Norfolk and Suffolk Tour with @dementiacarervo


A massive thank you from my heart and from all the team at Dementia Carer Voices for the wonderful opportunity to speak at 5 hospitals across Norfolk and Suffolk this week.

We met so many kind, caring people and witnessed some great initiatives over the mini tour.

I have been overwhelmed by the amazing responses on twitter and personal e-mails from people sharing their own experiences.

A massive THANK YOU to Willie Cruikshank from Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance for putting the tour together and for looking after me in such a kind way.

We met so many amazing people and many more pledges (around 100) were made along the way at each of the hospitals who have promised to work on the pledges made at each talk.

A few thanks and photos below of the tour and a BIG thank you to all who took time to attend.

I travelled home with a smile in my heart a wonderful end to our Make a Difference Tour 2014

Thank you

Norfolk and Suffolk dementia alliance – Willie Cruikshank

Queen Elizabeth Kings Lynn – Alison Webb

James Paget University Hospital – Christine Allen ,Julia Hunt ,Rebeca Ballard  

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital – Martin Patel ,Elizabeth Yaxley  

Ipswich Hospital – Nick Hulme .Julie Sadler ,Sarah Higson

West Suffolk Julie- Fountain ,Maggie, Woodhouse   

Pledges made by staff at the James Paget University Hospital following the talk on Monday 15th Dec can be viewed below:

  • To help people understand this cruel disease and understand how loved ones are affected (my mum is end stage dementia, such a dreadful 8 months)
  • To keep Joan and Tommy’s Story at the heart of all I do to ensure my actions for which I am responsible. Never intentionally have a negative impact.
  • To listen to the individuals and their families/carers to try and find something everyone is comfortable doing.
  • I pledge to support individuals within my personal life who struggle with mental health problems and their family who care for them.
  • To remember to slow down for long enough to listen and understand what is required and to leave people feeling support, encouraged and hopeful
  • To never forget my passion and pride for my job. I pledge to treat every patient with dignity and respect and to take time to learn about my patients I am treating.
  • To make the time to listen to the carers/family’s story as well as the patients story to signpost to helpful services.
  • I pledge to listen to every patient with a dementia diagnosis and learn about the path they have walked, and reminisce with them.
  • Is to support all the dementia patients I meet with the dignity and respect they deserve and help them through this difficult path
  • Is to continue to listen and offer support to all the patients I meet, with kindness.
  • To make time and have patience
  • To champion effective pain assessment for dementia sufferers with my trust
  • To treat everyone as an individual and make you feel like yourself as much as possible
  • To give carers my un-divided attention and be as available to them as I possibly can.
  • Is to treat each person as an individual and never just class them as a number or ‘another dementia patient’.
  • I will identify any patient on any ward I visit and ask how we are caring for them and their carer’s and endeavour to speak to them
  • I pledge as a busy emergency nurse to be more patient.
  • To give each patient time and to listen to them
  • To listen and be aware of someone situation and after my experience with my mum to have empathy
  • To listen to support and ne there for anyone that is suffering in some way with any connection to this awful condition
  • To give carers more time to voice their fears and to ‘direct’ them to the team that can help and to follow up if able to. Just to let them know they are NOT alone, and that I care
  • To always smile, say hello and acknowledge the carer and the person who loves them
  • To make sure our services, wards, clinics and departments are dementia friendly at all times


Tommy and Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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IMG_0563 IMG_0564


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2 comments on “Norfolk and Suffolk Tour with @dementiacarervo
  1. maggie woodhouse says:

    HI Tommy,
    Your talk here at West Suffolk Hospital on the 16th December 2014 made a huge impression on all of us that attended; those who didn’t make it are regretful as we have all raved so much!
    I pledge to tell carers that they are ‘getting it right’ and doing a ‘great job’.
    Thank you for your time and enthusiasm, much appreciated.
    Maggie Woodhouse

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