Warrington Borough Council and Online Pledges of the Week!

With great Thanks to Teresa Dawson, CEO and Sandra Boldison, Head of Adult Services Support Team Families & Wellbeing Directorate in Warrington Borough Council for the invite back for Tommy to give 3 talks to staff across the area on January 26th & 27th 2015.

The talks were open to all and including Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group, which is made up of people from various agencies e.g. Warrington Council, Alzheimer’s Society and Residential Homes.

26th January 2015

Warrington Dementia Action Alliance is make up of organisations across Warrington, working together to radically improve the lives of people living with dementia and their cares.  The Alliance has set up subgroups which have key actions to support Warrington becoming a more dementia friendly community.  Subgroups are housing, transport, 3rd sector, dementia awareness and residential/nursing care.


27th January 2015

The 2 sessions were aimed at front line staff.  Staff from the social work and occupational therapy team, assistive technology, access to social care, housing agency nursing and residential home staff.  Staff made pledges to think more about the person and who they are and what is important to them, these can be viewed below.


We have also added on some pledges that where sent to us from a recent Podiatry Development day Dementia Carer Voices attended in November 2014 and some online.  All the pledges are fantastic and go towards helping making that difference.


My pledge is to bring a smile to the people whose lives I touch with dementia – Melissa Critchley

My pledge is to work tirelessly to support the services I commission, to deliver good/excellent care to people with dementia and their carers – Margi Butler

My pledge is to think more about the importance of the relationships the person has had and still have – Jackie Hodgkinson

I pledge to put people before problems, policies and procedures….ALWAYS! – Debbie Furness

My pledge is to take on board and remember that it is a privilege to be a part of a person’s life- To make a difference and remember this person is still on their journey of life – Lisa Humphreys

I will take the time to listen to carers and customers and find out who the person is as a unique individual with a wealth of experience – Marian Bate

My pledge is to look at people as individuals to take time to listen and to always treat people that I visit with dignity and respect – Diane Arnold

My pledge is to continue to treat everyone I meet with the same care, respect and dignity that I think they should have.

My pledge is to always make a difference to the people I serve – Gaynor McHugh

My pledge is to continue to listen with a compassionate ear to the needs, views and stories of people I work with.   To go the extra mile and to take time with people.  To continue after work – With family members/friends and not view it as work but as vocation and just part of supporting and caring and loving people – Barbara Griffiths

My pledge is to contact people more, even If it’s just a phone call.  To continue to inform managers about resources – L.Battersby

I am a dementia champion and deliver information sessions to raise awareness.  I always include “real” life stories usually about my own experiences with and of my mother who we are doing our best to care for as she wishes as well as working full time and dealing with other pressures of life – Val Walsh

My pledge is to remember that every person I work with has a life/love story and to listen, also ring my mum! – Andrea Rees

Take time and be patient – Vicki Prescott

To continue to care and give my time to make a difference – Lynn D Stokes-Hynes

To listen to people – Ged Melarange

My pledge is to ensure I pass on as much information as possible to people both within my work role and outside of work and encourage people to try services available – Karen Burrell

My pledge is to put myself in the shoes of every person I meet who is touched by dementia – Helen Challinor

Everything you have said I will ensure I fulfil in my working role – Anna Lucas

My pledge is to ensure that I never make anyone feel lonely, also find time to take the time – Philipa Duncan  

My pledge is to support in best possible way by finding out who they are, what they like and base plans around it incorporating these and listen to family and friends – Divya Tuli

I will try to “make a difference” to people wherever and whenever I can, to the best of my ability – Sandra Boldison

My pledge is to continue getting the message out and the plight of carer’s who are looking after loved ones with this dreadful disease – Eileen McDonald

My role as a line manager means I don’t get to spend much time with patients and staff.  I pledge to spend one day a week working alongside the nurses on our wards to talk to them about how they can “make a difference “ – Clare Pratt

Making sure dementia awareness and prevention of lifestyle related dementia is high as the public health agenda locally – Jan Holding

My pledge is to continue to offer support and care about others just to listen and try to understand – Julie Kitson

I pledge to visit my neighbour whose husband has just gone into care home, to stop her feeling so lost and isolated – Mandy Gough

To keep reminding the people I work with that our work with people is about feelings, and about being ready to make a difference in everyone`s life we have contact with – Michael Sheppard

I pledge to make sure my grans story is known (again) at her care home – Grace Dyke

My Pledge:  I will pay more attention to the hints and I will take a bit more time and effort to understand dementia patients.

My pledge:  Today has increased our awareness of dementia and the challenges people are faced with.  We will endeavour to improve and have a more holistic approach to those with dementia.

My pledge:  is to be more pro-active in discussing my concerns with the GP/District Nurses.

My pledge:  to adopt the butterfly logo onto patients notes to raise the awareness of dementia.

We listened….and I continue to pledge that will never change – Georgia Burt

I pledge that I will work as the dementia carer champion in my role as programme leader for mental health nursing at Edinburgh Napier University to gain support for the inclusion of carers perspectives and views in nurse education – Gwenne McIntosh



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