Monday Online pledges to DCV

Thanks to everyone who tweets and emails the team there pledge.  It is much appreciated and every little one helps to make a difference to someone with dementia or living with a long term condition.  If you would like to send us your pledge you can DM us at @dementiacarervo or email at  You also have the option of making your pledge anonymous if you wish.

Couple of wonderful pledges to brighten up this Monday morning. #thankyou #makeadifference

My pledge is to talk to student nurses about recognising Kitwood’s malignant care and recognising how important your approach is to patients with dementia. Charalambous

‘I pledge to add value to someone’s life daily’

I actually started thinking a few weeks back on the beginning of every day: ‘How can I add value to someone’s day? How can I make it more enjoyable for them?’ Just by asking myself this question, I have gained new experiences and made a lot of people smile in the process! – Heike Guilford

I will listen to carers and support them to cherish every day with their loved-ones, in the family home, when possible – Kenny Gibson

I pledge to always try to see the person before their disease – Fiona Campbell NHS Highland

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2 comments on “Monday Online pledges to DCV
  1. I pledge to always try to see the person before their disease. Fiona Campbell NHS Highland

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