Dementia Champions Conference #UWS Hamilton

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Thank you to Amanda Johnston, Dementia Improvement Lead, Focus on Dementia: Scotland’s National Dementia Improvement Programme, Scottish Government for inviting us to give a short talk on Making a Difference at the Dementia Champions Conference at University West Of Scotland Hamilton.   Special thanks to Audrey Melrose for arranging the day.  We love receiving all your pledges and this event didn’t disappoint.  Thank you to all that made a pledge, here is to making a difference.


I pledge to continue to raise the profile of dementia via action plans and training.

I pledge to opening up the care home activities to the community not just residents.

I pledge to ensure patients are placed appropriately in ward and have 1-1 nursing If needed – Wendy

I pledge to inform relatives of support in my area – Fiona

I pledge to continue to smile in hope that a person with dementia recognises a friendly and happy emotion – Carla

I pledge to try and put in place simple education sessions for staff – Valerie Taylor

I pledge to promote the value of using “This is me” document – Evelyn Paterson

I pledge to be more approachable towards dementia – Tracie

I pledge to spend more time with patient’s and families with dementia and find out more about both their needs and fulfil them.

I pledge to listen and take more time to listen.

I pledge to introduce a specific question during safety huddle regarding any new patient’s admitted to the ward with a dementia diagnosis – B32 to improve the care for patients and families – Irene Martin

My pledge is to do my best for all the people I care for – Bryan Grome


Thank you Tommy, Irene, Sarah and Laura 🙂





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