NHS Change Day – 127 pledges!


Dementia Carer Voices were invited to speak at the NHS Change Day in Derby on 11th of March. Special thanks to Joan Pons Laplana for organising the day and making Tommy feel so welcome.

Visit the NHS Change Day website at www.changeday.nhs.uk to find out more.

Massive thank you to all 127 of you who made a pledge to make a difference. You can now view the wonderful and inspiring pledges from the event below:


I pledge to remember that each person I meet is an individual with a unique story that deserves to be heard – Sorele Swallow

I pledge to take the time to listen to every patient I meet, get to know them and their families and support them even if it’s only through words – Jessica Rothwell

I pledge to take time to ask patients their past memories and build a relationship with patients to help care for their individual needs – Lauren Reid

I want to go that extra mile for people I care for I’m going to be the best nurse possible by listening and caring for everyone I will meet during my time on placement, working as a student nurse – Faduma Fouad

I pledge to be “THAT” nurse, I pledge to truly know the life stories of the individuals and their families/carers I come into contact with and work alongside.  I pledge to make a positive difference – Natalka Doczyminska

I pledge to be there for my partner and give him support – Asher Lomax

My pledge is to make sure I care, listen and look after my staff, patients and family as I would want myself to be – Laura Rennie

I pledge I will treat my nursing students with care and compassion and listen to their stories, as a role model for their care for others – Louise Perkinton

I pledge to make someone feel special and cared for – Gary Dhillon

My pledge is to ask the carer how they feel – Jenny Adams

My pledge is to be a friend and a nurse to all my patients, to know them and to care for them to the best of my ability – Rebecca Wood

My pledge is to enquire deeper with carer and cared for about what they want and how they feel – Jessica West

My pledge is to listen and resolve any problems that are asked of me.  To care for everyone I meet as I would care for a member of my family – Christine Pearce

My pledge is to support the families of the patients as they are often forgotten about – Megan Dunlop

My pledge is giving everyone, time to explain what the problems are.  Listen to their story – Joanne Williamson

My pledge is to make people’s lives better.

My pledge is to make a big impact and a difference to my patients when seeing them in their homes – Jason Carter

My pledge is to always treat people the way I would want myself and family treated.  To listen to their needs or even just their feelings and help them in everyway possible. To put a smile on their faces.

My pledge is to show kindness and brighten the day of the patients I meet – Christy Russ

My pledge is to remember that people want to talk to another person about their feeling and all they need is a nurse to listen to them and know they are there to help – Bryony Leedham

My pledge is for every person I meet to not remember what it is that I do, but to remember how great I make them feel – Alexandra Grigg

I pledge to tell people when they are doing ok in caring, living alone etc. To learn a little about each patient (person) I treat – Lizzie

I pledge to be a good nurse – Charlotte

I pledge to take extra time, even if it is only 2 extra minutes to listen and gain a better understanding of that individual person.

I pledge to get to know everybody’s love story – Jessica Thomas

I pledge to share a smile with every patient I meet and take extra time to get to know each individual – Emily Partridge

I pledge to be more aware of dementia offering support to the patient and carers – Russell O`Reilly

I pledge to make every person I come across a little bit happier – Melissa Oldfield

I pledge to care for people with dementia in a way that values each and every person and their likes, preferences and what had happened in their life, no matter if they can remember or not – Monica Hutson

I pledge to try and build more of a communication bridge between carer and service user – William Partington

I pledge to give everyone the time, patience and support they need and to remind the carer how great they are.

I pledge to treat individuals as people, not patients; service user’s numbers; problems.  To really listen and hear what they are saying – Thomas Holmes

I pledge to introduce myself to every patient I meet and ask them how they are – Hannah Davies

I pledge to take the time to get to know a patient, learning about their life – Valentia

I pledge to be the best possible nurse by finding out small details about patients that would enhance their wellbeing and reduce their anxiety – Jessica Lawrence

I pledge to always listen, provide compassion, always be kind, always provide dignity, always be the best nurse I can be, to always be there and never turn my back on anyone – Scarlett Farmer

I pledge to go the extra mile and listen closer – Jenny

I pledge to be there for my grandma – Steph

I pledge to be part of caring for people in a positive way.  I pledge to take the time to make people not feel isolated and lonely.  To make a difference in the lives of people I care for, as well as their family members – Lauren Haywood

I pledge nobody should walk through this “storm” alone.  Let’s together, be able to hold our heads high, and we will never walk alone – Julie

I pledge to make my people I visit enjoy their time with me – Gill Bowler

I pledge to make sure that people affected by dementia know that they are doing a great job.  That’s they matter.  Provide a kind, human, listening and understanding ear – Clementine Morley

I pledge to be a rememerable nurse; for being kind.  Give time for people who need it the most – Lucy Smith

I pledge to never treat someone just a “a patient” remember they`re all unique people with their own families, fears and dreams – Ruth Forrest

I pledge to take more time to talk to the patients relatives, just simply to ask how they are and how their day is going – Abi Fisher

I pledge to always be compassionate and listen to those who I provide care for.  To make a difference in any way I can.

I pledge to learn every individuals life story, including cares/family around them to understand what makes them them!.  To listen to their voices, opinions and give them choices, they are at the centre of their care and should be included – Sophie

I pledge to provide the best quality of care to every individual I meet – Gemma Wilson

I pledge to make at least 1 person smile everyday – Laura Wright

I pledge to embrace the hard times with the good times.  Take nothing for granted and cherish every minute with my loved ones including my daughter’s tantrums – Dawn Sloan

I pledge to make a difference to every person I meet.  By learning each and every single person story – Laura Ellard

I pledge to take time out my day to sit and listen as a carer struggling alone, and help as much as I can – Jessica

I pledge to take time to ask others about how they feel, their lives and what makes them happy – Abbie

I pledge for social contact within a hospital to be improved, as this is crucial – Ellie

I pledge to understand and listen to each patient I meet.

I pledge to listen to my patients and treat them as individuals – Hattie Grey

I pledge to consider peoples individual circumstances and needs – Miranda

I pledge to reassure someone – Elizabeth

I pledge to take and make the time for my patients: Listening, Procedures and Hands-on Care – Lucy Parker

I pledge to make sure I personalise my patients care so I can be the best carer possible – Amelia Alexander

I pledge to listen to my patients and not just treat them as another patient but a person with a story – Hannah Butler

I pledge to put myself in the shoes of others, to listen, to understand and change the lives of others – Hannah Keach

I pledge to be remembered by patients and families as a great nurse – Scarlett Savidge

I pledge to always make a difference 🙂 – Rachel Smith

I have been a nurse for 50 years.  Nursing is about relationships.  Organisations must take care of nurses in turn for them to take care of their patients/clients/people – Liz Hughes

I pledge to always be there to support and listen to people who need the help and need to be heard – Emily Nichol

I pledge to ask question of the past to make the future better – James

I pledge to support vulnerable people – Danielle Needham

I pledge to give support and reassurance to vulnerable patients and aim to never leave them without placing a smile on their face – Emma Roberts

I pledge to never lose my kindness. I pledge to do my best, help people to the best of my ability everyday – Natalie Chell

I pledge to be that nurse – Emily Haran

I pledge to see the person not the dementia – Lorna Wright

My pledge is to spend more time with the people I care for.  Learning more about the individual – Kelsey Godwin

I pledge to make more of an effort to support my granddad and my mum in caring for my grandma who has dementia – Lizzy Simmons

I pledge to work hard in my next 3 years at university and be the best nurse I can be – Jordan Haswell

I pledge to smile, speak and not only care for my patients but also get to know them – Kaafia Mohamed

I pledge to support people to feel less helpless – Lorraine Towell

I pledge to smile at every person I meet, whether I am working, walking down the street or sitting on the train.

I pledge to understand what people are going through and support them in the best possible way so they don’t feel alone or lost.

I pledge to do my best to help anyone patients or care that requires from someone to talk to or services.  To be a person to talk to when someone is scared – Vikki Burns

I pledge to always act as an “ear or “voice” to dementia patients or carers whilst in my career.  To go that extra mile – Ainsley Pickles

I pledge to not be scared due to past experience and not tar everyone with the same brush. I pledge to see people as individuals and not defined as their diagnosis – Vicki Hughes

My pledge is to take the time out to get to know everyone’s background –  Kennedie Cooper

My pledge is to make the time to learn about a person’s life story. They are  not just a patient, they are a living, breathing human being! – Zoe Jaggers

My pledge is to listen to all of my patients and help them to the best of my ability – Tracey Widdowson

My pledge is to continue to improve care awareness and support at CRH – Glyn Wildman

My pledge is to always take the time to find out patients stories and what makes them happy. This could make a difference to their care – Charlotte Riches

My pledge is to put a smile on all of my patients faces – Rhian Bellamy

My pledge is to say hello and ask every patient how they are with a smile – Matt Wood

My pledge is to never forget why I’m doing this, and never leave someone without knowing everything’s ok today – Emma Rice

My pledge is to smile at everyone I meet – Ella Cassar

My pledge is to make sure I make everybody I meet feel human – Hayley Pointer

My is to hold one person’s hand a day, patient, friend or family to show I care – Mandy Carter-Fielding

My pledge is to meet every patient on my ward every day, introduce myself and let them know I am here for anything they need – Patricia Giles

My pledge is to make sure my patients know that somebody cares – Melanie Young

My pledge is to always try and get to know my patients and their families so that one day they remember me and the care I gave – Jordan Morley

My pledge is to find out about people’s lives with dementia or not. To give them an opportunity to write a letter and put it into a letterbox on a ward or nursing home or in the community. To find out how to get the right support – Jen Holme

My pledge is to know the people I speak to in the future, or know something about them – Candy Collyer

My pledge is to take time to just listen, smile, and get to know people as individuals. You can always make people smile! – Samantha Bond

My pledge is to continue to care, to never forget the needs of those that require help – Laura Darbyshire

My pledge is to smile at everyone I meet – Bethany Murphy

My pledge is to make a difference to patients and their families by taking the time to listen and try to understand what they are going through – Donna Preece

My pledge is to be kind – Clare

My pledge is to take the time to stop and listen – Joanne

My pledge is to comfort both the patients and their personal carers – Georgina Goy

My pledge is to talk about dementia, with friends and family, to help raise awareness of the condition – Jamie Allen

My pledge is to be a human, kind, understanding ear, to listen! – Harriet Mawby

My pledge is to continue to care for my beautiful mum who is 87 years old and has dementia. She is the kindest, sweetest lady, and I would love you meet her – Penny Hewitt

My pledge is to make more time to check my mother and father in law are ok. My mother in law has dementia, really brought home the importance of making sure they are always ok. Don’t live locally so am going to call a lot more – Louise Rook

My pledge is to keep the passion inside of me burning, and also to make sure I don’t let the fire of someone else’s soul burn out – Kayleigh Harvey

My pledge is to keep my passion, fire in my belly, and make it known through my interactions with my patients and ask how they are, not ignore their family/carer – Lauren Boulter

My pledge is to ask my patients how they are, or have a conversation with each and every one, no matter how short the interaction – Roe Bowyer

My pledge is to support every phone call I get for people asking for support and help, no matter if I’m running late home or don’t have the time. I will make time – Rajvinder Shanker

My pledge is that my practice will be guided by my patient’s individual story – Hanna Brooksbank

My pledge is to complete John’s Campaign – Julien Jones

My pledge is to be kind and more understanding with those around me.

My pledge is to think about my actions and treat people as I would like to be treated.

My pledge is to treat everyone as an individual, not as a task – Lorna Needham

My pledge is to be there and try to make a difference when someone needs help.

My pledge is to make someone feel special and cared for! – Gary Dhillon

My pledge is to never walk away from someone who looks like they need help – Margaret Taylor

I pledge to listen to the life stories of indviduals I meet and to give a smile wherever I go, to whoever I see – Sarah Sharp

My pledge is that if you are diagnosed with dementia, I promise to find out who you are and to find out who your family are – Helen Croft

My pledge is to continue to care for vulnerable adults the way I have for the past 13 years – Michael Stonebanks

My pledge is to provide individualised care to patients, taking their personality, needs, and preferences into account – Laura Lane

My pledge is to listen and give my time to people who need my help – Jessica Adey

My pledge is to find out more about the person and make them smile – Natasha Richards


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Thank you Irene, Tommy, Sarah and Laura 🙂

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