Viewpoint Piece from our Director Irene Oldfather

2014 started with quite a bang with our Life, Letters and Love Stories Concert.

After weeks of planning and preparation, it all came together and it was uplifting to see so many people contribute their time and talents to celebrate Caring across Scotland.

nicola1The Alliance Annual Conference 2013

The concert wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our own Tommy Whitelaw, whose knowledge, contacts and skills made the dream a reality. It was nice to bring people together from different disciplines, who wouldn’t normally meet – the Musicians, The Carers, The Politicians, The Health and Social Care professionals, the Volunteers, the Broadcasters, to name but a few.

Music is a language that transcends barriers and it was an evening of celebration and enjoyment – of care and of love.

Next for the team came our You Can Make a Difference Campaign which has now received almost 3,000 pledges and has spoken to the hearts and minds of students, health and social care professionals, politicians and in fact the people of Scotland.  Our message is Dementia is everyone’s business and each of us in our own way can do something to help.

Parliament Poster 4    Parliament Poster 3

My pledge for the year was to “leave no stone unturned and no door unknocked” in pursuit of a Better Tomorrow for people with dementia and their carers.

Next year we look to “Connect with Carers” with our unique version of roadshows led by Tommy Whitelaw.

We have been humbled by the support that we have received from across Scotland. We are motivated by our collective desire for change and improvement. To people’s lives.

Thanking you for all your support and wishing you a peaceful and happy festive season.

Irene Oldfather

You can follow Irene on Twitter @IreneOldfather or the project team @DementiaCarerVo

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2 comments on “Viewpoint Piece from our Director Irene Oldfather
  1. Rosie moffat says:

    There are people who care and there are people that are carers but 1 word care it’s simple a qualified as a staff nurse at the ripe old age of 35 and got through my training by realising that not only my patients need care but there family’s and that has remained a focus of mine since 2003 especially in dementia and were I first had my first experience in stroke I am currently acting ward manager and continue to make changes and most important to me and my team is we smile every day 👏

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