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Last week ended on a busy note with Dementia Carer Voices being invited to speak at SSSC Supporting Carer Leadership Event via Gill Ryan.  Gill asked us to take part in the final session: What can we do differently in the future?, which for us was a perfect fit with the pledge campaign.  Tommy was asked to be the endnote speaker and to talk about leadership of the Dementia Carer Voices campaign, asking participants to make a pledge.

Finishing off the week with visiting Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.  Thank you to Caroline E Gibson,  Senior Lecturer Division of Nursing, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh for the invite back to speak to Nursing Students and Occupational Therapists.

Tommy had the great privilege to speak to the students last year before they left for placement. You can read all the pledges from last years visit here

Thank you to Gill Ryan and Caroline Gibson for organising the events last week.  You can now view the pledges made below and some sent to our inbox:
You too can make a pledge to #jointhemovement #pledges #over3000
 IMG_0208 IMG_0209

I pledge to raise awareness of how dementia affects families and to listen to the carers of people with dementia as to how their lives can be affected – David Grace

As a student nurse and future staff nurse, I pledge to look after dementia patients as not just a patient with a condition but as a person who has a past and a future and also a person who is a mother, father, sister or brother.  Also remember that this condition affects the people around them.

I pledge to listen to anyone who wants to talk to me to help them feel that they are not alone.

My pledge is to make use of the “5 must do with me” areas and to always deliver dignified, respectful and compassionate care.

My pledge is to look at each person and give them the care they individually need.  But also talk to the carers and make sure they are coping with the situations they are dealing with – Bethany Seggie

I pledge to remember that this person is loved and an amazing individual.  I am going to listen to provide holistic care full of kindness, dignity and respect – Kim Barrett

I pledge to see the person not their illness by taking the time to get to know who they are and what they need – Amy Craik

I pledge to listen to carers, ensuring each of them they are fab, through-out my nursing career – Donna McGee

I pledge to use the “must do with me” and deliver the best care I can possibly give anybody I nurse.

I pledge to be kind and comforting to any person I meet with dementia their carers or family/friends.  Also if I ever come into contact with anyone outside of work, who would like a chat, reassurance etc I will happily spare the time.

I pledge to be the person that makes a difference, not just for one person but for everyone.  No matter the situation or circumstances – Ben Lannan

I pledge to be that person that listen, carers and make a difference to the carer and the person suffering dementia – Daniel White

I pledge to be a shining light at the end of the tunnel for patients with dementia and their cares to treat them as individuals with amazing life stories and help them live a life worth living.

As a nurse is to care for all patients and their families as I would want to be treated.  To go to any lengths to make them feel like they are in the right place – Lydia Bailey

I pledge from this day onwards, I will never forget your words and I will strive to make a difference as a nurse, sister, wife and human to all people I meet – Jemma

I pledge to give guidance and help.  To make sure both carers and those suffering with dementia are listened to what they say and produce a service that benefits those suffering from dementia and loved ones around them.  Letting them feel like they are being helped and reassure help is there for them – Fiona Macmillan

I pledge to be as kind and a good listener to those who need it and to those who can’t show their need.  I pledge to be there for those who need it wherever I am in this world, to spread this love in every place I go to. (I Travel a lot and hope to keep this going).

I pledge to go over and above in supporting patients and their families.  Being able to have a positive impact on someone’s life and is why I want to be a nurse – Christy Farrell

I pledge to understand everyone I care for beyond their diagnosis in an effort to give them the love and care they deserve – Caitlin

My pledge is taking the time to talk to someone and think about the person who has dementia – Emily

I pledge to treat every single person that I come across as an individual.  To take interest in their lives, their like and dislikes, and other pieces of information they may be willing to offer me.  I pledge to always make their care my priority.

I pledge to help the people who need it the most and ensure them they are doing the best job as they will be – They are the ones who know them best – Amy

I pledge to everyday give my impost best, to be there for and to let people with dementia, their carers and their families know that they are not alone – Rachael Milne

I pledge to become a nurse who make a difference to people’s lives.  Who improves them, who support them, who make them feel wanted and important – Sarah Myerscough

I pledge to treat everyone I come across who may be struggling, weather they ask for help or not that I do my very best to support and do absolutely everything I can for them – Clara Laming

I pledge that when I qualify as a nurse, I will take on board the advice you have given and care and support patients and families to the very best I can .

I pledge to listen to anyone who comes to me for help.  I will listen with absolute care and compassion and remember that each and every person matters.  I am only a sentence in their interesting, amazing and beneficial story – Rebecca Dunlop

I pledge to get to know every person in my care.  To develop an understanding of whom they are to adapt my care to best suit them individually – Lauren Callender

I pledge to provide good person centred, compassionate, high quality care to sufferers of dementia and their carers by offering support and guidance.

My pledge is to try my very best to give comfort to and listen to the people I will care for in the future.  I will look at each person not as a patient but as another human with a strong story to tell.


I pledge to reach more carers to chat to them and make sure they know they are not alone.  TO try to be a person that’s more understanding and supportive – Gorden Percy

My pledge is to treat you like one of my own and keep you safe and make you smile – Wendy Marmion

My pledge is I won’t forget why I came into nursing.  I won’t just nod or say yes in the right place.  I will listen – Susan Johnston

My pledge is to treat other the way you’d like to be treated, make the Dementia Carer Voices bigger and stronger.

I pledge to continue in promoting best practice through example and training whilst incorporating gained knowledge – Zofia

I pledge I will make sure everyone I support has a dream, they dream big and achieve every dream they have – Lauren Kinsey

I pledge to take a moment to listen, to hear about a life, a history and a hope – John Kane


My pledge: I promise to always be human and to work with my kindness boots on – Becs Barker

As a student nurse, I pledge to always listen, be patient, be understanding and caring towards people with dementia. I will do all I can to make a difference – Katy Chan


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