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This week we have quite a few pledges to share with everyone from the ALLIANCE Team, Carers Trust Scotland and Sunderland Hospital. Massive thanks to everyone who made a pledge to make a difference.  You can too by emailing or DM @dementiacarervo Your pledge no matter how big or small can go a long way to help make that difference to someone with dementia, a long term condition or their carer. Here are the fantastic pledges the team have to share:

As an unpaid but proud and privileged carer I pledge to always hear and listen to carer voice – Ian Welsh (CEO, The ALLIANCE)

My pledge is to “leave no stone unturned and no door unknocked” in pursuit of a Better Tomorrow for people with dementia and their carers – Irene Oldfather, (Director, The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to put people ahead of structures in everything I do – Andrew Strong (The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to always focus on the person – Not simply their long term condition, in all aspects of my work – Chris Doyle (The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to continue help raise awareness of our “You Can Make a Difference” campaign, support the team and offer advice where I can – Laura McCulloch (The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to recognise the importance of every individual and what a privilege it is to hear people’s stories.  I promise to be kind to everyone I speak to and to always try and find a way to help, even if it’s just a listening ear – Sarah McDermott(The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to see the strengths and the beauty in all people and to listen to what is in their heart – Sara Redmond(The ALLIANCE)

My pledge is to raise awareness of the issues related to caring for someone with dementia.  To see my gran and not her condition – Graeme Morrison(The ALLIANCE)

I will continue to listen to carers voices and strive to ensure that their voice is heard in relation to the self management agenda in Scotland – Gavin Paterson(The ALLIANCE)

I pledge that I will continue to learn about dementia and help raise awareness about dementia in all the ways I can – Marianne Brennan(The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to take the time to listen to, and understand the carers perspective – Gillian Fergusson (The ALLIANCE)

I pledge to listen to all those supported by the Self Management IMPACT Fund and help them to achieve the best possible outcomes with the people they support – Emma Goodlad(The ALLIANCE)

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Carers Trust Scotland pledges to raise awareness of those caring for someone with dementia and to introduce new tools such as Triangle of Care to improve and maintain the rights of people with dementia, their families and carers.


I pledge more empathy and understanding to patients and carers – Ada 

I pledge to make an effort with every patient and to listen and try and make a difference where I can – Tosin

I pledge to treat all my patients as I would expect my relatives to be treated – with empathy, dignity, respect and kindness. I will remember to tell carers how well they are doing.

I pledge to smile at everyone I meet, listen to those who are feeling lost or isolated and do my best to help them to feel loved – Stephanie Slater

I pledge to get to know the individual behind the disease – Melania Ishak

I pledge to make sure I always mention carers when I talk about people who are approaching the end of their life – Amanda Cheesley

I pledge that Health and Social Care Integration will improve the circumstances of carers of people with dementia. My pledge as a NHS Finance Manager is to keep reminding my staff why we are here.

My pledge is to listen and respect people in professional and personal aspects.  That all as individuals – Louise Davison

I will support my father-in-law look after my mother-in-law – Melanie Robertson

I pledge to keep getting to know my patients and family and putting my heart and soul into what I do.

I pledge that I will be THAT nurse – Rebecca Belts

I pledge to help Hilda (a family member) who is recently diagnosed – Jane Webb

I don’t deliver much front line care these days, but I do pledge that every time I’m in a clinical area and see an opportunity to improve something for people with dementia, I’ll speak out. #SpeakingOut4Dementia – Mandy

I will promise to treat those who come into my care place with compassion, patience & understanding – Tracy Gurr

My pledge is to support your campaign and to promote it to students, workers, managers, academics and all others interested in health and social care, wherever and whenever possible.

I will do what I can to support your mission that seeks to improve the quality of care provided to people with dementia and their carers – Joyce Cavaye I pledge to maintain your dignity and do things with you and for you as you would wish – Julia Snowling Thank you Tommy, Irene, Sarah and Laura Team DCV 🙂

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