Care Inspectorate Supporting You Can Make a Difference


Make a pledge about dementia

With great thanks to Heather Edwards, Lyndsey Muir and all the team at the Care Inspectorate for collecting more pledges at their Satellite events in Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire, which can be viewed below.

Irene and Tommy attended the Care Inspectorate annual conference earlier this year where Tommy was one of the guest speakers you can read the pledges from the day here

Heather and The Care Inspectorate has been a great support over the last year with the pledge walls, hub and pledge cards and they produced a guest blog about the work they do.

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Thank you for the great support and we look forward to working with you in 2015.

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


To listen to them and take my time to understanding them as an individual.

To improve quality of life for those living with dementia and better support them and their families on their journey.

I will stand and talk to the residents, take time to listen to their concerns.

To promote more physical activities around the care home that I work.

Promote good practice in dementia care at all times and to talk about it all the time.

Share with my staff.  Think more about continence in care.  Make every moment count.

To provide the best possible care and make sure all staff are trained to provide it.  I.E. make sure they are trained to give person centred care that values them as a person and give them the best quality of life possible.

Is to continue with the small important things which in time will all add up and make a huge difference.

To promote physical activity within the care home I work for my residents that are mobile and also for them that are not mobile.

Support them to feel hopeful.  Go forward with enablement – make every moment count.  Support residents to feel happy and feel needed and important.

To ensure staff are at the informed level as a minimum.

To be a good listener, respect individuals needs and make the person feel loved in the community and not feel worthless.

To find out how to become a dementia ambassador.  To be more proactive in my own training.  To look at how I change my own “outcome’s” to enable me to support residents.

I pledge to ensure I take time, no matter the time constraint, to work with a person to find their goals/desires and assist them in meeting them.

As a dementia ambassador I pledge to make my team more aware of dementia tools and best practice for dementia care, so that they can practice and deliver to our service users – Hayley Buchan

Promote physical activity with individual SV in the care home.

Always take time to listen to them and find out what they want and need – Shona McNab

Look @ SSSC dementia training for all my staff.  Change staff perception – not challenging behaviour.  Stress and distress – Susan Warrender

I will make a difference in your life and will enable you living well – Leena Cherian

To enable my staff team to enhance the lives of our residents through use of appropriate training tools to develop their knowledge to provide and deliver a high standard of care – Hazel Macklin

I will continue to focus my daily work to directly benefit people with dementia and their families – Chris Hatton

I pledge to access all the training tools to give our staff more knowledge and training to enable them to provide high standards of dementia care – Paula Chalmers

To be more supportive with families and find answers to these questions – Jennifer Lauder

To encourage carers to take some time out with dementia people more.  To listen to them, to talk and get to know more about them.  To offer more one on one time and to make them feel important and cared for – Pauline Robertson

Consult and liaise with training team re Promoting Excellence – different levels of knowledge to be gained and better apps of SSSC and Care Inspectorate websites – raise awareness across NHS and Social Care Partnerships – Elizabeth McAtarsney

To use the colourful friendly new version of our own getting to know you form, starting from tomorrow so we really can get to know the real person – Morag Coburn

To seek out better training and community links for all staff of ALL grades – John Murdoch

To learn and share my knowledge of dementia.  Emphasise.  Make dementia awareness a focus within my workplace and ensure people have the support and resources they need – Jozi Stables

Continue to promote and support staff and professionals that people with dementia “can do” – Sandra Ferguson

I will do all I can to make your life memorable and assist you to live a most fulfilling life as possible – Roslyn Fleming

To make a difference to understand – Nina Hutchison

I will do all I can to make your life more meaningful and fulfilled – Janet McGavin

I will continue to encourage residents/staff relatives to be involved in person centred care planning to meet current needs.  I will continue to promote dignity, independence, promote training and facilitate sources of sharing/receiving info – Irene O`Brien

That’s I will not stop educating staff/relatives and friends in to the impact of living with dementia on them and others – that I will continue to show respect and dignity at every interaction.  I wish to live in a dementia friendly, dementia aware society – Charlie Allan

To make a difference to lives.  Give a sense of purpose and belonging.  Support to live life as you want to.  Make changes to staff and how much they learn and develop knowledge on dementia care – Kerry MacDonald

To provide the best possible care and support by ensuring all my staff treat every resident within my home as a person with respect and dignity and ensure their lives are as fulfilled and meaningful to them.

To take todays training back to my colleagues and look at what we can do as an organisation to enhance people’s lives – Careen Rennie

To ensure that they are listened to, valued to stay as “person”.  To ensure that they are supported to life the life to the fullest – Teresa Moungonon

To support people with dementia to live life and live vibrant care home communities.  To help family carers to understand dementia and bring more quality to their relationships – Stephen Amos

Make time for people looking/thinking about moving into care home.

To ensure staff take the time to see the people and not the “dementia” and challenge negative attitudes through learning platforms – Cherlene O`Donnell

Happy to facilitate meetings with carers at my care home – Pauline

To ensure that the staff I am responsible for are trained in understanding dementia and dealing with families who have a loved one with dementia – David Muller

My pledge to people with dementia and their carers is to spread awareness and understanding of dementia and to improve care and support, enabling those with dementia to be themselves – Rachel Kelly

Raise awareness through training making every movement count from our staff – Lyn McConville

To make life meaningful, enjoyable and purposeful.  To have full inclusion and participation.  A lot of laughter and joy – Fiona Devine

To support, guide, assist and listen.  To promote the “Promoting Excellence” program throughout our care home benefitting our service users’ quality of life, create a happier environment for employees and create more therapeutic relationships – Annette Guthrie

Look after them to the best of my ability.  Promote them as individuals and their unique preferences; keep family involved in their care – Hazel McGloin

Provide more emotional support – Christine O`Rourke

Is to develop and deliver the best possible training and development for cares of people living with dementia and to follow this up at a later date to check whether it has made a difference to care – Anne Fowlie

To try to increase the knowledge and understanding of dementia of all our staff so they can provide a better, tailored, service to make a difference – Joy MacFarlane

Increase awareness to community taking out stigma on dementia working in partnership with service user, family community and care provider.

I pledge on a daily basis to connect with a carer or patient affected by dementia – “Smile and raise a smile” – Marion Claire Barlow

My pledge is to act with kindness and compassion in all my dealings with patients and their families in my role as a physio.

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  1. […] Thank you to Heather Edwards and all at the Care Inspectorate for the inspiring pledges from the satellite events in the Shetlands and Inverness to add to the pledges from previous events Aberdeen, Irvine, Western Isles. […]

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