Birmingham Heartlands Hospital – the Joan Whitelaw Reminiscence Room

The team at Dementia Carer Voices would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the staff at Birmingham Heartlands hospital, who named their reminiscence room after Joan Whitelaw.

Tommy Whitelaw unveiling plaque on Ward 30 BHH


The team are incredibly proud of Tommy, of his loving relationship with his mum, Joan, and that their story has touched the hearts of so many. This is a very fitting tribute to what was always a story about love, no matter what.

Tommy Whitelaw unveiling plaque on Ward 30 BHH    IMG_0221

Thank you in particular to Dr Dawn Chaplin, Helen Mallard and all of the wonderful team Heartlands Hospital, many of whom have taken the time to make a pledge – these changes really can make a big difference in people’s lives.

We are all very moved at this loving tribute, and so from Tommy, Irene, Laura and Sarah – thank you.

Tommy Whitelaw-JG


My pledge is to care for my neighbours who may be suffering from dementia – Fozia Eman

My pledge is to make extra time to listen whether it’s the patient or carer or family – Robina Bi

My pledge is to ensure that the patient I come in contact with are aware of others services that are out there for them once discharged home.

My pledge is to take the time to listen and answer any questions not just for patients but for carers/family too and reassure them of their actions and the process.

My pledge is to take notice of people who has dementia and understand them more.  There is not enough knowledge about dementia.

My pledge is to consider the patient when discussing them with colleagues, (bedside and nurse station).  To not talk as if they are not there.

My pledge is to listen, try my best to understand, show compassion and take time.  I will care for people with dignity and take pride in making a difference – Hayley Hope

My pledge is to listen and to give myself as much as possible to care for those struggling with dementia and their families – Jodi

My pledge is to understand the impact that dementia palsy on vulnerable lives and protect them from fear – Salma Atlas

“Keep listening” to individual’s narratives.  “Keep caring”: “Spending time”. – Sarah Doyle

My pledge is to support my Auntie Pauline too look after her husband who has dementia.  I am there anytime to help.

I pledge to learn more about my patients and their story to enhance my care and treatment – Phill Quayle

I pledge to get to know each of my patients individually – Nicola Robins

I pledge to listen and have more knowledge so I can help my brother in law at this time of need – Madonna Mulhern

My pledge is to be supportive of those with dementia and their carers.  To keep them safe, to listen to their needs to do whatever is in my power to enable their lives to be full and happy – Heather Walden

My pledge is to increase awareness of dementia at Heart of England and beyond – Jane

My pledge is to understand dementia find out the stories behind the person with dementia – Miah Barker

My pledge is to listen and talk to people, family members and how to help other people around you – Maggie

My pledge is to always listen and I pledge to always take 10 mintues for you – Jaqueline Barret

My pledge is to care, to help to understand and be there for someone in need.  My brother in law and my best friend’s dad has vascular dementia – Janet Parkin

I pledge to try my best to make a difference to my patients and their families, improving my knowledge on their lives and on dementia care – Yamah Bundu

My pledge is to listen to patients and carers to “truly” understand lead by example – Beverly Baker

My pledge is to be my patient’s human, understanding, listening ear – Amy Byfield

My pledge is to support and have more awareness on dementia.  To provide them with the right support although sometimes we do, may not be enough.

My pledge is to take time to listen to as the right pertinent questions.  To be loved by the individuals.  To continue to care for all individuals in the person’s life and respect all.

My neighbour’s wife died this year. She worked in the trust and had dementia, it broke his heart and me and my family have always been there for him and his family, even if it was just to say hello, how are you – Carole Proctor

I pledge to try to always find out about the stories of those I care foer to help me make little individualised positive steps in their care – Ella Berry

I pledge that I will give you a listening ear, and will do my best to address your concerns – Zvikomborero Sibanda.

I pledge to be more compassionate and have my ears open to all those who need to talk.

I pledge to be there for my patients. To have a “Can Do” attitude, even in hard times. To drive forward the best compassionate care within an acute nursing environment – Helen Seymour.

I pledge to be more aware of how carers are coping with their loved ones with dementia – Paul Green

I pledge to give more time to people with dementia and to listen to them and their loved ones.

I pledge to offer my support and help to patients and their family within my role, who come into my care.

I pledge to continue to treat people I care for with compassion and understanding. To continue to make other colleagues aware that small things make a difference and actually make the effort to really know who people are that we care for. Just like how we meet new people outside of work we communicate, same applies at work – Nasreen Hussain.

I pledge to speak more to patients to find out more about their lives and speak more to the family to see if there is any additional help I can give to them – Joanne Flynn.

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