The inspiring Rachel Johnston #Abertay


Big thanks to Rachel Johnston, Newly Qualified Nurse from Carmichael House Dundee who studied at Abertay University, for the great honour and kind invite to speak on March 12th at the University.

We have been invited to speak at the University a few times over the last couple of years and Rachel was an Adult Nursing Student who attended one of our talks.

Rachel has been in touch via Facebook to ask if Tommy would speak to staff, family, friends and a wider audience.

We were truly honoured to do this and so inspired by Rachel’s passion to put this event together and by the support from Robin Ion and Abertay University to help with a venue.   Dementia Carer Voices were in Dundee that day for 4 talks to staff at the Kingsway Medical Centre and Rachel asked if we could add one more on if she found a venue.

Rachel put this all together finding a venue, promoting and sharing in her own time and at her own cost.  Thank you Rachel and Abertay should be so very proud to have had you as a student.

You can also view the pledges from last Abertay events below:


Here are the wonderful pledges from Rachel’s event:


I pledge to keep passing on the message that you can make a difference – Robin Ion

I pledge to help someone at my work on a daily basis – Tracey Towell

I pledge to be the best that I can be, to be the inspiration to others – Raymond Simpson

I pledge to be kinder and more interested in every single person I meet.  I will change people’s days for the better – Paul Kennedy

I pledge to meet the person not the condition or illness.  I will value them as an individual as well as their families/friends – Nicole Garland

I pledge to take the time to listen and ask questions about what makes you happy and how I can help to make your day/night better or easier – Kristina Berry

I pledge that whoever you are, when you walk through the door of Carmichael home you will feel welcome, important, supported and safe – Linzi Knox

I pledge to care for clients with empathy and compassion whenever and wherever I work – George

I pledge not to define a person by a label.  They are still human, and their story still exists – Grace Black

I pledge to remind people that they are important, they matter and that I am there to listen as much as I can whether they are a patient, carer or another health care professional – Hayley Johnston

My pledge is to get up every day and make at least one person smile, help in whatever I can from giving a wee cuddle to just listening, I made this pledge when I was 13 years old and I am still doing it 35 years on – Sharon Taylor

I pledge to make it my mission to help families and people with dementia diagnosis maintain and to make sure isolation and loneliness don’t over shadow the light and love they need and deserve – Kirsty Killard

I pledge to always smile to be those who appear sad and to talk to those who feel lonely – Kara Richardson

I pledge to make a difference by making my voice heard and raising awareness and making people listen to the voices of people who are lost – Rebecca Maclennan

Abertay 12th March photo1


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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