#DCV speaks to Social Work at GCU



The Second of Tommy`s talks at GCU on 25th March was to MSc 1 and MSc 2 Social Work Students.  Thank you to Dr Gill Constable, Lecturer of Social Work at Glasgow Caledonian University for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to share our work and campaign with the students over the day.

Following on from this talk Tommy and our Director, Irene Oldfather have been invited back to speak to Social Work Students on 8th of April.  The session will consists of hearing Tommy`s story and an interactive session on rights, making a pledge and the PANEL approach.


It is with great pleasure that we proudly display the pledges from the students.  If you too would like to send us your pledge please contact us at makeadifference@alliance-Scotland.org.uk or DM @DementiaCarerVo

Thank you from the Project Team 🙂



My pledge is to treat everybody with dignity and respect – Melissa Friel

My pledge is to take the time to listen, to be kind and do everything within my means to help – Caoimhe Glacken

My pledge is to show my gran more often how wonderful she is and remind her of the fantastic things she has done – Jennifer McQueen

My pledge is to care, to listen and to see past the diagnosis to the person – Laura Munroe

My pledge is to take time to listen to people’s experiences and feelings – Angelene Moan

My pledge is to spend time talking to my papa and gran, visit them regularly, listen to them, respect them, take them out.  Spend more time with them – Megan Hurst

I pledge to be kind and interested and to update my knowledge about dementia – Nisha

I pledge to listen to every individual’s story – Jennifer Cochrane

I pledge to take time to listen to people’s story.

I pledge to see the person, their life experiences and not just a diagnosis and label – Alan McCabe

I pledge to never give up on helping people with dementia and their cares – Joe Bickle

I pledge to listen and treat every individual with kindness, respect and dignity and take the time to understand their life and journey – Jemma Donaldson

I pledge to be the best Social Worker I can be, to take the time to listen to people with dementia and their cares and to gain an understanding about their lives whilst treating each person with dignity and respect – Leanne Marshall

My pledge is to listen as a human not a social worker – Natalie Davey

My pledge is to listen, support and provide a voice.  To learn about you and respect you – Kirsty Gibson

I pledge to make more time every day.

I pledge to continue listening to people I come into contact with – Tanya Jane Baillie

I pledge to make time for people who need help.  To listen – Jennifer Graham

I pledge to never forget people.

I pledge to respect the life-stories of the people I will encounter.  Not to lose sight of their humanity and to always put their needs before my own – Patrick Farren

I pledge to be informed! Listen to peoples stories, reach out and make a connection – Leanne

I pledge to be a good listener, pay attention to people’s feelings etc – Abigail

I pledge to be kind and considerate of people’s feelings and to listen to their experiences – Megan O`Meara

I pledge that I will take Tommy`s story with me in my life and in my work.  Thank you – Conor McCann

I pledge to listen to and spend time with my papa and help and respect my family who are helping care for him – Jessica



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  1. […] followed on from Tommy`s talk last week and were invited back to speak to more students along with our Project Director, Irene Oldfather. […]

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