New Lanarkshire College welcomes Tommy and Laura this week!

This week kicked off to a brilliant start with Tommy and I being invited to come along to New Lanarkshire College, or as I know it as Cumbernauld College.  Being from Moodiesburn it was like a home from home for me and great to be back since my 6th year placement at high school.

When we arrived we were greeted by Lecture Alex Murphy, who had invited Tommy to speak to HNC Students studying Healthcare and training to be Nurses and Care Assistants.  The hall was standing room only all waiting to hear Tommy`s story and in amongst them was Tommy`s cousin Elaine, who had came to support him.  This led to Tommy visiting his Uncle Joe and Aunt Margaret after the talk, an emotional and at the same time a good day for Tommy.



I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as everyone could relate in some way, so much so we received a fantastic 43 pledges.  Thanks you to Alex for arranging the day and letting us share Tommy`s story and the campaign to help make that small difference to someone living with dementia or a long term condition.  Tommy met Alex a few weeks ago when he was speaking for Joyce Cavagh, Senior Lecturer at the Open University.

Massive thanks to the wonderful students who made a pledge and from the team here at the ALLIANCE we wish you the best of luck In your studies.


I pledge to always give my best in caring for patients and to make a difference in their life – Natalie Crawford

I pledge to always care for people to the best of my potential and always get to know the individual – Gemma Rodgers

I pledge to spend time as a carer to get to know the person not their diagnosis – Michelle McTaggart

I pledge to listen and be the voice/carer I would want to care for myself, with dignity and compassion – Rebecca Chalmers

I pledge to listen, comfort and care for anyone in need, offering support and kindness – Sharon Davidson

I pledge to make every person in care valued as an individual and respected as an individual, not labelled as a problem but a person – Leanne McKie

I pledge to make a difference to someone’s life that I care and work for even if it is to hold someone’s hand – Victoria Cochrane

I pledge to listen and give support, care and comfort to all individual’s in need – Nicole Gordon

I pledge to care for anyone who can’t care for themselves who is left alone and who needs help in any form or who needs a kind friendly face – Megan Gallogley

I pledge to treat people with respect and dignity at all times and be the best nurse I can be – Diane Russell

I pledge when I get in my career to treat everyone I help how I would want myself/family to be treated – Shannon – Pauline Stewart

I pledge to do all I can to help anyone who asks for my help or look likes they need it – Hayley McCabe

I pledge to be the most understanding, kind and helpful human being I can be to anybody that reaches out for my help and support – Daniel Louden

I pledge to also try my best to be there and help anyone who needs my help – Theresa Kilbride

I pledge I will never treat anyone with dementia different than before, and praise all dementia carers for the job they do – Kerri Ramsay

I pledge to always be understanding when it comes to dementia i.e. carers and relatives and always to the kindest I can be – Kerry Friel

I pledge that if any member of my family gets diagnosed with dementia I will care and love them like you did with your mum – Courtney Paterson

I pledge to listen and help anyone who needs it – Lyndsey Barron

I pledge to be the best that I can be in helping and being there for anyone who needs my help – Sarah Reid

My pledge would be to be the best carer I can be, be the best friend to all the people I meet and the best listener for all the people I meet – Alexandra Jackson

I pledge to take time to listen when the opportunity arises, ensure to my best to come back if only to listen.  Try to make whoever feel the love, respect and safety I have to offer.

I pledge to listen and help anyone I can – Donna

I pledge to do all in my power as a carer in the future to help the people in need and hope they remember me with fondness after meeting me and go the extra mile in my efforts as not just a carer but also as a human being – Shane Henderson

I promise I will always treat dementia sufferers with respect and be a “human ear” to carers – Victoria Smith

I pledge to be the best I can be and help and learn about the person so I can care for them properly – Scott Heikle

I pledge to try my hardest to care for the people I care and love – Dale McCann

I pledge to try and be the best that I can be in the health sector – Dean Johnston

I pledge to give the best care I can and make a difference to someone’s life – Shona Abercrombie

I pledge to make a difference.

I pledge to support those who need it, when they need it – Joanna Stoddart

I pledge to try and make a difference to someone’s life with the care I give – Maria Pia

My pledge is to be more patient and thoughtful when taking care of my gran – Charlotte Malcolm

I pledge to listen to carers and those suffering from the effects of dementia and support these people in every way I can – Heather Dougall

I pledge to carry on with my studies to become a great caring nurse – Alexis Ann McArthur

I pledge to care for every single patient that I come across the same as I would like to be cared – Laura Spence

I pledge to care for each and every patient I come across how I would like to be cared for if I was in their position, with dignity – Louise Hutchison

I pledge to give the best care possible – Ailish Donnelly

I pledge to never let people harm who I am.  I will help others who have been in my position. I have been and looked after and accommodated child who has had to look after my siblings for 3 years – Catherine Elliott

I pledge to help others in need and listen to their stories and to be the best mother I can be – Fiona Farrell

I pledge to be the best I can be in making someone feel safe and loved – Charlotte Robertson

My pledge is to always recognise the person who they are and take time to get to know them – Nicola Walton

I pledge to always know who I am caring for, see them for who they are and not the illness they are suffering from – Natalie Fleming

I will put all my effort every day to educate my students to be that best possible carer – Jackie Hunter

Thank you Laura and the team 🙂

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