Dundee University – Mental Health Nursing Students pledge to DCV


With great thanks to Mike Ramsay, Lecturer of Mental Health at Dundee University for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to speak to Mental Health Nursing students last week. Tommy has had the great honor of speaking at the university a few times last year to Nursing, Mental Health and Social Care students. 

A big thank you to all the students for taking the time to hear Tommy speak about his wonderful mum Joan and how they can make a difference to people with dementia or living with a long term condition.  So it was a great pleasure for the team to be invited back to share the campaign.
Here are the pledges from that day:

I pledge to listen to, speak with and support all people I meet in the future – Kyle Payne

My pledge is to be the nurse that patients and carers will phone and remember at their crisis point.

My pledge is to make sure every person affected by dementia, directly or indirectly never feel alone or isolated.

My pledge is to never stop trying to make a difference, to never stop caring and to continue to raise awareness – Mary Low

My pledge is to always attempt to understand the illness of dementia(s) and challenge those who remain ignorant – Marina Bruce

I pledge to be compassionate, kind and to care on others.  I pledge to listen and be there for people, to let them know that they are not alone.

My pledge is to listen, understand and care as much as my heart will allow – Lona Tulloch

I pledge to promise to do the very best I can to care for and listen to the people and families diagnosed with dementia – Lisa Smith

My pledge is to always give the best possible care I can to people diagnosed with dementia, as well as their families.  Support everyone individually and keep their lives as normal as I possibly can – Vikki Brannan

My pledge is to always remember that the person I am caring for could be my mum, dad, brother, sister, daughter or son – Maryanne Welsh

My pledge is to take the time to learn about the individuals I care for and to provide the best possible care – Christopher Morran

My pledge is to take the time to ask the questions that matter and take the time to really listen – Abigail Munns

If at the end of the day, I have made a difference in someone`s life, even if it’s a smile, just for one moment when someone knows that they are NOT alone.  I know that I can have faith in the system and within myself.  I pledge to restore the faith that has sadly been lost.  I pledge to make a difference and make every single person I meet feel less alone – Lana Morris

My pledge is to not only be a nurse but to also be a friend to everyone I will care for during my career – Michael Todd

I pledge to have the time to spend with a patient to get to know more about their life past, to understand their journey – George McArtney

My pledge is to help people I care for feel less lonely – Kirsty Gillespie

My pledge is to never be too busy to listen to someone or hold their hand when they need me – Rachel Stephen

My pledge is to do the best to my ability to help, support and care for all I come into contact with – Johannes Conradie

My pledge is to hold their hands and listen to their experiences of life – Rachel Taylor

My pledge is to always speak to the person and know their story.  To find out their needs in the widest sense – Russell Low

My pledge is to always take or make the time to listen to people who live with dementia as sufferers or carers – Chrissie Brand

My pledge is to see the person and not just the condition that they have, to ensure that I spend time listening to people – Danielle Carr

My pledge is to listen to the family and hold the hand of the person with dementia – Danielle Henderson

My pledge is to treat all people with dignity and respect and treat people without judgement and prejudice and to remember that a person with dementia is a person and not an illness – Pamela Curtis

My pledge is to listen to the stories, likes and dislikes of the person, their family and/or carer and to provide support to the best of my ability – Rebecca

I pledge to listen and provide much needed help and support to carers and their families cares provide the voice- They MUST be heard – Fiona Simpson

I will ask every patient and close family members of each patient about the patient’s life, marriage, children etc.  To learn more about each individual – Nicola Rae

My pledge is to constantly provide the best care to both my patient’s suffering from dementia and their carers.  To respect my patients dignity at all times to be the best nurse I can be at all times – Lisa Jamieson

My pledge is to spend more leisure time with patients/residents to improve their social lives –  Ben Johnstone

My pledge is to be the nurse that patients and cares will remember as being caring and understanding, to ease the loneliness – Cara McGoff

I pledge to listen to every little detail as they can sometimes be the most important – Allana Taylor

I pledge to provide the highest quality of care and support for those who suffer from dementia and those who care for them.  I promise to always show compassion when working with families who’s loved ones are living with dementia – Any Richmond



@LisaJamieson9: @tommyNtour thanks for today Tommy, a truly inspirational man and an emotional reminder to always be the best nurse i can be x


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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