University of Glasgow – School of Nursing

Glasgow Uni 17th Nov

With Great thanks to Jane Joy Senior Lecturer at Glasgow University School of Nursing for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to speak to the Nursing Students this week.

Tommy has had the great honour of speaking at the University a few times before including being a guest speaker a few weeks ago at a Staff Nurse Development Day.  The post from that event can be viewed here.

A big thank you to all who took time to attend and for the wonderful pledges.





My pledge is to always care for patients with the same respect and dignity I would expect from my own family.

I pledge to make time on every shift to learn something new about a patients past – Andrew Logan

I pledge to get to know my patients and to do whatever I can to make them happy.

My pledge is to do everything in my power for the best interest of the patient.  Be the person/nurse that makes a difference – Sidi Agoro

I will try to always find out about the patients family and life outside of care – Lauren McIntyre

I will listen and I will hear what you are saying (and if you don’t tell me I will ask those who know you well) – Dawn Cody

I will make time to learn about people’s journeys and life stories – Amelia Cruickshank

My pledge is to always try and find out more about the patient’s history and get as much detail from friends and relatives as possible – Jennifer Blain

I pledge to always make sufferers and carers of people with dementia feel supported – Megan Dundas

I will try my hardest to stop and chat to find out more about a patient’s life and their story – Sophie Andrews

To ask any patients and their carer for any fond memories they have – Laura Carmichael

I pledge to try my hardest to help at least one person get through a difficult time – Laura Thomson

My pledge is to never leave anyone feeling alone or helpless – Sarah Jenkins

I pledge to always be a helping hand and a friend to sufferers and carers.  I pledge to never let them feel lonely or confused whilst in my care.  I pledge to make them feel like they matter – Heather McCamley

I pledge to provide the support, help and understanding that could change the lives of the 87,600 people affected whether that be a listening ear or a comforting hand – Toni Bradford

Help the families, carers and patients understand dementia and offer the best possible package of care suited to each individuals circumstances and always take time to ask – Michelle Cumming

I pledge to take the time to find out more about the life of the person whom I’m caring for – Kalila Yassine

I pledge to care for all my patients as if they were my own relatives – Rachael Carey

I pledge to make time to understand and learn about the person I am caring for and to help incorporate the person in their care as much as I possibly can – Ben Edmond


Remember you too can still send us your pledge to or DM @dementiacarervo You can be a part of the #movement


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


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