Highland Tour, 4 Cities and 14 talks to make a difference


Last Week was another busy week for Dementia Carer Voices with 14 talks in partnership with NHS Highland starting with 3 talks in Fort William on Monday, 4 talks in Wick on Tuesday, 4 talks in Inverness on Wednesday and last but not least Oban for 3 talks on Thursday.

With great thanks to Ruth Mantle Dementia Nurse Consultant and Mamie Thompson Head of Engagement for NHS Highland for the wonderful opportunity to tour together again across the board areas.

We had a great few days of joint talks in Inverness last year, which was the springboard for the make a difference tour that followed.

So a BIG thank you to all the team and we are very much looking forward to touring with everyone again and finding out more about the work and initiatives across Highland and doing some make a difference talks together.

You can follow Ruth @ruth_mantle  and Mamie @nhshmt  on twitter for updates.

NHS Highland have also put a piece up promoting Tommy coming to the Highlands.  This can be viewed here:  http://tinyurl.com/nc6omcn

As always it is with great pleasure to thank every single one of you who have made a pledge so far and the Highlands are no exception.  Have a read of the inspirational pledges below:

My pledge is to spend more time finding out their life stories and what is important to them and their families – Donna Mackenzie

My pledge is to read, remember and be aware of all the getting to know me packs by hospital beds.

My pledge is to spend more time listening to people/residents that I work with – Sharon

My pledge is to understand people with dementia more money should be put into resources – Yvonne Wilson

My pledge is to take more time to listen and not listening to the big bosses and making as many appointments as the person and family needs not must only see 3 times then discharge – Kaye Jackson

My pledge is to take more time on visits. Break some rules about frequency of contacts – Carol Gosling

My pledge is to provide support and provide the little things which are important to each individual – Vikki Brightman

I pledge to stop, slow down and take time to look at, listen to and see and hear those I care for – Rebecca

My pledge is to understand more about people who need my help – Isabel Lister

My pledge is to continue to support clients and carers in the same way. I hope my own parents with MCI and dementia in the best way they can – Hannah McLean

My pledge is never to treat the patients in my care, and their loved ones, the way my mother and I were- that is without any compassion – during the last period of her life with that dreadful disease – Angela Heath

My pledge us to take more time and listen more. Try my best but sometimes I fail – Gay Draper-Rickards

My pledge is to spend more time to people listening to them. Care for them.

I pledge to be more dementia aware and treat dementia patients with the dignity and respect they deserve – Megan Ross

My pledge is to show there`s people who care about the person and their families and to help them on their journey – Laura O`Brien

My pledge is to ensure I listen to every patient’s story and to their carers and helping them in any way possible – Lynsay MacDonald

My pledge is to make sure that everyone I meet who suffers from dementia, I treat with dignity and respect – Kay Allan

My pledge is to listen and try to understand how patient’s carers of their families feel – Lauren McWilliam

My pledge is to encourage carer group and communicate to learn more about dementia and get involved with families. Don’t be afraid to help someone.  A network of carers makes it easier for all – Jan Baird

My pledge is to continue to drive improvements in care homes around the experiences for people with dementia and their families. It’s a priority – Jackie Hodges

My pledge is to take more time, to listen and to create space and time for my staff to do the same – Kay

My pledge is to ensure that I undertake further training to be more aware of dementia and the people needs and family needs – Laura Tracey

My pledge in the integrated health and social care future I will make sure that carers are listened too – Pat

My pledge is to care for people the way I would want my family to be cared for and take time to care and listen at all times – Lorna MacLeod

My pledge is to listen, to do, to stop seeing patients and remember to see people – Bob Silverwood


Thank you Tommy, Laura, Irene and Sarah #TeamDementiaCarerVoices 🙂

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