Mental Health Nursing Students from #GCU make their pledges


Tommy visited Glasgow Caledonian University on Wednesday 25th of March to speak to Mental Health Nursing Students as part of the first of two talks.

Big thanks to Margaret Caldwell, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing Department for arranging the day.

Tommy has had the pleasure of speaking at Glasgow Caledonian before, why not have a read of the blog posts below:

19.03.14 Glasgow Caledonian University

11.04.14 2nd Year Mental Health Students @GCU


You can now read the fantastic pledges from the Mental Health Students below:


I pledge to make a difference to my patient’s lives – Ryan Dynes

I pledge to give the best possible care, show respect and dignity.  Fulfil dreams of others- Claire Bavaird

I pledge to bring positivity to my role and recognise not just the patients struggle but family members too – Drew Anderson

My pledge is to get to know every patient and care for them the best I can.

I pledge to get to know my patients love lives, experiences and respect all – Joanne Rae

I pledge to provide the best care possible to service users and their families – Catherine

I pledge to listen to people and try to understand their story – Yasmin

I will make a difference, I will listen and I will care – Suzanne

I will make a difference by not just doing a job and going through the motions but seeing every unique person in their life and starting from that point – Andrea Cochrane

I pledge to get to know each patient as a person not as an illness.  Get to know a person’s past, present and future.  To support the families, friends and cares as much as possible.  To use a person-centred care approach towards recovery or a way to live with the illness as comfortable as possible – Megan McGurn

I pledge to make a difference to be kind to people, listen and understand – Ola

I pledge to be kind to people – Margaret

I pledge to always be a human being when caring for someone and to see a human in this person – Karina

My pledge is to keep the services safe, respect them and support them to access further support and make a difference – Mary

I pledge to be the nurse that make peoples heart smile – Cheryl Murray

I pledge to always spend an extra half hour with my gran, to make sure she has her nails painted and kept lovely like she always did when I was little – Melissa Bell

I pledge to be a positive part of the lives of those I care for, to find out about what is important to them and to make sure those things remain a part of their life – Paul Moran

I pledge to bring my most open, compassionate self to people – Gem Thomson

I pledge to take the time to learn all I can about the people I meet and using this to be the best nurse I can be and the best person I can be to help those around me – Amy Reid

I pledge to listen and care for not only the people I look after but for their families and loved ones.  I also pledge to be the best, caring and honest burse I can possibly be to make a difference in someone’s life – Megan Torley

I promise to always not only, as a nurse have a head full of good intention but to always have a heart full of love and to see the person not the illness – Jennifer MacIver

I pledge to take the time to get to know patient’s that have dementia, and realise that they are a person, not an illness – Lucy McGonigle

My pledge is to be the best nurse I can be.  Listening and finding out about the person’s life I am caring for.  Treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve and in a way I myself would like to be cared for – Alison McRoberts

I pledge I will make a difference by showing everyone I have the honour of supporting kindness and compassion and I will take the time to listen to their journey, love stories and aspirations – Connor Waddell

I pledge to make a difference in someone’s life.  One small act of kindness can make a huge difference.  Everyone has a life story and love story and that matters – Kimberly McCaffrey

I pledge to give my patient’s the best of my care and learn from carers what would be helped and find out about my patients life.

I pledge to get to know the person I care for and provide the best quality of care I can – Jordan

I pledge to be the best nurse that I can be.  I pledge to be person centred and go that extra mile.

I pledge to provide hope and support, show compassion and kindness always.  I pledge to listen with an open heart and provide a shoulder to lean on – Rachel Kyle

I pledge to get to know peoples background and their story.  To be patient and kind.  To listen to carers needs – Jackie Lee Sweeney

I pledge to always know the people I am caring for and make sure they know that is more important than they’re diagnosis – Kimberly Houghton

I pledge that I will make sure none of my patient’s or their carers will feel lost, alone or scared – Michael Ford

I pledge to make a difference, listen, learn and be the best nurse I possibly can.  From the very bottom of my heart – Eilidh

I pledge to be the best nurse that I can be.  Always listen see everyone as an individual not an illness.  I pledge to be the shoulder that anyone can cry on and the person you wouldn’t worry ab out talking to – Bethaney Rafferty

I pledge to listen and to learn from the cares and service users and make at least one person smile a day.

I pledge to take time to know individuals.  Learn about their past and experiences.  I also pledge to treat people with dignity, always – Natalie Clocherty


Thank you Tommy, Irene, Sarah and Laura 🙂


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