Abbotsford Nursing Home, Ardrossan

Big thanks to Julie from Abbotsford Nursing Home, Ardrossan for the invite to meet and speak to staff on Thursday 7th May 2015.

One of the team was at Tommy`s talk a few weeks back ago at Seabank care home and they kindly invited to speak to the team at Abbotsford Nursing Home.

Thank you to Julie and all the team for the lovely opportunity.

Have a read of the pledges made to Dementia Carer Voices that day:


I pledge to be the person people can rely on anytime any place – Lianne Lieser

I pledge to start a business to help people with the funds – Susan Paterson

I pledge to remind people of what makes them smile and when they don’t remember, I’ll find something new – Maureen Kyle

My pledge is to continue to care and listen to my residents – Georgette Langan

I pledge to remember the person behind the dementia and always treat them with dignity and love – Nicola Banks

I pledge to continue to support my residents – Wilma Drysdale



If you would like to make a pledge to Dementia Carer Voices you can by sending it to

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


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