The Retreat York make their pledge!



A Big thank you to Chris Fry Learning & Development Manager and Peter Gorbert Communications and Engagement Officer at The Retreat York for the kind invite to speak this week.

We have heard many great things about the work being done there from friends Kim Pennock and Vanessa Garrity who also played a big part in making this happen.

Massive thank you to Kim and family, Ian, Becky and Hannah friends from Twitter for taking the time to attend along with The Change Team @ProudToNurse @DontM8kDo @M8keAdif

Visit The Retreat York website and find out more details about the great work they do:

Please do take the time to read all the wonderful pledges we collected on the day.


I pledge to take time to listen and get to know you.

I pledge to ask people in need what their story is and take the time to listen to what is important to them – Olivia Black

I pledge to take the time to ask all service users I meet what is important to them and what I can do for them – Hannah Stringfellow

I pledge to care for all my service users whether they have dementia or not as an individual and with compassion – Georgia Fairfax

I pledge to genuinely ask my patients and those around me how they are everyday and listen – Hannah

I pledge to spend one more moment noticing somebody every time – Stephanie Petty

I pledge to make every contact I have with patients and carers count to find out how things are for them – Elinor Bedford

I will use everything I have to try my best to find out who you are and look to see how you feel so I can offer support to you – Victoria Hunter

@dontm8kdo – NHS Changeday Leads East Midlands pledge to share Tommy`s story to shine a light on the NEED for change.  To work together to raise awareness and get the whole land to make difference #inspire – Gavin and Maria NHSIQ East Mids

I will always search and find the love stories that dementia hides in all it crosses, patients/carers/loved ones – Maria Davison

To simply make a difference through raising awareness – Gavin Sykes

I pledge to continue to be the kind caring daughter my mum created – Kim Pennock

I will try to be a carer for those who need me, especially my parents.  Just make them feel safe.

I pledge to listen to the stories of my patients.  I pledge to make and support my community to become dementia friendly – Becky French

I pledge to keep a smile on faces that look sad and need cheering up – Dean

I pledge to give as much time to my dad (who has dementia) as I spend caring for my mum who has cancer and is poorly physically – Mairi McMillan

I pledge to listen and give my time – Joanne Taylor

I pledge to take more time to listen to the stories and give as much info as possible to help and guide them – Gillian Evans


4 3 1

Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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