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Thank you to Teresa Easdale, Senior Social Care Worker Fife Council for the invite to speak to staff from 10 care homes from across the Fife area on 29th April.  It was a delight for the team to meet everyone and share our “Make a Difference” campaign.

The amazing feedback we received from Elaine Siggers, Unit Manager at Raith Gates Home was heart-warming and makes us realise what great work we have been doing.

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DSCF5033 DSCF5034


Some of the comments from staff:

I found the talk very moving, and it made me re think about my work practice

I felt very emotional whilst writing my pledge about what I could do to make a difference for someone living with Dementia

Thought provoking

The most inspirational talk I have heard


Comment from Family member:

I completely related to Tommy’s story and to some of the difficulties he faced when he tried to get a voice to listen to him. I also felt very isolated and completely alone when my wife was diagnosed with Dementia. I was so glad I attended today’s talk and Tommy told his all too familiar story with great emotion and passion – Thank you Tommy” 


It is with great pleasure that we display the pledges from the event and thank everyone in Fife who came along.

I pledge always to smile and be glad to be a part of others lives.

I pledge to always listen and make people smile – Pauline Allan

I pledge to remind myself that the person I care for today could be me tomorrow – Margaret Meldrum

I pledge to be as understanding of people’s needs as I can be and remember there by the grace of god go.  I remember when working with people how I would like to be treated – Maureen Campbell

I pledge to take the time and listen always giving the best care I possibly can – Sharon Graham

My pledge would be to remind myself that this is a person behind the illness – Janice Gray

I pledge to make someone smile and make their day special – K Collins

I pledge to find out more about your life so I can understand you more – Teresa Easdale

I pledge that I always ensure I listen and provide the best care and compassion to whom I am caring for, showing respect at all times – Wilma Thomson

My pledge is to spend more time with each individual about their life.

I pledge that I would like to be able to make a difference to help and understand living with dementia to make a difference with their lives.


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