Student Nurses, University of Stirling Highland Campus #pledges

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Great thanks to Michelle Beattie, Lecturer, Nursing Midwifery & Health, University of Stirling Highland Campus, Inverness and the inspiring 3rd year nursing students for the kind invite to speak, the inspiring pledges and wonderful messages of support on twitter.




Have a browse of the fantastic pledges below:


I pledge to take time to listen to my patient’s stories – Rachel Baird

I pledge to listen to my patient’s and carers and share and learn from their stories and experiences – Stephanie Jackson

I pledge to listen whenever someone wants to share their feelings with me – Egbert

I pledge to treat others with kindness and respect – Claire Gallagher

My pledge is to understand the life and history of all my patient’s – Becky Smart

My pledge is to be caring, kind and most of all compassionate and understanding a patient’s journey – Elizabeth Robertson

I pledge to be caring and understanding to people. Be aware that nursing care is not entirely about medical/clinical interventions, it’s about holistic care.

I pledge to make everyone I meet feel like they matter and are important and to always ask “is it okay if I do that” before giving care to a patient.

I pledge to listen to families about their loved ones – Fiona MacLennan

My pledge is to provide support for people with dementia and their cares from an individual person-centred view.  Taking into account the person they are and their preferences – Kath Barrow

My pledge is to go down to the level of understanding the family/relatives feel “the extra mile” – Santiago

I pledge to not forget the person behind the diagnosis.

I pledge to make a difference – Marion MacLeod

My pledge to be the best nurse I can be and every person I meet with dementia, I want to make them smile – Hannah Lewis

I pledge to never forget why I do this, it’s not just a job, its people’s lives – Danielle Aitken

I pledge to be the best that I can for both patients and their cares by promoting dignity and kindness – Eleanor

I pledge to take the time to treat people with respect and kindness – Fiona Brown

I pledge to always give people time, regardless of how busy I am, to really listen and to do everything I can to really make a difference – Gillian Caldwell

I will always make or find the time to listen and help – Nicola

I pledge I will always make time to listen and support cares/families – Aimee

I pledge to recognise and respect each person and their loved ones as individuals – to listen – Eilidh

I want to make a positive difference to people`s lives and help break the stigma of mental health – Demi Velzian

I pledge I will always treat dementia suffers as if they were my mum/brother/granny/granda – Leanne Scott

I pledge to always have the time to stop and listen, so that I can try to help – Jillian Campbell


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂




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