Online pledges for this week!




Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far.  Dementia Carer Voices have received some inspiring and thought provoking pledges of late and would love to share them with you all.

If you would like to make a pledge then you can by emailing it to or DM @DementiaCarerVo


Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued supported and fantastic pledges, all helps to making that difference to someone’s life.


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


I would like to make a pledge and help to make a difference in my own small way: I pledge to always have patience and be kind; to take time to understand; and to recognise the past, present and future in each person.
Thank you for all your fabulous work.
Dorcas Lambert 3rd Year Adult Nursing Student

I pledge to never be too busy to take time to spend with my mum and take her for granted – Karen Sykes

I pledge to encourage as many members of Bishopbriggs Academy dementia friendly as possible so that we can work together with the Dementia network to make Bishopbriggs dementia friendly – Mandy​

I’d like to think that I am that district nurse that you experienced albeit in a different role but my pledge is to become the vulnerable adults champion for my department. I have been looking for a member of staff to take on the role but you’ve given me the fire in my belly to embrace it and be a role model for providing the best care to these vulnerable patients. I am the ward sister in a busy pre-operative assessment department and I’m sure there are and will be times frequently in the future where carers and relatives just like you and Joan will come for appts feeling lonely and isolated and at breaking point. I am going to take the time to listen to their love story, champion the 6Cs and endeavour to continue to treat each patient individually and ultimately feel honoured and privileged that I have made a difference and had a small insight into someone’s life – Kelly Crutchley

I pledge to develop more awareness around dementia and take time to get to know a little about each of my patients life stories while also taking time to listen to family’s offering a shoulder to cry on & support – Katie Walsh

My pledge for the Dementia Carer Voices Campaign is: Our Care of Older People Specialist Nurse, Deborah Birch, said that we should give people with dementia 3 minutes of our time. These 3 minutes should be uninterrupted, a time for them to communicate and feel listened to. Deborah said that if we give that 3 minutes, however busy we are, we can make a real difference to people with dementia.   I therefore pledge to give patients I care for with dementia 3 minutes of my time where they have 100% of my attention – Averil Adams



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