Pledges from Care Inspectorate events Shetlands and Inverness

Thank you to Heather Edwards and all at the Care Inspectorate for the inspiring pledges from the satellite events in the Shetlands and Inverness to add to the pledges from previous events Aberdeen, Irvine, Western Isles.

The Care Inspectorate have embraced the Make a Difference campaign, working with staff to embed a person centred culture which listens to people with dementia and their carers. This has included doing a number of satellite events in Aberdeen, Irvine, Western Isles, Shetland and Inverness which share the Make a Difference campaign and encourage people to make a pledge to make a difference.




The Care Inspectorate also have a dedicated web page on their website with information on the campaign and pledges, which signposts people to further sources of information in order to support them to fulfil their pledge.

Thank you Heather and all concerned for taking make a difference across the country as part of your tour.


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Have a read of the pledges below from Shetland and Inverness:

To give out information to carers to make dementia less scary so that people carry on living their life – Karen

I pledge that I will help and support people with dementia and people around them as best as I could, to the best of my knowledge and with a big heart – Denver Naguit

I pledge to ensure that your views will be heard and influence all services In Shetland – Muriel Forbes

I pledge to make sure every individual supported by myself feels heard and understood and I will strive to support them to the best of my ability – Sophie Chapman

I pledge to continue to support individuals in the community live a full and active life using my skills and knowledge to promote this as I can – Jennie Gunn

I pledge to educate everyone to the real facts of dementia and not whispered untrue facts and stigma.

I will ensure that I will listen to the customer’s wants and wishes.  Ensuring that they are listened too, and facilitate those wishes where ever I can – Michael  

I pledge to listen to people, take time and get away from stigma.

I pledge to support people living with dementia to live a full like, to live a life with purpose and to support them to reach their goals – Rachel Ross-Smith

I pledge to encourage more risk-enabling culture in a residential care setting for people with dementia.

Encourage to be more active; by going out for small walks.

I pledge to see the individual as a person and build a picture of their past and present and support person and carer by listening and supporting both.

I pledge to do my upmost to remember their lives as a “Love Story” I want to be a good day in their story.

I pledge to listen more to my customer – Wendy Halles

I pledge to re-introduce our falls prevention class.

I pledge that I would treat you as an individual and look at you and get to know you as a person and not look at the fact you have dementia – Kirsteen MacLeod

I pledge to respect/individual care needs are met.  Understanding and support the relatives and staff members.

I pledge to be approachable, individuality, .listen, live life to the full and memory box.

My pledge is to look at the person and nor the dementia.  Even is something is small make it important to people with dementia.  Ask them what it is they want.

I pledge to listen and ask more about the person involved.

I pledge to really get to know them and what’s important to them and their families.

I pledge to utilise and implement the DVD contained in the resource pack to ensure all employers are aware of the shifting landscapes of dementia care, whereby we can strive to provide a better service – K Carter

I pledge to implement the physical activity resource pack.  Use the DVDs for staff training – Angela MacRae

I pledge to keep people more physically active.  To keep in mind how small tasks meaningfully and genuinely profound can make a huge difference to the likes of people living with dementia and their carers.

I pledge to be mindful of the person and to consider in every aspect of my work and personal life the best ways to work with dementia and remove its stigma – Jane

I pledge to try to ensure that patient’s receive a high level of dental care whilst reducing stress and distress – Malcolm Hamilton

I pledge to make a positive difference in someone’s life.  To pass on to staff what I have learned at the training.

I pledge to continue to support people living with dementia and their cares and to try and make a difference – Carol Mein

I pledge to practice active listening for service users so that personal plans incorporate more fully service users choices and wishes “Remember I am still me” – Pat

I pledge to continue to support people with dementia and their cares to make their loves better.  To improve the training I provide to my staff to give them the tools to improve the support and care they provide – Wendy Burgres

I pledge to raise awareness re support and training available – Promoting to continue with person centred planning developing alongside making every moment count, implement working group – Denise Scott

I pledge to ensure all staff and relatives are given the opportunity to attend training to raise awareness – Claire Smith

I pledge to review the awareness training delivered within my care home using the promoting excellence framework and devise training plan to ensure all staff have informed I skilled training (Awareness sessions).

I pledge to treat them with dignity, compassion and empathy.  The fabric of the person living with dementia, is as important today as it ever was – Caroline Gunn

I will give my time freely.  I will listen to my clients and their families.  I will try very hard to support my clients to live their lives in the way they want – Diane Wallace

I pledge to listen to those people who know the person best to understand their fears and try to relieve them and to offer all staff dementia training to the required level and then look for improvements in practice.

I pledge to see them as valued people and spread the word.   I will become a dementia ambassador.

My pledge is to make more time to speak with families and relatives to make the homes care plan more meaningful and not just for the staff – Jonathan Daniel Clark

My pledge is to work with service users and their family or representatives to find out about their past life, and what their future wishes would be.

I pledge to embroider more into our client’s day.

I pledge to look at care plans again and re-educate to listen and help in all areas that I can.

I pledge to look at ways professionals can unlock your food/drink memories and build them into your life especially on special occasions.  Promote this model widely – Evelyn Newman

I pledge to continue to support and care.  Best care dementia, and be committed to their journey with dementia.

I pledge to take the time to listen, respect fully and be in the moment with the person and/or the carer living with dementia and empower them to live a meaningful life; whatever that may mean for them – MJ Connors

I pledge to get the message about listening to people who have dementia and equally I respect what they say and feel.

I pledge to talk about it – Help remove stigma.

I pledge to see the person.

I will be as patient and respectful as possible throughout my time as a carer.

I pledge to increase my knowledge and skills by completing the enhanced practice module – Clare

I pledge to actively listen to hear people’s aspirations and fares – Jill Beswick

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and with respect – Lesley Innes

I pledge to look at improving a person’s assessment as it can be affected by everything from day to day.  If need to break it down over a person of time.  Also in order to get to know people as a person encourage someone to meet the person before they read about them so they get the real person and not just assumptions – Ashely Gilmour

I pledge to support people to remain active within their community.

I pledge to continue to communicate, listen, plan care with people with dementia and their carers. Ensure staff in our care home are trained and supported to care for people with dementia.

I pledge to listen more to the person and cares.

I pledge to take time for them and spend more time with them – Shona Davidson

I pledge I will raise dementia good practice issues at every peer supervision session in my workplace – Joan

I pledge to continue to promote and listen to the views of people with dementia – Marion MacInnes

I pledge to provide those living with dementia and their carers with information and resources specific to their needs rather than generic dementia literature – Sonja MacLeod

I pledge to make life more productive and positive for people with dementia, make them laugh – Heather Davidson

I pledge I will be more patient and take more time to communicate, to make sure I understand service users and families and them understand me – Lynn Thomson

I pledge to spend more time and learn more about each person.  Likes, dislikes, music etc “What is that persons story”

I pledge to find out more about people’s life stories.

I pledge to listen to what you want.  To listen to what you are trying to tell me.  I will see the person, not the illness and I will always treat you with the upmost respect and dignity – Carol Kerr

I pledge to listen to you; to respect you and help in any way I can – Moira Cameron

I pledge to actively put in place the DVD for promoting excellence as part of induction training for all staff – Myra MacDonald

I pledge to make sure I listen carefully to any fears expressed by families and to actively do my best to help quell those fears.

I pledge that I will continue to do my best to deliver high quality of care with compassion, empathy and humanity.

I pledge to maintain their dignity, choices and independence.  To give support to their family.

I pledge that the soon to be spend resource centre in Shetland becomes a vibrant sought after entity for everyone whose lives are affected by dementia – Amy Williamson

I pledge to ensure local services listen to the needs of carers and those living with dementia, and remember the person not the condition – Rhona Guild

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