University Hospital, Coventry make their pledge


With great thanks to Andrew Hardy, Chief Executive Officer and Alex Johnson for the invite to speak at the University Hospital, Coventry this week.

We had the great privilege of meeting Andrew at a conference we were speaking at a few months back and he kindly invited us to give three talks to staff in the lecture theatre (CBS Buildings) on 17th February.

Big thanks to each and every one of you that have made a pledge as we have reached the 3,000 mark of pledges in the last year of the campaign.

You can email us your pledge to


YOU too can make a difference!

Here are the wonderful pledges from Coventry #makingadifference

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂




I pledge to support all my staff to deliver the pledges they have made and to make it as “dementia friendly” as possible – Andy Hardy, CEO of University Hospital

My pledge is to approach all my patients in the same way as my father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s – Kimberly Hill

My pledge is to always ask how people are – Jonathan Gamble

My pledge is to ensure that myself, and the staff on the ward go above and beyond to find out about the person before dementia became a part of their life – Candice Nurse

My pledge is to make sure I know at least one thing about the people I care for that reminds me of what makes them the individual they are – Lee Sutcliffe

I pledge to have a listening ear, and to provide advice when possible – Rebecca Bodkin

My pledge is to treat everyone who is in touch with my life the way I would like to be treated – with respect, dignity, love and understanding.  To be there to support and listen at any time – to go that extra mile or someone – Yas Chauhan

I will ensure that every person I meet will feel supported and cared for when I go to see them – Penny Johnson-Adams

My pledge is to be understanding, patient and help.

My pledge is remember that every patient is an individual with their own story – Kate Prevc

My pledge is to take the time to listen – Allison Bradley

My pledge to look at the person not the illness – Elizabeth Jones

I am involved in patient experience and I pledge to make everyone aware we are all the patient experience – Anita Kane, Associate Director Quality

My pledge is to take the time to listen and learn about each person – to show kindness and give dignified care – Jane Richard

My pledge is to communicate the impact of support and the difference we can make – Joan Goodbody

My pledge is to be understanding with the changes dementia has had on people’s lives – Dale Lines

I pledge to listen to family issues/problems regarding a (family) friend who has dementia.

I pledge to do my best to make everyone aware that we are all the patient experience – Laura Boyd

I pledge every Monday to take 15 minutes to have a cup of tea with a patient to learn about their life – Mark Radford

My pledge is to think more about the whole person when I x-ray patients with dementia- Andy Creeden

I pledge to always care for my mum as passionately as Tommy – Claire Finn

My pledge is to take more time to listen and understand what the families and carers go through in order to provide the right support for both people and families – Tracy Frowent

I will make sure that no one with dementia stays in hospital for any longer than absolutely necessary – David

My pledge is to get to know each patient I meet as an individual and leave them feeling valued – Liz Kiernan

My pledge is to ensure we implement in full our dementia plan for our patients at the start and raise our staff’s awareness and how impatient they are in giving good care and support – Linda Abolins

I pledge to help others recognise the importance of treating people who are affected by dementia with dignity and respect at all times – Barbara Ann Muddiman

Our pledge is to ensure that everyone we train in mandatory training is encouraged to find out as much as they can about the person they are caring for.

My pledge is to never be too busy or walk past – Nadine Watson

My pledge is to visit my dementia patients every day to ask how they are and if they need anything – Katy Bowers

My pledge is to treat people with dignity and respect and to never experience the heartache and disrespect of dementia and disability that I and my family went through – Cheryl Clarke

My pledge is to take time to listen to individuals and families even when busy- Lisa Maycock

My pledge is to find out a little bit more about the person I am treating – Caroline Maton

No matter how busy the moment is, give that moment as brief as it may be, to understand, listen and give a caring smile or word – Janet White

My pledge is to treat everyone with kindness and to find out their story – we all have one – Amanda Eales

My pledge is to ensure carers are supported.

My pledge is to try and get to know my neighbours better, make more of an effort.

My pledge is to remember the potential impact that social isolation can have on patients and their carers and reduce this if possible.

My pledge is to care, love and support 100% more than I do now – Lynn Speed

My pledge is to spread the message I have learnt today – to love and honour.

My pledge is to promote access to services to keep people at home – B.Franklin

My pledge is to visit my grandma who has recently gone into a home with dementia, and my granddad who was her carer and has lost her, to give them a big hug and an understanding ear – Becky Chadwick

My pledge is to listen, be there and help anyone who I may come into contact with on a daily basis – Sandra Tranter

My pledge is to visit my dementia patients every day and ask whether they would like a cup of tea – Chloe Walden

I pledge that I will take the time to listen and to educate my children that they should listen too – Jackie Weager

My pledge is to always get to know the person behind the dementia – Learn their own love story – Emma Simpkins

My pledge is to help and support someone with dementia in my village – Carol Dyson

My pledge is to continue devoting time to listen.  Many elders have great stories to tell but no one to tell them to – Deborah Carroll

I pledge to use this amazing opportunity I have as a nurse to make a positive difference to every person I care for or work with or even cross paths with everyday at work – Karis Donavan

I pledge to care with kindness and always listen – Kiran Paul

My pledge is to “wrap it up in kindness” make people feel safe and know them! – Vanessa McDonagh

My pledge is to ask every woman I care fro to tell me a little about herself and her family – Carmel McCalmant

My pledge is to always show kindness to my patients, relatives, colleagues and anyone else I come across – Heather Price

I pledge to spread your companion and caring – we know it happens and yes it needs to stop – Karen

My pledge is to always treat people with care, compassion and kindness.

My pledge is to always ensure I try to get to know my patients better – Tanisha Blair

I pledge not to walk away if I saw someone I thought was in need – emotional or otherwise – Brendon

My pledge is to acknowledge those who work hard to protect the ones they love – E.Gulliver

My pledge is to stop and say “hello” my name is and hold their hand, I am here – Maggie Denton

Small things can make an enormous difference.  Seek out from local church and carers and offer an arm or an ear.

My pledge is to try and develop a community register for the Warwickshire and West Midlands police force with all names of people with dementia in Coventry – Tracey Chapman

My pledge is to bring together researchers at Warwick Medical School and Health Professionals at UHCW to discuss their work on dementia and how we might all work together to improve the lives of people with dementia and their families – Deborah Griggs

I pledge to treat any patient who is unfortunate enough to have dementia with dignity and respect for the person they are – Marie



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