Dementia Carer Voices visits West College, Scotland #pledge


Thank you to Kate Moran, Curriculum Enhancement Lecturer for inviting us back to speak to health and social care, nursing staff and students at West College Scotland, Paisley. (Formerly Reid Kerr College)  Tommy had the great privilege to speak their last week, with great thanks to Carol Menzies and all the students for the kindness and pledges.

You can now read the pledges below. Don’t forget you too can make a pledge by emailing or DM @DementiaCarerVo


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


My pledge is to ensure that I continue to educate the student to recognise the softer side of caring.  To listen and use what they hear to care well – Carol Menzies

I pledge to just give that extra time out my day to stop and give that person my undivided attention and someone to talk to and feel secure and safe and feel loved – Carrie-Ann McKeown

My pledge is to listen more and be a shoulder to lean on – Colette Sherrit

My pledge is to make a difference in a positive way in every life I touch on a daily basis, no matter how small.

I pledge to be the nurse that listens and take time to understand how a person is feeling – Shaun

I pledge to be the best nurse possible.  I aim to listen to everything and anything patient and carers need or want to say.  I aim to be that nurse they remember – Amy McFarlane

I pledge to help people with dementia.  I`m doing it on daily basis, I work in care home – Margarita

I pledge to always take an interest in all the dementia sufferers I work with at the care home that I am employed at – Alana Spence

I pledge to remember that everyone in the care home I work in has a story – everyday.  Also, treasure every moment I get to spend with family members and residents suffering from dementia.  Remember Tommy1s talk every single day – It’s an inspiration – Emma Anne Canning

My pledge is to never forget the people’s lives that I learned about today.  The feelings I felt and the daily struggle people living with dementia and their families have.  I pledge to make a difference to the people’s lives I support – Chanelle Rodger

My pledge is to treat all the children within my work with dignity and respect through all tasks.  To be the person they are able to go to on sad times, when they are scared.  I want to be able to notice when something is wrong.  Report to the supervisor to get help from.  To treat each child as an individual.  Forget the disability, they are a person first – Jennifer Scott

I pledge to go that extra mile to listen and learn from cares.  To make sure they are getting the help they need – Kayleigh McGoldrick

I pledge to give the carers time and listen to how they feel as well as taking time to talk to people that suffer from dementia care – Rebecca Doherty

I pledge to care, listen and respect those in my care.  I will always appreciate those that need help and do everything in my power to make a difference to someone’s life – Louise Coyle

My pledge is to always listen to anyone diagnosed with dementia and do anything I can to help them or their families – Claire Edmondson

I pledge I will always ask “how can I help” and help anyone that needs it to the best of my ability – Rosie Brown

I pledge to be the best nurse and supportive person I can be.  To take the time to listen and help everyone who needs it.  To always ask at least one question about who they are – Yvonne Dunn

My pledge is to care and respect all people.  Not to lose my temper as everyone has their own story before they got the disease.  It’s not their fault. To make people shine – Emily Draper

I pledge to listen not only to the individual but also the family/cares, to show dignity as well as understanding – Leanne

I pledge to always show empathy and leave a caring lasting impression with all patients – Gemma

My pledge is to treat people kindly and always listen to them.  I will try my best to be the best nurse that I can be.  I want to make a difference – Hannah Scobie

My pledge is to treat everyone as an individual and take the time to understand and listen to them.  To spend time and not rush – Natalie Lyall

I pledge to take time to get to know the person I am caring for and to offer help and support to families and cares – Danielle Nicol

My pledge is to be that listening ear through good and bad days and treat everyone as a unique individual with dignity and respect – Cassie McCrone


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  1. […] Tommy has had the great honour to speak at the college a few times over the last few years and looks forward to returning.  View the pledges from the last visit here. […]

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