Two talks – County Durham #pledge #makingadifference

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Massive thank you to Michael Curtis @curts217 Jude brown @judebrown79 and Dr Sidhu @sidhuGP and all the team at @TEWV for the kind invite to give to 2 talks in County Durham on April 24th.  Tommy has been friends on Twitter with them all for quite a while and was very honoured to be invited to speak.

The first talk was with Easington Mental Health Services Older People (MHSOP) which is a part of Tees Esk and Wear Valley (TEWV) NHS Foundation Trust. Who are a community team supporting with carer education / support groups from as well as monthly memory cafés to get everyone together inc carers, patients, local police, council, local shops etc to build a community hub type network.

The second visit was in Blackhall Colliery Community Centre with Dr Sidhu who is a GP and with his team works jointly in building a memory pilot where people can be assessed and treated in their own surgery at Blackhall Colliery Community Centre, doing the upmost to build a dementia friendly community hub network.

Thank you to everyone who made a pledge to Dementia Carer Voices last week and to those who have sent us a pledge online, these too can be viewed below. Please note that our email is now .You can keep in touch with the team about events, queries and pledges via the project email.


Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

I pledge to always offer my patients and their families the time to discuss their worries and concerns, to offer support, understanding and compassion – Rachel Spence

I pledge to listen, to care for others how I would want to be cared for, to be kind and to be a person to help others not to feel alone – Dr Elodie Gair

I pledge to ensure you see the person not the dementia.  I have feelings and emotions – Jon-Paul Wilson

I pledge to give people with dementia and their carers more time for me to listen to them and listen to their story and journey and how dementia impacts on them.  Overall I pledge to listen more – Judith Brown

I want to see person and not the paper work.  I want to make sure people are treated as id treat my own mother or father – Michael Curtis

Mu pledge is making sure they have respect and dignity on each visit – Kath Dowson

I pledge to find out more of the little personal backgrounds and details of my patients and cares – David Scott

I pledge to listen and ask the most important questions, which are relevant to that individual – Jane Walker

I pledge with the help of my staff at Prospect to try our upmost to “make a difference” – Dawn Brown

I pledge to keep carrying hope for families affected by dementias and to find small ways to improve the living of the people I care for everyday – Cath Peach


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