First pledges of the week for 2015

Dementia Carer Voices would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and kicking of our first pledges of 2015 is Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health.  Thank you to Jamie for his support and we look forward to working with him in the future.  Here is his pledge:


I pledge to work with the representative organisations and those who care for people with dementia to improve the support offered for them.  It is vital to listen to those living with dementia and learn from that experience, responding to any concerns and working to improve the lives of those who are carers, and for those they care for.  This will be a priority for me.

Other fantastic pledges we received over the Christmas break can be viewed below.  Remember you to can send us a pledge to or DM @DementiaCarerVo

Thank you Irene, Tommy, Laura and Sarah 🙂

My pledge: I currently work for a care home company as their Dementia Care Lead. I was completely inspired by Tommy, and hope that he has really inspired others to support those living with Dementia, but also their carers.  I pledge in the next 6 months to set up a Dementia Cafe in at least one of our homes, to support carers and those living with Dementia in the Community. – Kate Grange

My pledge is that I hope always to notice when someone needs an arm, hand, voice or ear and as I visit people in my role as a Chaplaincy volunteer I trust that I will always notice those that go unnoticed and that I will speak to them and if I can I will try to make them smile – Judy Leary

I pledge that no matter how busy it is on the ward I will make time to get to know a bit more about the patient, their family, their past. I will ensure that family are given the time to openly discuss their concerns and worries. Our ward is in the process of launching the butterfly scheme as a manager I will give my full commitment and support to this. We are seeing a marked increase in the numbers of people with dementia being cared for on our ward a number of people have been very verbally and physically aggressive I am trying to find out if there is any training locally that will help the nurses to deal with this behaviour and reduce any harm to patients and staff.

I pledge to fight for the rights of carers of those living with dementia to be able to accompany and care for their loved ones whilst they are in hospital. This will require pressure to allow for open or flexible visiting in order for this support and care for the most vulnerable to be achieved. This is in support of @JohnCampaign – Jayne Hardicre

I would like to pledge that I will speak up for carers, especially those who care for individuals with dementia – Sophie Dishman

As I am newly qualified I pledge to gain as much more knowledge and training as I can during my preceptorship on dementia.  This will enable me to confidently support my clients with up to date evidence and information – Tracey Rose



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