Adult Services Support Team for Families & Wellbeing, Warrington make their pledges!


Thank you to Teresa Dawson, CEO and Sandra Boldison, Head of Adult Services Support Team Families & Wellbeing Directorate in Warrington Borough Council for the invite to give two talks to staff at The Werburgh’s Development Centre Warrington on 24th October 2014.

Tommy had the great privilege to speak in Warrington a few months ago at the Warrington Hospital Dementia Conference and was very honoured to be invited back this time by Sandra and the Adult Service Support Team.

The two talks were to an audience of Social Workers, Care at Home Support Teams and Adult Services Support Team Families & Wellbeing Directorate

Thank you Sandra and all concerned for the kind invite and here are the wonderful pledges from both talks in Warrington that day:


My pledge is to listen and offer help where ever I can.

My pledge is to listen more when I am visiting my clients – talk less – and try my hardest to be a person who can help able it in a very small way.

My pledge is to help bridge the gap between patients in the care homes (community) coming into the hospital and being discharged.

My pledge is to continue to take and make time to listen, talk to and provide as much support as possible and make a difference to people’s day – Brenda Jenkinson

My pledge is to listen, take time when visiting the people I am privileged to support. Hopefully I can be the person to make a difference – Rosawn Shaw

My pledge is to ensure that when I am prioritising a case to decide who gets seen by a social worker I will remember this person could be in the situation of you and your mum and send a caring staff member to help – Sharon

My pledge is to continue to treat everyone with respect and tenderness. To feel that I have been able to make a difference – Angela Jolley

My pledge is to continue to make time and enjoy my work to listen and to allow the people I see to have time to tell me about themselves and their struggles – Sian

I pledge to always think of the person and what they want and help and understand and to listen to both person and their carer to improve their lives with a person centred approach – Claire Rushton

My pledge is to continue being passionate and caring in my role and to treat others as I would like my own mum, dad and family to be treated – Christine O`Reilly

My pledge is to try to understand the life story of every person with dementia I visit and to also understand carers’ perspective fully – Michael Glassbrook

My pledge is to always think of the person i.e. family their needs. Be more understanding of how they feel – Chris Roberts

I pledge to make sure I listen, make time to reflect on how Tommy felt at times to try and make a difference to service users and carers – Lynn Rowlands

My pledge is to always return phone calls, always have time to listen, and always have time to care – Holly Boag

My pledge is to treat other as I want to be treated, with love, interest and kindness – Garry Flood

I promise to ensure my team of social workers and community workers keep your pledge, respect, dignity and care – Allison Douglas

I pledge to be there – Jayne Perry

I pledge to be more aware of people’s struggles. To understand that I could be the first or last person that they have asked for help that day – Hazel Redmond

My pledge is to continue to make time to listen and reassure clients, and to do my best for them, as they would wish – Kathy Richardson

My pledge is to always take the time to listen no matter what else needs to be done at that time. Hopefully as I do now – Julie

I will continue to and pledge to actively listen to continue to offer time, help advice or just an ear to listen – Sue Stoll


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂



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