enable the best possible care.  Promoting nursing as the great profession it is – George

My pledge is to lead by example to provide and encourage quality care for patients encompassing the 6Cs – Sue

My pledge is to look after every patient in the way that I would like my mother to be looked after – Andra

I pledge to believe in what we do as a team and ensure we get the support and development we need – Val

My pledge is to make sure patient’s come first and listen to what they tell me and what they want, and understand who they are – Bernadette

My pledge is to promote the public health profile and to ensure that it is recognised and utilised into our DN Service redesign – Laura 

My pledge is to assist and improve integration within providers. Embed the 6Cs within care homes.  Celebrate and encourage good practice – Claire

As a student children’s nurse I pledge to encourage family centred care as a role of a children’s nurse.  I have seen nurses that I would role model due to involving the families in their children’s care and witnessing the importance of this physically and mentally.  At the end of the care given to a child I hope to see a smile not only on the child’s face but the whole family – Sophia Dyer

My pledge is to continue to remind nurses of their value and give positive feedback when I see good practice – Jemma

My pledge is never forget what it feels like to be a student when I qualify.  Also to remember all the things I see now that I don’t always feel comfortable with (I.E. talking over patients during personal care or referring to them as bed numbers) and ensure that I do not forget how that could make someone feel and also how it could change a student’s view of my capabilities as a compassionate nurse.  Students count J – April Whelan

My pledge is to read between the lines and listen just as intently to the things my patients are not saying as to their words.  I believe this will help is to identify the most vulnerable who are at risk of slipping through our fingers – Louise

My pledge is to continue to do my passion every day.  The role that is in me and once where I have the privilege to support people in good and bad times – Lydia

My pledge is to tell the nurses (my) story through my patient’s eyes evidenced by the care I give enshrined by the 6Cs.  I will not shy away any longer because I am a nurse first despite what they think of me – Getrude Mhiribidi

My pledge is to continue treating others how I would like to be treated and keep smiling – Glen

My pledge is to have a strategy in place to care for the numbers – Saga Yagambrum

My pledge is however stressed I am I will take time to listen – Julie

My pledge is never to forget to think about the story of my patients.  To remember they are a son/daughter, sister/brother, parent and that they have lived a whole life outside the walks of a hospital ward, where they worked, loved and lived.  Never to treat them as just another patient in a bed but as an individual and dynamic human – Laila Martin

My pledge is to do my best – Sue Rodgers

As a student nurse (children’s), my pledge is to make sure every individual is treated according to their needs.  Making sure that they are involved in their own care in order to feel valued, which would result in a better outcome – Zarah Hussain

As a student children’s nurse (end of 2nd year) I pledge to holistically care for my patients, but also their families.  Family centred care is so important and I have already seen the improvement because of twins in a child’s overall health (mentally and physically) from observing the AMAZING nurses that I get the opportunity to work with.  Lastly I pledge to be the Best nurse I can be and to make my families and patients happy with their care – Hannah Robison

My pledge is to keep my patient’s and their families smiling despite their difficult times – Chloe Cameron

My pledge is to `brag` about my colleague’s @rogerfrancis – Siobhan Weaver

My pledge is to remember that I am in a position of influence and small changes can lead to great improvements in care – Victoria Sharman

My pledge is to raise awareness and improve service provision and access for patients and their families at end of life with dementia in our hospice in patient and community setting – Louise

My pledge is to help identify any unpaid, unsupported carers I may encounter and signpost to supporting agencies and inspire my colleagues to do the same – Jo McIntyre  

My pledge is to develop skills to empower the patient – Sue Collings

My pledge is to treat all elderly people as individuals as the person they were and the life they have lead – not as “the patient” – Christine

My pledge is to embed care and comfort in all I do – Lynne Henderson

My pledge is to recognise the remarkable things that nurses do, and remind colleague’s of this when I notice them doing something remarkable – Lynn McGhee

My pledge is to encourage and support more registered nurses to become mentors – Martina Bell

My pledge is to recognise small acts of kindness and compassion I see when I visit clinical areas – Cath

My pledge is that every intervention that takes place as part of my role, whether with staff or patient’s I will do it to the best of my ability, whilst putting myself I their shoes – Judith

I pledge to give time, take time and spend time – Sarah O’Hare

I pledge to ensure that dementia does not define my patients. That they are treated with dignity and respect, and that I will bring a smile to their faces every day by listening and learning from both them and their carers about what is important to them. I pledge to ensure that my grandma’s brave battle with his horrible illness does not define my memories of my beautiful loving grandma who brought so much joy to my life – Rebecca, Lead Nurse Derbyshire






Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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  1. […] Catherine, along with many other inspirational people..  You can view the pledges from that visit here. Thank you Jane, Catherine and all the team for a wonderful day.  Below in the fantastic pledges […]

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